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If there was a movie more full of fan theories this year than Spider-Man: Far From Home we don’t know it. With fan posters and hyper around this movie hitting spider-sense inducing levels we are finally here to see what it really is and isn’t. So what do you need to know if you can get a ticket?

We are going to get dangerously close to some spoilers here, but we will not spoil. HOWEVER, if you have already seen all the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailers leading up to the film we are not going to spoil anything. But if you are going in cold… what are you doing reading any reviews? Stop that. Go see it in cinemas and then come back! Shoo.

Ok back now?

Right now as it stands there have almost been more Spider-Man movies than there have been Star Wars ones (more if you count the films that Spider-Man has been in and not in the title, or equal if we can exclude Rogue One and Solo). With the first film of the Rami-verse first coming out in 2002 it cracked a new era of comic book movies that was attempted many times but not perfected until the MCU.

It began with Toby Maguire’s trilogy taking him from the chemically imbalanced Norman Osborn to Otto Octavius with robot arms with AI that took control to even the dancey version with a black suit and a retelling of Uncle Ben’s demise with Flint Marko we thought that was the pinnacle of Comic Book movies. The streak was interrupted when the MCU (and Dark Knight) showed a less campy and more serious type of film which lead to the Andrew Garfield series of Spider-Man films that was cut short after only a tussle with the Lizard followed by one with Electro.

Originally intended as a trilogy the Garfield films were cut short and rumours of movies based on the Sinister Six were abound we did not see Spider-Man again until he reemerged in Captain America: Civil War. While we love Homecoming and Far From Home without a question there will be a tiny piece of many who wish to have seen that trilogy complete.

The latest film as you probably guessed from the trailers takes some serious levels of notes from the entire Spider-Man franchise as it borrows a page from the comics adapting the One More Day storyline. If you aren’t familiar, in One More Day which occurs after the Superhero Civil War Peter Parker had already come out in a press conference at the urging of Tony Stark to reveal his identity. When the Superhero Registration Act fell through (sorta) Spider-Man switched sides leading him to being on the run with all of his enemies knowing his identity.

In One More Day the Kingpin sent more than one assassin after Spidey with a sniper missing Peter and hitting Aunt May. While Aunt May lays mortally wounded Spider-Man says he will do anything to have her live and the Marvel equivalent of The Devil Mephisto comes calling to make the world forget that he is Peter Parker and it will only cost him his love for Mary Jane. This of course echoes the end to Spider-Man: Far From Home which you of course would have watched by now which includes Mysterio actually revealing Spider-Man’s true identity to the world through J. Jonah Jameson.

Of course there is no Mephisto in the MCU. With shows Wandavision and Loki creating a lot of fan speculation of Mephisto being behind it all. But in actual fact it more seems that the cause is the tearing down of the rules that prevent the Multiverse coming into the MCU paving the way for possibly anything to happen when you can have different Spider-Verses converge in the No Way Home trailer then who knows what this means for anything from Venom to Netflix shows to even more separated from the MCU shows like the Disney+ What If series.

So what we are saying is, with now 27 films  and 5 Disney+ shows – you are just taking your first steps into a much larger world.

So that is the pre-work what do you actually need to know going into the movie? Probably the most important thing is, drink very little because this is long and there is no good spots to go to the bathroom. Seriously. If you know those zomg moments that happen so often in the MCU this film doesn’t have a single one of those, it has multiple. There is almost no place in this film you can really go for a break with much of the trailers and posters that seem to reveal so much of the film only showing parts from the first 40 minutes. Clocking in at 2 hours and 28 minutes long it is actually takes the crown as the longest Spider-Man movie beating The Amazing Spider-Man 2 by a full 6 minutes.

The film itself is not just about the DID YOU SEE THAT THING moments with it being packed with the level of action that you have come to expect with both Spider-Man and Marvel. Going into this film there were some rearranging of deckchairs when it comes to Spidey between Sony and Marvel and we can definitely see how this film swings more to the Marvel side of the fence while representing everything to do with Sony Spider-Man for the last 2 decades.

While Far From Home still is one of our favourite Spider-Man films visually with effects by Mysterio bringing the comic pages ot the big screen, No Way Home tops every other Spider-Man film to date for sheer content. We honestly expect this one to have a huge box office because you are clearly not going to be able to see this only once.

So should you go see it? If you made it this far, then of course you should. It’s Marvel. It’s Spider-Man. And it is everything you love about those things. Unless you are only reading this while waiting for DC to make a Snyder Justice League sequel this is going to be one of your favourite MCU films from Phase 4 which we have already gotten 3 films for this year alone. With Tom Holland confirmed for another Spidey trilogy as the Home trilogy wraps up, we are good for as many trilogies as we can get if they all end like this one.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is in cinemas right now across Australia (if you can get a ticket)

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movie-review-spider-man-no-way-homeSpider-Man: No Way Home wraps up one of the most epic of Spidey trilogies in possibly the most epic of ways. There is no easy way of saying this but we are honestly not sure how they can top this with the newly announced second trilogy being greenlit with Tom Holland. But don't worry you are going to need to watch this one multiple times before the next one, guarenteed. P.S. Of course you need to watch the credits there is definitely something in there for anyone who has watched all the lead up to this one. There is something at the end of the credits too worth hanging around for with any Marvel fan, not so much a post credits sequence as a look to what is coming next.