This Week in Games: Jun 6 – 11


Free to Play FPS on Alien Worlds, restoring your connection to the Force on the Switch, Riding through France or surviving in a Quarry, Play some soccer, fix some roads and blow some s$%^ up (safely of course) if that sounds like a lot to do this week for gaming, you aren’t wrong. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Starting the week with something actually Free to Play to save you some of your hard earned dollars is The Cycle: Frontier. Coming to Steam on Tuesday followed by the Epic Store on Wednesday this is a PVE/PVP title set on an alien world. There have been some people following this one for a long time and you can see why.

Obi-Wan Kenobi not enough? Lucasarts game brings back another Star Wars title from the early 2000s with Knights of the Old Republic II. For those not familiar Knights of the Old Republic is an RPG set well before any of the Star Wars films including prequels. Taking control of a party based shortly after the events of the first game you play as an exile looking to reconnect with the force and set out to stop the rise of the Sith.

Looking for a nice scene ride around France? Then you might be interested in Tour De France 2022 coming to Xbox, PlayStation and Steam this Thursday. Pretty much putting you right in the middle of the world’s most famous bike race you compete with others for the covered yellow jersey but against a pretty nice backdrop as you travel through Paris and the french countryside.

Coming from the same developer that was behind Until Dawn, House of Ashes, Little Hope and Man of Medan comes the next survival horror with The Quarry. If you aren’t familiar these are sort of quick time events the game as you try to survive (or kill off) characters in a teen horror type situation. Coming to PlayStation, Xbox and Steam this new one has one extra twist with a new mode where you can have all your characters survive or not and have the game autopay for you… but we are pretty sure that is just called a movie at a certain point.

Ok here is the short of it, Nintendo + Mario + Soccer… sorta soccer… well as soccer/football like as you can get with an electric fence. Strikers is as much like Soccer as Mario Kart is like F1. Coming for the Nintendo Switch this one lets you have up to 8 players on a single console and will give you something new to shout at your friends about.

And lastly this Saturday over on Steam is the colourful and minimalistic title of Please Fix The Road. This one is a simple casual puzzle game title that you can probably guess the gameplay from the title but one thing it does have is some oh so pleasing animations that caught our eye.

Honourable Mention: And our honourable mention this week goes to a lil bit of sciencin’ with MythBusters: The Game – Crazy Experiments Simulator. Coming to Steam on Wednesday this is like if you took one of those house flipper games and added a lot more sieving. While not the most intensive game out this week the nostalgia factor made it worth a mention to us.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Puzzles with nature (Steam)
369 (Steam)
Blade Bros IMPACT! (Steam)
Mida’s Adventure (Steam)
Maniacs (Steam)
Falling Elevator (Steam)
For The Fatherland (Steam)
Slime Jumper Adventure (Steam)
Dune Strider (Steam)

SpellFroce 3: Remastered (PS)
The Jumping Fries (PS)
True Fear: Forsaken Souls (XB)
Larva Mortus (Epic Store)
The Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle (Steam)
Spiritus:One (Steam)
Stonkers (Steam)
canVERSE (Steam)
My Little Dictator (Steam)
Coding Learn (Steam)
Aim God (Steam)
Arcade Flight (Steam)
Witch Epoch (Steam)
The Journey – Episode 2: Words of Wisdom (Steam)
Run Build Pew! (Steam)
ROB (Steam)
Jash (Steam)
The Butcher (Steam)
简易五子棋 (Steam)
Logica Emotica (Steam)
Acorn City: Tropical! (Steam)
TDS – War Games (Steam)
Another Side (Steam)
Shadow of Asha (Steam)

Spacewing War (PS/Switch/Steam)
The Jumping Fries: TURBO (PS)
Disc Room (XB)
Spacelines from the Far Out (XB)
SpellForce 3: Reforced (XB)
Super Impossible Road (XB)
My Lovely Wife (Epic Store/Switch/Steam)
Sunshine Manor (Epic Store)
Space Theory (Steam)
Meat & Greed (Steam)
Pacifish (Steam)
Treats Please! (Steam)
Worker Riot (Steam)
Breath of Ghosts (Steam)
Attack at Dawn: North Africa (Steam)
Justice.exe (Steam)
Kunai Strike (Steam)
Brave Deeds of Rescue Team (Steam)
爱琳诗篇 (Steam)
20 Minutes Till Dawn (Steam)
MythBusters: The Game – Crazy Experiments Simulator (Steam)
Overdrive (Steam)
The Cycle: Frontier (Steam)
The Call of Krul’ar (Steam)

Tour De Fance 2022 (PS/XB/Steam)
Sokocat – Combo (PS/Switch)
Square Keeper (PS/XB/Switch)
Spacewing War (XB)
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II (Switch)
even if TEMPEST (Switch)
Delivery From the Pain (Switch)
One Last Memory – Reimagined (Switch)
Legends of Arcadeieu Bindle (Switch)
Zeus Quest – The Rebirth of Earth (Switch)
Mini Gardens (Switch)
Puzzle Bindle: Inbento + Golf Peaks (Switch)
Train Valley 2 (Epic Store)
The Cycle Frontier (Epic Store)
Under Siege (Steam)
驯龙物语 (Steam)
Chaotic Loop (Steam)
Pewt ’em Up! (Steam)
of pawns & kings (Steam)
Speedway Challenge 2022 (Steam)
Raconteur (Steam)
العدم (Steam)
Final Blockade (Steam)
Psycho地雷InLove : 싸이코지라이 인 러브 (Steam)
一代掌门 (Steam)
Hardcore Trivia (Steam)
Pro Cycling Manager 2022 (Steam)
Pedro Land DX (Steam)
Roller Ball (Steam)
The Dragon and the Djinn (Steam)
Green Hell VR (Steam VR)
Square Keeper (Steam)
Madshot (Steam)
Imperium BCE (Steam)

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba – The Hinokami Chronicles (Switch)
The Quarry (PS/XB/Steam)
Mario Strikers Battle League Football (Switch)
METAL MAX Xeno Reborn (PS/Switch/Steam)
Nummels (XB)
Ampercat (Switch)
Pro Gymnast Simulator (Switch)
The Wizard and The Slug (Switch)
Mysteries Under Lake Ophelia (Switch)
Sala Bar Tycoon Extended Edition (Switch)
Evangeline’s Defense (Steam)
Incursion (Steam)
Martial Story (Steam)
Mailman (Steam)
Villwars (Steam)
Spacelines from the Far Out (Steam)
Builder Simulator (Steam)
POSTAL: Brain Damaged (Steam)
Russian Hunter (Steam)
Far Sector (Steam)
Isolate ME! (Steam)
Twilight bride :VORMSLEGEND (Steam)
City Things (Steam)
Nevergrind Online (Steam)
天若有情 (Steam)
Synthwave FURY (Steam)
Meteor World Actor: Badge & Dagger (Steam)
Fray Fight (Steam)
Ashzel & The Power Dagger (Steam)
L’Avancée du désert (Steam)
Roomli (Steam)
Awake (Steam)
Hero of war (Steam)
Shark Assault Simulator (Steam)
Ragdoll Funhouse (Steam)

Freshly Frosted (XB)
Pro Gymnast Simulator (XB)
Urban Flow (XB)
Bundle: 2 cats + 1 dog (Switch)
One Last Memory – Reimagined (Steam)
Ultimate Fighters (Steam)
Cool Game (Steam)
6-Mon Adventure (Steam)
Mebula (Steam)
NFT Museum (Steam)
The Roots (Steam)
CrushBorgs (Steam)
Please Fix The Road (Steam)
Summer Photo Album (Steam)
100 hidden turtles (Steam)
PaperPlane (Steam)
AISZplus (Steam)
Duks (Steam)
Dragon Drop (Steam)
Arruyo (Steam)