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It isn’t every studio in the world that has lasted so long that their own characters are dropping out of 100 year copyright but Disney is definitely a studio like none other. With their first full animated film  in 1937 some may have a hard time telling the line between existing fairy tales and Disney ones. With the 100th anniversary of the studio being founded being this year there was always going to be something to celebrate the date and that is – Wish.

Not the 100th film from Disney but closer to the 128 mark for release in the US not even counting the direct to video titles that you may not have known existed like Atlantis 2: Milo’s Return or Bambi II which is a completely real direct to video sequel and not made up. Wish is not a grand epic but rather more aiming to be a celebration of the previous breath and depth of all the Disney animated films that came before it offering easter eggs that go from subtle to even Matt Murdock could see that.

The story goes a little something like this with a young girl named Ashe going to a job interview with the Sorcerer King played by Chris Pine) of the small island nation who is in need of an assistant or apprentice… a sorcerer’s apprentice (see what we mean). In this nation when someone turns 18 they get to give their deepest wish to the King for safe keeping, with the hope that someday the King would grant their wish.

But as Ashe learns not every Wish could be for the good of the kingdom so she learns from the king that not every wish will be granted. Slightly upset about that and not getting the job Ashe goes out and wishes upon a star (Look! Again!) that comes down to earth like a Super Mario invincibility token and starts granting wishes including giving various woodlands folk the ability to talk and perform musical numbers.

Oh yeah, this is a musical movie too. Not just a little bit either there is a LOT of music here. While it is not consistent throughout the entire film there are certain sections where there could not be more than a minute break between two songs ending and starting. While many recent musical films from Disney have had scores from Lin Manuel Miranda this one actually is the work of a first time theatrical composer (but long time orchestrator) and with the sheer volume of music we could not tell you for sure if any will be your new We Don’t Talk about Bruno but there was definitely a lot to choose from.

Visually the film is computer animated but aims to give a textured look of the animation that came before it giving a slightly painting like look for scenes that were not heavy on action or lighting but it does add to the goal of the film which does feel more about paying tribute to the films before it than being a stand out for the 100th anniversary. For long time Disney watches we cannot confirm but feel strongly that every single Disney film is represented in here in some way, which gives you the opportunity to spot as many easter eggs as you can.

So, should you go see it? As a Disney film Wish nails the core things we have come to expect with fairy tale like stories and animal sidekicks but as mentioned the film is definitely more about showing reference to all the films that had come before. But that could be a problem for younger audiences that this is targeted towards given they were not alive when most of them came out (unless they did a rewatch session to dwarf any MCU rewatch). If you are a hardcore Disney fan then this is to Disney cameos as Wreck It Ralph was to Video Game ones and that, probably is what you really need to know to decide.

Wish is in cinemas from Boxing Day

Andrew B

Current Resident of Reality C-137. Possible Robot from Westworld. Does lots of random stuff.

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Andrew B
Current Resident of Reality C-137. Possible Robot from Westworld. Does lots of random stuff.
movie-review-wishWish is Disney's founding 100th anniversary but probably not the 100th anniversary of Disney films you are expecting. More about looking back than showing how far they have come this one will probably be most entertaining for Disney fans with encyclopaedic knowledge to spot easter eggs. P.S. While there is a little something right at the end of the credits there is a lot of Disney history spread through out the roll.