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If there is a guilty pleasure for some in movies it would have to be ones with Michael Bay in the credits. With a reputation already cemented in the late 90s and early 2000 with some of the most iconic action films ever made (including The Rock with Sean Connery) when you go see a Michael Bay film you generally have a fairly good idea as to what you are going to get. So with the first post pandemic film Ambulance hitting cinemas do you still know what you are going to get?

So up front let us give you a little of the story to prepare you. Ambulance is based on a Norwegian film and was adapted into a screenplay by Chris Fedak, if that name sounds familar you might have seen his name on the credits of shows like DC Legends of Tomorrow or more likely as the Creator of the show Chuck. While a fun fact you might want to throw that knowledge completely out the window as it will not prepare you for what this is.

Ambulance introduces us to Black Manta, a veteran, who turns to his slightly maniac Brother Mysterio for help when he is short the cash and insurance to pay for his wife’s experimental surgery. Mysterio/Danny also just happens to be the son of a infamous Bank Robber and the family that adopted Manta/William when he was young. The ask for a small loan to help turns very quickly into Will joining a bank robbery crew to steal 32 million dollars, from there it is an even shorter drive for everything to go wrong and Manta and Mysterio hijacking an Ambulance to make a getaway. Ok that seems like a lot, but trust us that is just the intro and really there is a lot we need to cover for you here.

So as you can probably guess by this point this film is directed by Michael Bay. If you have ever watched  a Michael Bay film you are probably familiar with the low sweep telephoto lens in slow-mo shot that the Bad Boys franchise would not exist without. While an iconic staple of Michael Bay films it is all but absent in this with papa getting a brand new bag in the form of Drone cameras.

While you might think otherwise the Bank Robbery is actually the most chill and relaxing part of this film because once you leave the bank things get intense, and stay intense. While still entertaining this is no chill popcorn movie, this is Training Day if directed by Michael Bay levels of intense. With most of the film being set against a car chase there is plenty of action of course but this is no Bruce Willis in Armageddon, think the most intense minutes of a bank robbery movie and then keep that level for nearly 2 hours and do some of it with a drone performing some previously impossible shots.

So should you go see it? Well that depends on your tastes – If you are a fan of armoured car heist films like Armoured or Wrath of Man there is a lot of things you will like here. If you can spell Jake Gyllenhaal without having to look it up you are definitely going to enjoy the lead. Just maybe ease off on the caffeine while watching.

Ambulance is in cinemas across Australia from April 7th

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movie-review-ambulanceAmbulance is a pretty intense ride brought to you by Michael Bay. While there is a lot you can expect this one is definitely a bit harder with the levity being spread thin. This is an intense ride and the result of if you put Man on Fire in a blender with Heat and some Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen for flavour (but took out all the CGI). P.S. You do not need to wait until the end credits for Mysterio to reveal Peter Parker's identity again. That was resolved in No Way Home.