This Week in Games: Dec 13 – 18


Atari classics, alien worlds, VR plumbers, solve problems with your voice and solve your problems by murdering your friends, it is all just another normal week for your gaming But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Starting your week with the latest from Atari, no you read that right Atari brought out a new game (well an old game) this week. Atari was already updating their consoles for the Atari VCS but on Monday PlayStation owners can get some retro gaming with Asteroids: Recharged before it makes it’s way to the Switch and for Steam on Tuesday.

Following that up on Tuesday with some reason to play with your Oculus Quest with the plumbing puzzler Pipeline VR. There are no shortage of VR games dropping every week but there is just something a little bit satisfying about the way you click together pipes to solve flooding related problems in this puzzle sim.


Then also on Tuesday, a game that we would normally thrown in as our honourable mention but that is already covered this week and we really wanted to tell you about One Hand Clapping. One Hand Clapping is a puzzle game with a mechanic slightly unique as you have to use your own voice to solve puzzles. This is not a singing game but rather pitch and notes are what help you traverse. Previously out for Steam you can get this for the Switch on Tuesday (which it is perfect for) and the PlayStation on Wednesday.

And Friday brings another title we have been looking forward to with The Gunk. Shown at the not-E3 event by Microsoft this year the Gunk is dropping this Friday and it is free for Game Pass subscribers as it is of course coming to Xbox first. Basically alien planet, gauntlet that lets you add/remove ‘Gunk’ and looks pretty cool. Definitely a contender if you have finished off everything and looking for something to keep you entertained over Christmas.

Honourable Mention: And our honourable mention this week goes to one that has been around for a while but is only making it’ way to Sony and Microsoft consoles this week – Among Us. You already know Among Us, based on the Werewolf game you have to find the imposter before they get you… but in SPACE! Xbox and PlayStation owners join in the deception from this Tuesday. And yes, it will continue to have Crossplay.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Disney Classic Games Collection (Switch/XB)
Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon (PS)
Guardian of Lore (PS)
Asteroids: Recharged (PS)
My Universe – Doctors & Nurses (Switch)
Roadworks 2 (Steam)
Who dies first (Steam)
ThumBeat: Button Basher Edition (Steam)
Timerunner (Steam)
CaptMeow (Steam)

Among Us Crewmate Edition (PS/XB/Switch)
Aeterna Noctis (PS)
Asteroids: Recharged (Switch/Steam)
One Hand Clapping (Switch)
Clockwork Aquario (Switch)
MUMBA IV: Egypt Jewels © (Steam)
Christmas Wonderland 12 (Steam)
Love Notes (Steam)
Epic Tower for Tireless Lovers (Steam)
Stickit (Steam)
Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon (Steam)
Idle Superpowers (Steam)
Endless Zombie Weekend (Steam)
Pipeline VR (Steam VR)
Balls and Dungeons (Steam)
Cloud Escape (Steam)
Overfkked (Steam)
Through The Frame (Steam)
Evening Ecchi (Steam)
Abduction (Steam)
Huygens Principle (Steam)
My University Girlfriend (Steam)
Survive Lviv (Steam)
小宝当皇帝 (Steam)
GunboundM (Steam)
Humanities Legend: Hollow Ascending (Steam)
Funmi (Steam)
Outpost (Steam)
Firegirl: Hack ‘n Splash Rescue (Steam)
Impious Pumpkins (Steam)
Unplugged (Steam)

One Hand Clapping (PS)
Among Us (PS/XB)
Detective Di: The Silk Rose Murders (XB)
The Letter: A Horror Visual Novel (Switch)
The Psychoduck (Steam)
The Planet Crafter: Prologue (Steam)
Too Many Santas! (Steam)
Dungeon Avenger (Steam)
Noble Fates (Steam)
PC Creator – PC Building Simulator (Steam)
Strings Theory (Steam)
Rome 2077: Tactics (Steam)
Toy War – Cannon (Steam)
Criminal Archives: City on Fire Collector’s Edition (Steam)
Downroll (Steam)
Phoenix Hope (Steam)
GravityPunk (Steam)
Trisceli特里西利 (Steam)
2048 3D (Steam)
Forbidden (Steam)
You Will (Not) Remain (Steam)
Project : SKYSCAPE (Steam VR)
Sucker for Love: Prelude (Steam)
Calamity Eliminator (Steam)
Babble Royale (Steam)
Mission Critical : Foresight (Steam)
Mayhem Space Cinema (Steam)
Superposition (Steam)
Padria Online (Steam)
The Shattered Elements Arena (Steam)
Ardein.Fall (Steam)
One Line (Steam)
Ending Way (Steam)
Clid The Snail (Steam)
Wars and Roses (Steam)
Drifting : Weight of Feathers》 (Steam)

Monopoly Madness (PS/XB)
Circus Pocus (PS)
Forgotten Hill Disillusion (PS)
2 Synchro Hedgehogs (XB)
The Letter: A Horror Visual Novel (XB)
Record of Lodoss War -Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth- (XB)
Murder Diaries 3 – Santa’s Trail of Blood (Switch)
Sakura Santa (Switch)
Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzles – Dino Puzzle Game for Kids & Toddlers (Switch)
The Enigma Machine (Switch)
OMNO (Switch)
Love Pop! (Switch)
Hashihime of the Old Book Town append (Switch)
Moonbound (Switch)
RTO 3 (Switch)
Diefrosty (Steam)
Explosive Snooker (Steam)
Spire of Sorcery: Prologue (Steam)
Magnificent-1 (Steam)
Great Lakes Simulator (Steam)
Key: Maze of Illusions (Steam)
Helium Electric (Steam)
Violation (Steam)
ASTRAL – Dream Or Reality (Steam)
Sumo Stuntmen 7 (Steam)
Beyond the Board – DTDA Games (Steam)
Aeterna Noctis (Steam)
Live Adventure (Steam)
Spinning Maze (Steam)
Dark Flame (Steam)
Quick Shot (Steam)
Traveler Bird (Steam)
Infinity Treasures (Steam)
Void Frame (Steam)
New Supper Banana! (Steam)
Cute Dogs (Steam)
Solitaire Harmony (Steam)
Scuffed Party (Steam)
Triclinium (Steam)
The Personal Reasons (Steam)
Rogue Invader (Steam)
Deiland: Pocket Planet (Steam)
Tumble (Steam)
不充钱还想过关的坦克大战? (Steam)
Bumballon (Steam)
PrototypeOutpost3 (Steam)
Fly to love (Steam)
The Abnormal Place (Steam)
Punched (Steam)
Amelie (Steam)
Starry Knight (Steam)
Eldritch Lands: The Witch Queen’s Eternal War (Steam)
Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach (Steam)
门里 (Steam)
Queue Simulator (Steam)
The Crackpet Show (Steam)
Mining Cats (Steam)
Trash Sailors (Steam)
Mon Bazou (Steam)

Gear Club Unlimited 2 – Definitive Edition (PS/Switch)
The Gunk (XB)
Murder Diaries 3 (XB)
Forgotten Hill Disillusion (Switch)
Aspire: Ina’s Tale (Switch)
HIM & HER 3 (Switch)
Match Three Pirates II (Steam)
Gems of Magic: Father’s Day (Steam)
Blind Fate: Edo no Yami — Prologue (Steam)
Pon Para and the Unconquerable Scorpion (Steam)
Alfred Hitchcock – Vertigo (Steam)
Alone but strong (Steam)
Chibi Girl VS Evil Zombie Dead (Steam)
Enraged (Steam)
未来战士 (Steam)
Netherspace 2 (Steam)
Cruise Ship Handling (Steam)
A Christmas Story From Hell VR (Steam VR)
International Basketball Manager 22 (Steam)
Block Line Engineer (Steam)
Astatos (Steam)
Inverse Evolver (Steam)
树 Tree (Steam)
Walk with the Living (Steam)
建筑吧公司 (Steam)
BridgeTeam: Ship Simulator (Steam)
Asteroid Force (Steam)
Santa’s Slippery Slope (Steam)
Super Head Ball (Steam)
Miss Neko 2 (Steam)
20b (Steam)
Motor Town: Behind The Wheel (Steam)
Stinky feet: The adventure of BigFoot (Steam)
Arena of Kings (Steam)
Bloxi: The Word Game (Steam)
Mines of Frostheim (Steam)

Aspire: Ina’s Tale (XB)
Circus Pocus (XB)
The Enigma Machine (XB)
Razerwire: Nanowars (XB)
Trophy (XB)
Sprite Hunter (Steam)
Vampire Survivors (Steam)
The Expedition (Steam)
Murder Diaries 3 – Santa’s Trail of Blood (Steam)
Sky Fleet (Steam)
Zephyrus Prelude (Steam VR)
POG 6 (Steam)
SimplePlanes VR (Steam VR)
Aspire: Ina’s Tale (Steam)
Midnight: Submersion Nightmare Horror Story Prologue (Steam)
Cold Verdict (Steam)
Fear Of The Darkness (Steam)
Rewrite+ (Steam)
Slobbish Dragon Princess 2 (Steam)
Brutal Orchestra (Steam)
BOT.vinnik Chess: Late USSR Championships (Steam)
Atelier Agnes (Steam)
Ballrun 3D Marble Maze Speedrun (Steam)
He Will Shoot (Steam)
Human Apocalypse: Prologue (Steam)
The Forgotten Empire (Steam)
Present Cannon Rebirth (Steam VR)