SDCC 2023 – Day Three Wrap-up

Photo by Kevin Green © 2013 SDCC

The final day of SDCC is upon us. And while there was possibly a lot NOT announced or shown due to the writer and actor strikes for TV and movies we still had a lot of comic focused news for the biggest Comic Con in the world. The final day has ended and new news was limited but you can still check out the announced across the lead up, day one and day two of SDCC. Now onto what happened for the final day.


  • Marvel Studios released some concept art from the upcoming The Marvels
  • A SDCC trailer for the dystopian future film where technology has negatively impacted society RZR was released


  • The much delayed Japanese horror manga Uzumaki originally announced in 2019 had a trailer from Adult Swim
  • The Hypnotoad took to the skies in a drone show over SDCC to promote the new season of Disney+ (available from today in Australia)
  • LEGO Ninjago is having a season 2 with no date attached


  • American Psycho is the basis for a new series from LA Comic publisher Sumerian
  • Spider-Gwen is not Ghost Spider anymore with a limited 4 issue series Spider-Gwen: On Tour
  • Former Marvel CCO Joe Quesada teased that he will be back next year at SDCC to talk about his secret Marvel project that he has been teasing for the last few months (years)
  • Tim Sale has been added to the Eisner Hall of Fame thanks to fan/voter choice nominations
  • Operation Sunshine is a Dark Horse comic about a group of young vampires on a quest to restore their humanity


  • Possbly tying in to the Biker Mice from Mars/Ryan Reynolds’ Maximum Effort revival news the toy licensing company The Nacelle Co. displayed some new Biker Mice action figures with 22 points of articulation
  • Mattel showed an Evil-Lyn action figure based on the 1987 film after recently getting permission to use the actor’s likeness in addition to showing off a new range based on the Masters of the Universe: Revolution series
  • LEGO seemingly did not have any SDCC exclusives this year after previous years (like the LEGO Dimensions era) having Supergirl or Green Arrow figures, there was only one exclusive for SDCC2023 which was a Ninjago Blue Baby Riyu

And that is SDCC done for 2023. You can catch up with the full SDCC list of announcements via our Day Zero, Day One and Day Two wrap-ups for everything major that you need to know about.

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