SDCC 2023 – Day Zero Wrap-up


It is San Diego Comic-Con time again and what does that mean for 2023? There was a lot going on for the 2022 con with it being the first one since 2019 due to the Pandemic. Well… there is a lot going on in 2023 with both Marvel and DC not attending for any Hall H panels, a writers strike in the US being added to with the actors guild also going on strike (that also includes any comic con type appearances and promotion work) what is left to happen? Let’s take a look.


  • The Dune 2 panel is now cancelled as is any Legendary studio SDCC attendance (so don’t expect any Godzilla/Kong related news either.
  • Grand Turismo from Sony released a second trailer ahead of release just 3 weeks away


  • Pre-planned TV panels have started to be cancelled already with the Wheel of Time, Gen V, Interview with a Vampire, Orphan Black: Echos now no longer happening (even the Sesame Street panel has been called off.
  • Good Omen’s Season 2 is still planned to release on Amazon at the end of this month but the panel for that is also cancelled.
  • Harley Quinn Season 4 trailer was released
  • A teaser for the 10 episode Adventure Time: Fiona & Cake series was also dropped
  • Most of the panels may have already been cancelled but a pre-recorded X-Men ’97 panel was released online with the showrunners and writers talking about the new series


  • Partially live action with the Hellfire Gala happening at SDCC with tickets being on sale for a in person Gala event.
  • Ms Marvel is returning (shock) after her ‘Death’ in Amazing Spider-Man she is being brought back as a Mutant with a new look and will be getting a new series written by MCU Ms Marvel actor, Iman Vellani
  • Marvel have teased a ‘new punisher‘ to be revealed at SDCC after Frank being left in another dimension after the events of the Jason Aaron 13 issue run
  • DC announced a new Outsiders series consisting of Luke Fox and Batwoman set after the upcoming Gotham War event where they are less Superheroes and more Super-Archeologists
  • A  Justice League vs Godzilla vs Kong comic is a real thing that will be happening



There you have it! all the biggest announcements to come out of the lead in to at SDCC! We are not sure what this years SDCC will look like with so many cancellations but we will give you wrap ups as we can.

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