This Week in Games: Aug 1 – 6


Work in the morgue, survive a plane crash in the artic, a pulp fiction horror about surgery and also some wholesome camping as not to be too dark for this week in your gaming. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

First up is something taking from the school of horror anthology comics like Tales of the Crypt with Cut to the Core. A text based game with a pulp fiction feel this one has just the single ending in a short game that you should be able to wrap up in about 3 hours. It drops for Steam on Monday.

Coming Wednesday is something in the more traditional adventure style as you play as Peter, a Cambridge academic who crash lands in Antarcitca and has to search for help. This isn’t a survival game as much as it is a cinematic story however with a pretty big cast on this BAFTA nominated game. Grab it on Steam, the Switch and PlayStation mid-week.

And lastly (as not to bum you too out this week) take on the roll of the camp counsellor as you rebuild Camp Canyonwood. Mentor campers, avoid bears, aliens, get accused of wearing a wire, all while shaping young minds in this resource/builder type title. Camp Camyonwood comes to Steam on Friday.

Honourable Mention: And our honourable mention goes to the most messed up game we found this week with The Mortuary Assistant coming for Steam this Tuesday. Part Surgery game and part horror you perform embalming talks between fending off demonic forces. Basically if you love games that keep you up at night this one might be a winner for this week.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Vump Jump (PS)
Hot Lap League: Deluxe Edition (Switch)
Wavecade (Switch)
Kells (Switch)
Viki Spotter: Megapolis (Switch)
Fightro (Switch)
遗落迷途lost in tomorrow (Steam)
Rocketeer (Steam)
Radial Flow (Steam)
Animperium (Steam)
Minimal Bubble Pop (Steam)
Boxel Golf (Steam)
Still be a Human (Steam)
Tvö (Steam)
Cut to the Core (Steam)
Great Song’s Records of Economy (Steam)
百将群英传 (Steam)
War of Bellrook (Steam)
Anomalia (Steam)
StarMech (Steam)
Jones (Steam)
Soul Shard (Steam)
New Horizon (Steam)
Space Ballers (Steam)
The Good People (Na Daoine Maithe) (Steam)
Retreat To Enen (Steam)
Dash Shooters (Steam)
Yeomna : The Legend of Dongbaek (Steam)
Supernova Tactics (Steam)
Boat Crew (Steam)

Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 (XB)
Frogun (Switch)
Retreat to Enen (Epic Store)
Judas (Epic Store)
Vespa’s Test (Steam)
PSI Masquerade (Steam)
Beaver Clicker (Steam)
Cavelon (Steam)
Fire All Humans (Steam)
PlayWith (Steam)
Rooftop Garden Simulator (Steam)
Escape Yourself (Steam)
Blobble Wars 2 (Steam)
Dagger of heroes (Steam)
Voxrush (Steam)
Quest: Escape Dungeon (Steam)
Rat Chef (Steam)
Revival AO – Argentum Online (Steam)
Dreadful Hours (Steam)
Iron Age (Steam)
Farm Defense (Steam)
Sokobalien (Steam)
K3LVN (Steam)
Force of Warships: Battleship Games (Steam)
Magefall (Steam)
Creature Creator (Steam)
Picking Wheat (Steam)
Seabed Frog (Steam)
>Six Braves 🕌< (Steam)
Armor Girl Simulator (Steam)
Unnatural Investigations (Steam)
Maze Mart (Steam)
The Mortuary Assistant (Steam)
Royal Idiots (Steam)

South of the Circle (PS/Switch/Steam)
After Wave: Downfall (XB)
Frogun (PS/XB/Epic Store)
Pure Crosswords – the Best crossword Puzzle (Switch)
The Dancer: Definitive Edition (Steam)
Aero Tales Online: The World – Anime MMORPG (Steam)
Gun Devil (Steam)
Spiriat (Steam)
Forrader Hero (Steam)
Rush Rush Rally Reloaded (Steam)
Koncolos (Steam)
The One Penny Adventure (Steam)
Frogun (Steam)
Hi Eggplant! (Steam)
Dark Blue Warriorr (Steam)
Koishi Navigation Desktop Youkai (Steam)
Another World Quest (Steam)
Legend of Zero (Steam)
Kingdom Draw (Steam)
Third Wild (Steam)
Infinity Project: PATTERNS (Steam)
Dan the Inmortal (Steam)
Mission: Driver (Steam)
Logic Circuit: Marble Puzzle (Steam)

Gale of Windoria (PS)
Sword & Fairy: Together Forever (PS)
Gale of Windoria (XB/Switch)
Japanese Escape Games – Retro House (Switch)
After Wave: Downfall (Switch)
KOKORO CLOVER Season 1 (Switch)
QUByte Classics: Thunderbolt Collection by PIKO (Switch)
90″ Soccer (Switch)
Afterslave (Steam)
Bulletkour (Steam)
Kokoro Clover Season1 (Steam)
Project Wunderwaffe: Prologue (Steam)
In Your Books (Steam)
Fight For It (Steam)
Warrior Maiden (Steam)
Mechabot Defender (Steam)
Spellbook Demonslayers Prologue (Steam)
Champs TD (Steam)
Sail (Steam VR)
Minion Raid: Epic Monsters (Steam)
Earth’s Shadow (Steam)
新倾国之怒 (Steam)
二十一 The Twenty One (Steam)
Icarus Challenge (Steam VR)
Survivor Of The Journey (Steam)
Gale of Windoria (Steam)
Lost Light (Steam)
SharkDrag Episode 5: Uniting the 5 Kingdoms (Steam)
Deadwater Saloon Prologue (Steam)
LUMbA: REDUX (Steam)
Bicycle Rider Simulator (Steam)
IKO 39 (Steam)
Asian Maiden Creator (Steam)
Unknown (Steam)
Jasper Vice: Legends Untold (Steam)
Super SpaceMail (Steam)
Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll (Steam)
Tanks Boom Boom (Steam)
Vanaris Tactics (Steam)
Kriegsfront Battlescaper – Diorama Editor (Steam)
PlateUp! (Steam)
h8machine (Steam)

Crazy Chicken Jump ‘n’ Run Traps and Treasures (PS)
The Jumping Nuggets (PS)
Abyss (PS)
Sofiya and the Ancient Clan (PS/Switch)
Gigapocalypse (PS/XB)
QuByte Classics: Thunderbolt (XB)
Turbo Golf Racing (XB)
Hindsight (Switch)
Roll the Cat (Switch)
Logic Pic (Switch)
Toy Soldiers HD (Switch)
Turbo Golf Racing (Steam)
Cosmic Cruiser (Steam)
GigaBash (Steam)
Move 78 (Steam)
A Mage Reborn (Steam)
Hindsight (Steam)
Camp Canyonwood (Steam)
Illuminaria (Steam)
Hard West 2 (Steam)
江湖群雄传 (Steam)
SCP: Containment Breach Remastered (Steam)
Spectre Of Eternity (Steam)
Ashen Will (Steam)
Great Deceiver (Steam)
Animalistic (Steam)
Under The Moon (Steam)
Vain Ascendance (Steam)
Hot And Lovely 5 (Steam)
Opalescence (Steam)
Apollo’s Adventure (Steam)
Drain Runner (Steam)
Some Synergy (Steam)
NoAmmo (Steam)
Egglien (Steam)
City Limits (Steam)
Death Slave : You Need to Master Death (Steam)
Solar Nations (Steam)

The Jumping Pizza: TURBO (PS)
Flying Soldiers (XB)
Roll The Cat (XB)
Galaxy Revo (Switch)
Froggy’s Farm &amp; Friends (Steam)
Mello Haunted House (Steam)
Cat Dungeon (Steam)
永恒至尊 Eternal Supreme (Steam)
HBDIE: The Nonce 2 (Steam)
Hearts United (Steam)
Tiny Tactics (Steam)
Hidden Objects with Edgar Allan Poe – Mystery Detective (Steam)
ToyCar (Steam)
Poly Memory: Primates (Steam)
Solo War Medieval (Steam)
My Dad Left Me: VR Game (Steam VR)
Pink Explorer (Steam)
Magic Click (Steam)
Miko no Kanata: Curious Tales from Oguni Shrine -Cycles- (Steam)
NetaJump (Steam)
Breeze (Steam)
毛玉大冒险 ~ Kedama’s Adventure (Steam)
The Ball Flow – Nature and Light (Steam)
Master of the Tattooverse (Steam VR)
The Adventures of Poppe (Steam)
World Serpent (Steam)
FAMILY BATTLE タッグアリーナ (Steam)