Win 1 of 5 Double Passes to Wyrmwood Apocalypse


There are certain things that all zombie apocalypses have in common in pop culture, they are often set in America and most of the population has been wiped out with the assumption that the rest of the world is perfectly fine. But Wyrmwood Apocalypse is the sequel to teh 2014 Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead is set to change that being set against the Australian landscape.

Heading into cinemas on February 10, Wyrmwood comes from the Evil Dead/Dawn of the Dead school of Zombie horror films with the zombie plague being brought on by a meteor shower. The sequel is set against the same world so it is not required viewing (but it is considered some chef’s kiss of zombie films). The new film following a former solider (Rhys) as he crosses the Australian wasteland to team with rebels to rescue a girl who holds the cure and just so happens to be held by his former employers.

Throw in some zombies, gritty blood splatter and the odd chain gun and you have Wyrmwood Apocalypse and you can check out the trailer below.


If this sounds like a must watch for you we have 5 double passes which can be used at cinemas screening Wyrmwood Apocalypse from February 10th across Australia. To enter just follow the instructions below and you are in the draw! Make sure you give us an email that you check semi-often as we will be reaching out to the winners via email to get their details on where to send the tickets!

Win 1 of 5 Double Passes to WYRMWOOD APOCALYPSE

Wyrmwood Apocalypse is in Cinemas across Australia from February 10th