SDCC 2023 – Day One Wrap-up

Photo by Rudy Manahan © 2015 SDCC

A very Comic Centric San Diego Comic-Con is now underway with a reduced list of panels (due to the TV/movie writer and actor strikes) on top of Marvel and DC both opting out of Hall H presentations we are seeing a lot of off site announcements to coincide with SDCC weekend. We already have a Day Zero list of the lead in announcements but now we are onto the official Day One.


  • Marvel dropped a full trailer for Captain Marvel to go with the previous Teaser that suggests we might have already seen half of the Nega-Bands
  • A trailer for a Johnny Cage movie was released with Jeff Winger (Joel McHale) voicing Johnny Cage and continues the ‘Mortal Kombat Legends’ series


  • Season 2 of Invincible is locked in for November 3rd on Amazon Prime and the trailer shows a REALLY long list of new cast from Optimus Prime to Daisy Johnson and dozens more
  • Tiny Toons are going to college in a trailer for Tiny Toons: Loonaversity
  • Solar Opposites has a Season 4 trailer that shows a post Justin Roiland voice
  • Krapopolis is a new animation series set in an era of greek gods and from Dan Harmon
  • X-Men ’97 showrunners have confirmed that Season 1 is in post production AND that there will be a season 2 that they are currently writing
  • There will be a Walking Dead: Darryl Dixon show with Norman Reedus, a Walking Dead Rick and Michonne spin-off called The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live with trailers for both as well as some of Season Two of The Walking Dead: Dead City being shown
  • The Good Omen’s panel is still cancelled due to the strike but a behind the scenes was released by Amazon
  • DC Heroes United is a new streaming series that will allow viewers to control how the heroes of Earth-212 operate. This is under Harley Quinn creative Terry Dodson and based on the same approach as the Walking Dead: Last Mile series


  • DC Announced a slew of new Bat-books with The Penguin getting an ongoing series, a Black Label Batman: Gargoyle of Gotham where Batman does not have a Bruce Wayne identity, a followup series to Batman Beyond – Batman Beyond: Neo-Gothic, and some general discussion about the upcoming Gotham War event + what is next for Ram V’s Detective comics
  • The new Punisher was revealed to be Joe Garrison during the Marvel panel who will be the “Danny Ketch to Frank’s Johnny Blaze”.
  • A New X-Men have been teased for 2024 after the Fall of Krakoa with a Mystique/Nightcrawler X-Men Blue: Origins book to give some insight to the next era of the X-Men after the fall
  • Also in X-Men news from X-Men #29 Doctor Doom will be getting his own X Team in Latveria
  • More details were announced about the return of the Superior Spider-Man ongoing series at the same time as the regular Spider-Man series teased images of Peter Parker becoming the Goblin
  • Batman Artist Greg Capullo will return to Marvel comics for Wolverine later this year and will also be on the newly announced Deadpool: Seven Slaughters too which will feature multiple creators from Deadpool’s past including Rob Liefield and Gail Simone.
  • More High Republic comics are on the way from the Lucas Arts panel including a visual guide for the Andor/Obi-Wan series period
  • Andy Samberg and Fallout Boy’s Joe Trohman are working on a book called The Holy Roller about “”a tale of a trick-bowling-ball-wielding vigilante battling to liberate his home by bowling the perfect game”


  • Doctor Who Magic the Gathering cards are a real thing and will go on sale from October 13th from Wizards of the Coast
  • Another video game trailer for Mortal Kombat 1 found it’s way online
  • EA Games (or whatever their new name will be) made a Comic-Con cinematic trailer for Immortals of Aveum


There you have it! all the biggest announcements to come out of the lead in to at SDCC! Like we said there are less panels and possibly a quieter time for the TV and Movie inclined but you can still catch every that has been announced so far in our Day Zero coverage with more on the way.

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