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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is pretty big, there is no denying it. With 32 movies and 7 TV shows (excluding What If) you could be excused from missing the occasional Kate Bishop or Pizza Dog but with The Marvels coming to cinemas will you need to brush up on all the films and Disney+ shows just to get through it?

Short answer is… no. Longer answer is, not everything but The Marvels is about 3 specific characters coming together so you need to know about those three – think of it like 3 card monty except all 3 cards as the Queen. We are going to try to get you up to speed here so if you want to go rewatch a chunk of Phase 4 and 5 to catch up we will be here when you return but for everyone else the story so far goes like this.

First Card – Captain Marvel. Military Pilot Carol Danver’s aka Captain Marvel  was exposed to an experimental faster than light drive powered by the Tesseract (an Infinity Stone) which infused her with powers to project light, but unfortunately this took her some time to learn as she was kidnapped by the Kree (blue aliens) who were in a war with the Skrull (green shapeshifting aliens) and had her memories wiped.

When she was returned to earth she learnt what the Kree did to her when she was reunited with her friend Maria Rambeau who was the single parent to Monica Rambeau (aka Card #2). This did not go well for the Kree and saw Captain Marvel issue a warning to the Kree accuser she was coming after them.

Jumping forward 30 years Captain Marvel was still out in the cosmos helping people when she was called back to Earth to help find/fight Thanos leading to a few events including the Scarlet Witch taking control of an entire town. The capture of an entire town lead to a grown up Monica Rambeau now working for Saber (sort of Space SHIELD complete with space base where Nick Fury has been hanging out since Spider-Man Far from Home) investigating and getting powers from interacting with the force shield that The Scarlet Witch had put around the town.

This just leaves our 3rd card which is in New Jersey with Kamala Khan aka Marvel Superfan aka Ms Marvel who received a family heirloom of a bracer that activated her latent powers which supposedly came from an X-Gene making her compatible with the abilities of the bracer.

Ok so got your eye on all 3 queens? To be honest in comparison to other later phase MCU films this is possibly the least amount of back story would would need. While there is still quite a lot there are no where near the same amount of deep cut references as we saw in Multiverse of Madness that saw references to the first X-Men films to What If with Captain Carter as we were introduced to the concept of incursions or where beings/matter cross across dimensions where they do not belong aka the Into the Spider-Verse problem.

The Marvels really is about the consequences of the actions taken by Captain Marvel after her return to the Kree that we did not get to see but with the added supporting cast of Ms Marvel, Monica Rambeau (aka Spectrum also known as Captain Marvel during the 1980s Secret War) and a healthly helping of Nick Fury and her pet Flerkin (whose name is Goose but will forever be Chewie from the comics to us).

Set 80% in space The Marvels follows in a more Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 groove without the soundtrack as we have Carol and Team jumping to multiple planets chasing down a Kree Accusor who has stepped up to take leadership of the Kree in a way that would make Ronin proud.

While Captain Marvel, Ms Marvel and a grown up + powered up Monica Rambeau have not interacted before this quickly changes when their light derived powers become entangled thanks to corrupted jump points (the space portals we saw a lot of in Guardians of the Galaxy). The result of using their powers causing each Marvel to switch places with the other + the fact that using their power usually means they are in some sort of action makes for some pretty fast action sequences happening concurrently in different places pretty early in the film.

Unlike a lot of recent films in the MCU Captain Marvel follows the Guardians of the Galaxy path in more ways than one using significant amounts of actual sets and avoiding a lot of the green screen texture some felt during films like Quantumania. This combined with a solid script, good character dynamics and solid action does make this feel like a return to form for the MCU that GotG3 made us feel again.

So, should you go see it? If you are a hardcore MCU fan you probably are already locked and loaded for it but if you are someone who was not that into Captain Marvel or perhaps Multiverse of Madness is where you dropped then maybe this isn’t on your watch list but it certainly should be. While there is still a lot of setting up of things to come about this film as a follow on to the hanging threads of Captain Marvel with Ms Marvel being a sort of prequel, Nia DaCosta who was both director and a writer for this one – we abso-flerkin-lutely hope will be on a 3rd.

The Marvels is out in cinemas across Australia from today

Andrew B

Current Resident of Reality C-137. Possible Robot from Westworld. Does lots of random stuff.

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Andrew B
Current Resident of Reality C-137. Possible Robot from Westworld. Does lots of random stuff.
movie-review-the-marvelsThe Marvels shows that the MCU is definitely not over with a lot more to come while still giving us those old MCU feels. While there is still a lot of know going into the film this is possible the first film that does not require you going all the way back to Tony Stark in a cave to know everything that is going on. P.S. While there is only a small soundbite at the very end of the credits you do not want to leave the cinema until you see the mid-credits sequence. Though it might contradict a little of what we just said.