This Week in Games: May 2 – 7


Procedural dungeon crawlers, cinematic samurai, living the last month of your life, rolling dice on a space station and teenage mutant amphibians means you have a big week in gaming ahead of you this week But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Starting your week with something a little intense with Loot River. This is a procedurally generated top down rogue-like (that is a lot of words) but basically think of Diablo in it’s prime with a generated dungeon and hordes of black demon’ish creatures who are thirsty to taste your sword. This one hits Xbox and Steam on Wednesday.

Sitting somewhere between Sifu and Ghost of Tsushima is the fairly epic looking Trek to Yomi. We got a look at this first a few years ago but it looks just as epic now as it did then. Playing out like a classic Japanese Samurai film and even keeping with the tone using only black and white you try to make good as a young swordsman who promised his master he would protect a village but failed. Check out the trailer but definitely look for this one on Thursday for PlayStation and Xbox or Steam on Friday.

Also in the possibly deep story driven  hole you might have found yourself in is Best Month Ever! a story following a young woman with only a month to live trying to fit as much as she can into teaching her son before she is gone. Aside from a few minigames the main adventure section of this one looks pretty good even if it might be an emotional wrecking ball by the end. Look for it on Steam this Thursday with Xbox and Nintendo Switch releases out on Friday.

And lastly is the tabletop gaming meets management sim in space of Citizen Sleeper. Take on the role of an escaped worker ending up on a washed up space station. Keep the station running from a combination of decision making and dice rolls. This one comes to Xbox, the Switch and Steam on Friday and also on the Epic Games store on Saturday.

Honourable Mention: And our honourable mention this week goes to some classic gaming from Komani with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection. Coming to PlayStation the collection includes 13 TMNT games spanning from the Ninja Turtles Arcade, across the NES, Super NES, Sega Genesis and Gameboy, basically a lot of Turtles. This is coming to all major platforms but its out this week for PlayStation on Monday.


If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection (PS)
BURNER (Steam)
Arobynn: The First Adventure (Steam VR)
Mini Mecum (Steam)
Travel of Heros (Steam)
Ardor (Steam)
Industrial Trouble (Steam)
Crown Land (Steam)
Scufflers (Steam)
Arsenal Shock (Steam)
House of Weirdos (Steam)
The Rusty Sword: Vanguard Island (Steam)
25°N 71°W (Steam)
Tuk Tuk Extreme Simulator (Steam)

ADIOS Amigos: Galactic Explorers (PS)
PictoQuest (PS)
B99 (Steam VR)
Jeu de Tarot (Steam)
Maze Workout – Western Lost Solo Car Racer (Steam)
It’s Hard Being A Dog (Steam)
Pizza Synthwave (Steam)
Miner of Minerals (Steam)
Ukraine Defender (Steam)
POLE (Steam)
Last Hour (Steam)
Sea Horizon (Steam)
Acquitted (Steam)
Rogue Door Defense (Steam)
Space egg shooter (Steam)
Light Of The Past (Steam)
Krispain:Roguelite Shooter (Steam)
Leviathan’s Sword (Steam)
WTF Do You Know? (Steam)
VR Health & Safety Trainings For Industry (Base Pack) (Steam VR)
Meth Master (Steam)
Dino-D (Steam)
Researchity | Open World Survival Game (Steam)
Operation Pill (Steam VR)
Vnesis (Steam)
Fidget Spinner RPG (Steam)
The Missing Thing (Steam)
Dungeon Reels Tactics (Steam)
Last Day: Zombie Survival VR (Steam VR)
Trimps (Steam)
Sahara’s Underworld (Steam)
Death Cube (Steam)
Karolina (Steam)
Abyss King (Steam)
My little sister: Prologue (Steam)
变异病毒CleanVirus (Steam)
Eshe’s Wish Adventure (Steam)
Prop Hunt 2.0 (Steam)
Duline (Steam)
Frostbitten (Steam)
Into The Underdusk (Steam)
Triple Jump (Steam)
Oaken (Steam)

Slap the Rocks (PS)
PictoQuest (XB)
Evasion From Hell (XB)
Loot River (XB/Steam)
Wildcat Gun Machine (Switch)
Cactus Cowboy – Plants at War (Steam VR)
Bakery Simulator (Steam)
Blow & Fly (Steam)
Disharmonia (Steam)
Block KUZUSHI (Steam)
Connected Hearts: Fortune Play Collector’s Edition (Steam)
Grid Miner (Steam)
EchoBlade (Steam)
Nightmare of Decay (Steam)
Simple Boxing Drills VR (Steam VR)
Jim’s Adventure (Steam)
Dark Quest: Board Game (Steam)
The Dragon Apprentice (Steam)

Road Maintenance Simulator (PS)
RiffTrax: The Game (PS/Switch/Steam)
Trek to Yomi (PS)
Slap the Rocks (XB)
Wildcat Gun Machine (XB/Steam)
X-Force Genesis (XB)
Raven’s Hike (Switch)
War Mines Collection (Switch)
La Jetée (Steam)
JumpBeard (Steam)
Dinosaur Fossil Hunter (Steam)
Peep Invasion (Steam)
Guillotine (Steam)
Infindustry (Steam)
Bloodied Fear (Steam)
Virtual AI – Lily (Steam VR)
Cat Powered UFO (Steam)
Underliner (Steam)
MeiQi:Story (Steam)
The Moonlight Circus (Steam VR)
Paradox Factor (Steam)
Life of a Space Force Captain (Steam)
Loskop (Steam)
TumbleWeed (Steam)
Paper Bride 2 Zangling Village (Steam)
The Orb of Darkness (Steam)
Eternal Edge+ Prologue (Steam)
Yaengard (Steam)
Find And Kill The Evil King (Steam)
Best Month Ever! (Steam)

The Jekoos (PS)
Citizen Sleeper (XB/Switch/Steam)
Best Month Ever! (XB/Switch)
Rifftrax: The Game (XB)
Trek to Yomi (XB/Steam)
Voodoo Detective (Epic Store)
Legend Bowl (Epic Store)
The Silent Age (Epic Store)
Wingspan + European Expansion (Switch)
Ampersat (Switch)
Chefy-Chef (Switch)
Breakfast Bar Tycoon Complete Edition (Switch)
Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters (Steam)
Fracked (Steam VR)
Line War (Steam)
The Cleaner (Steam)
Unlock the Feelings (Steam)
Maneater and the Golden Teacher (Steam)
The Inheritance of Crimson Manor (Steam)
GunBoxing (Steam)
Runnyk (Steam)
Hotel Manager Simulator (Steam)
Cyber Car (Steam VR)
Dere-chat (Steam)
百战斗斗堂 (Steam)
剑冢 Swords Tomb (Steam)
Skyscraper Jump (Steam)
ShadowBringer (Steam)
Shoot Trip Die (Steam)
Speed Creators (Steam)
Run n Jump (Steam)
Orbital Mechanics (Steam)
bluem (Steam)
The Lost Mines (Steam)
Hoverbike Escape (Steam)
Hexfactory (Steam)
Fix Me Up – Hospital Edition (Steam)
Space Defense Grid (Steam)
Deep Space Outpost (Steam)
Rhythmic Keyboard (Steam)

Elemental War 2 (XB)
Source of Madness (XB)
Terraforming Mars (Epic Store)
Citizen Sleeper (Epic Store)
Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters (Epic Store)
Festival Tycoon (Epic Store)
Flat Cat (Switch)
Find The Cat (Steam)
Alchemist (Steam)
Crowns and Pawns: Kingdom of Deceit (Steam)
Forlorn (Steam)
Ampersat (Steam)
Give the People What They Want (Steam VR)
Everblade (Steam)
Spell Welders (Steam)
Project Nautilus (Steam)
Is Simon There? (Steam)
Elemental War 2 (Steam)
Nous (Steam)
Defensive Measures (Steam)
Anna bunny (Steam)
Swarm the City: Full Release Prologue (Steam)
The Adventures of Poppe (Steam)
Magical Girl Celesphonia (Steam)
Outpost Defender 2-Beta (Steam)