Assemble, Transform and Roll-Out with the Official LEGO Optimus Prime


If you are a fan of 80s animation and movies with power ballad soundtracks you probably are a big fan of robots in disguise but if you are also a fan of LEGO then you might want to just throw your money at the screen now. Long the subject of fan made builds LEGO is coming after our bank balances yet again with the confirmation of a LEGO Optimus Prime set coming out later this year.

  The 35cm tall 1,508 piece set is due to release in June and already up on for purchase coming in at $259.99 AUD at pre-order. Optimus is only about 5cm shorter than LEGO Voltron which also carried a higher price tag which is expected as Voltron did have around 500 pieces more to assemble all 5 Lions that you could then combine into Voltron.

While Optimus does not come with 5 Lions he does come with some cool features including the Autobot Matrix of Leadership hidden within his chest plate but most importantly once assembled Optimus can transform between Robot and Truck modes. The set which is a collaboration between 2 toymakers, Hasbro and LEGO, also comes with some assorted other accessories including an Energon Cube, an Energon Axe and of course Optimus’ signature blaster along with a Jetpack that was seen in some G1 episodes.

As mentioned you can pre-order this massive action figure with 19 points of articulation now from in time for it’s release next month but expect this to sell out fast.