This Week in Games: Jul 31 – Aug 5


Not every week can have AAA games but every week can still have great games for you to play, from cooking simulators to F1 racing to messing with time to tiny kingdoms here are the games that should be on your radar. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Starting the week with something wholesome for your diet is Venba coming to PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and Steam first on Monday with Xbox on Tuesday. This a story based cooking simulator of sorts where you play as an Indian mum cooking for her family in the 1980s, making recipes and adlibbing where you need to to complete missing ones.

If you would rather be behind the wheel than in the kitchen the next game up this week puts you in the hot seat making decisions for an F1 racing team as well as in the driver seat to follow through. F1 Manager 2023 is the continuation of the ongoing series of F1 racing and it come out on PlayStation on Monday with Xbox, Steam and Epic Store availability on Tuesday.

Thursday sees you taking control of the timestream with A Guidebook of Babel. Coming to Steam and the Nintendo Switch on the same day, this is a story driven adventure game where you die and are reborn on Babel but in the afterlife you solve puzzles that can affect the future. Basically the Butterfly Effect as a indie adventurer.

Honourable Mention: And our honourable mention this week goes to a little indie title that reminds us of days of Warcraft and Red Alert where you built your bases and defended them. Thronefall is a minimalist base builder that sees you build and defend your tiny kingdom and it is coming to only Steam on Thursday.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Venba (PS/Switch/Steam)
F1 Manager 2023 (PS)
Veritas (Switch)
A Short Tale (Switch)
Ferris Mueller’s Day Off (Switch)
Where Is Sarah? (Steam)
Quickclaw (Steam)
Mannequin The Spotting (Steam)
Tails of Trainspot (Steam)
Every Hue of You (Steam)
Gust of Wind (Steam)
Forest Golf Planner (Steam)
All-In-One Summer Sports VR (Steam VR)
Shaytan (Steam)
Cornucopia (Steam)
Landnama (Steam)
Shapebreaker – Prologue (Steam)
Beecarbonize (Steam)
Engine Evolution 2023 (Steam)
The PenguinGame 2 -Lies of Penguin- (Steam)
Chef Survivor (Steam)
Palladium (Steam)
Mortie College (Steam)
Danger Close VR (Steam)

F1 Manager 2023 (XB/Epic Store/Steam)
Venba (XB)
The Helper (PS)
The Red Exile – Survival Horror (PS)
The Forgotten Room (Switch)
Barony (Switch)
AKIBA’S TRIP: Undead & Undressed (Switch)
Leafy Trails (Switch)
Night Run (Steam)
Enjoy the Diner (Steam)
The Radiants (Steam)
Khemia (Steam)
Kingdoms of Myth (Steam)
MF-01 Aerostrike (Steam)
Premortal VR (Steam VR)
Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition (Steam)
Digs (Steam)
Evasion from cluster 42 (Steam)
Spellsword (Steam)
Exo-Leviathan (Steam)
Pigsaw (Steam)
Roxy Raccoon’s Mancala Madness (Steam)
禁忌试炼 Taboo Trial (Steam)
The haunted hospice (Steam)
Love Quest VR: Los Angeles (Steam VR)
Guilty Me (Steam)
Fantasy Up (Steam)
DAIR (Steam)
Simple Tower Defense (Steam)
Omni (Steam)
1989 QianShanMen (Steam)
Dream Fire (Steam)
DriveCrazy (Steam)
Hyakki Yako: OH&S (Steam)
The Isle of Elanor (Steam)
Steel Guardian (Steam VR)
Chess Remix – Chess variants (Steam)
Aonar (Steam VR)
The Riese Project – Prologue (Steam VR)
Crazy World (Steam)
Kinny and the Star Track Puzzle (Steam)
ZaciSa: Defense of the Crayon Dimension! (Steam)
Choppy Heady (Steam)
A Scoundrel in the Underlair (Steam)

Night Reverie (XB)
There Is No Light (XB)
Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm (PS/Epic Store/Steam)
Adore (PS)
The Red Exile – Survival Horror (Switch)
Your Spaceport! (Steam)
Nightshift (Steam)
Save the setlers (Steam)
Settlemoon (Steam)
Out of the Mist (Steam)
Sigurður (Steam)
Project City (Steam)
blocxlide (Steam)
The Life of a Magical Circle (Steam)
Verses of Enchantment (Steam)
Magyarock VR (Steam VR)
The Friends We Left Behind (Steam)
panomap (Steam)
Invaders (Steam)
Objector (Steam)
Borderwatch: Dark Armada (Steam)
Diebrary (Steam)
Color War (Steam)
The Adventures of Panzer 2 (Steam)
Bunker 21 Extended Edition (Steam)
Mandemon (Steam)
Welcome to Kowloon (Steam)
BeatShot (Steam)
Hex Party (Steam)
A Nest for Us (Steam)
Sweet Girl Gurumelo (Steam)
Virus Infinite (Steam)
Chinese Chess-Wargame (Steam)
Planetary Exploration Company (Steam)
State of Survival (Steam)
LUNIA Z:Revival (Steam)
The Casino Empire (Steam)
Post-Apo Builder: Prologue (Steam)

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm (XB)
Potata: Fairy Flower (Xbox Series X|S) (XB)
Roads of Time 2: Odyssey (XB)
Save Koch (XB)
The Red Exile – Survival Horror (XB)
Farworld Pioneers (PS)
Virus Infinite (Epic Store)
Forest Fire (Epic Store)
Towerful (Epic Store)
Brotato (Switch)
Adore (Switch)
A Guidebook of Babel (Switch/Steam)
MistWorld the after (Switch)
Side Decide (Switch)
Secret Summoner (Switch)
Flutter Away (Switch/Steam)
Trapped in the Kanal (Switch)
Tiny Thor (Switch)
Would you like to run an idol cafe? (Switch)
Alchemy POIPOI SS (Switch)
LOST EGG 3: The Final (Switch)
Wizardry School: Escape Room (Switch)
Paquerette Down the Bunburrows (Steam)
Ninja or Die: Shadow of the Sun (Steam)
Thronefall (Steam)
Laruaville 14 (Steam)
Firebird (Steam)
Click Dungeon (Steam)
Axon TD: Uprising – Tower Defense (Steam)
Slimeria (Steam)
Cecelia (Steam)
Pet (Steam)
Coonwood (Steam)
ToyMaker (Steam)
Golden Record Retriever (Steam)
Project F (Steam)
Spread: Transmission (Steam)
Betty & Earl (Steam)
Canvas of Kings (Steam)

Adore (XB)
Whispike Survivors (XB)
Neon Noodles – Cyberpunk Kitchen Automation (Epic Store)
Mixing Ammos (Steam/Epic Store)
GigaBash (Switch)
Farm Frenzy: Refreshed (Switch)
Death Becomes You (Switch)
Urban Flow: Summer Edition (Switch)
Slime Girl Smoothies (Switch)
Cooking Arena (Switch)
Please Leave a Message (Steam)
Clockwork Owl (Steam)
Sushi For Robots (Steam)
Extremely Powerful Capybaras: Training Grounds (Steam)
Snake Jump (Steam)
SokoSolitaire (Steam)
天规天条 Rule (Steam)
Nova: Cloudwalker’s Tale (Steam)
Word Factori (Steam)
Azeriom (Steam)
Dance Hero: More Jiggle (Steam)
Spell Disk Survivor (Steam)
Wildwood: A Town Building Game (Steam)
Eukarion Tales: Origins (Steam)
Polyglot Language Learning Quiz (Steam)
Call of Farming (Steam)
Egg Game (Steam)
Tadahito:Story of Ellis SHORT version (Steam)
The Danger Zone (Steam)
PLONG (Steam)
WHITE ALBUM: Memories like Falling Snow (Steam)
Alchemist’s Fantasy R ~ A Girl’s Alchemic Furnace ~ (Steam)
Jaden & Jasmine: Lost Memories (Steam)
Yokai Art: Survival Prologue (Steam)
GoHome 回家 (Steam)
Deru (Steam)
AirBorne Sea (Steam)
Sym.BIOS: Torn Asunder (Steam)
Pilfer: Story of Light (Steam)
Shin Galaxy – Engage (Steam)
Try to Escape! (Steam)
Greedland (Steam)
Defenders of Legends (Steam)
Free The Lazy Dogs (Steam)

Astralojia: Season 1 (XB)
Death Becomes You (XB)
Sapu (XB)
Strange Horticulture (XB)
Ultimate General: Gettysburg (XB)
WildTrax Racing (XB)
Electrician Simulator (Epic Store)
Wash Simulator (Switch)
Puzzle Boys (Switch)
X-Force Under Attack (Switch)
Super Space Club (Steam)
Red Genie: An Eidola Tale (Steam)
Survivors of the Plague (Steam)
Sclash (Steam)
Aery – Heaven & Hell (Steam)
Soul Stalker (Steam)
Nebula’s Descent (Steam)
Project Rogue (Steam)
They Linger (Steam)
erozld (Steam)
Mai and the Legendary Treasure (Steam)
Wind Love (Steam)

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