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MEET MIRABEL – Welcome to the family Madrigal where every child is blessed with a magic gift unique to them. Everyone, that is, except Mirabel. Voiced by Stephanie Beatriz, Mirabel is determined to prove she belongs within this extraordinary family. Opening in the U.S. on Nov. 24, 2021, Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Encanto” features songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda. © 2021 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

While movies have been flowing back into cinemas with the likes of Venom 2, the Eternals and the very delayed James Bond it has been an even longer time for Disney Pixar films. With their release schedule usually not falling on a yearly schedule movies like Onward and Luca made their way to Disney+ first. Now we have a new Disney film and it is coming to cinemas first – so should you head out to see Enchanto?

Firstly, we realise that there is health stuff going on around the country so if you can’t see it safely then you should absolutely not but if you can…

The elephant in the room first, Enchanto falls more on the Disney singing/dancing/magic side of the fence than the Pixar quirky/adventure side. Set in the jungles of South America Enchanto is about the family Madrigal, specifically one member of the family the only one WITHOUT magical powers in a sort of reverse Disney scenario. Mirabel aka Stephanie Beatriz aka Rosa Diaz (Nine-Nine!) is the only member of the Madrigals who when she reached of age was not granted special powers by their magical house.

Ok let’s go back a few steps here, set against the South American landscape the Madrigals and many members of their village were driven from their homes by bandits (or Conquistadors). While making their escape the, before she was the grandmother, of the family lost her husband and in return found a magic candle. That candle built the valley to make their new home which happened to be magic and also built by the same candle. From that point the family and village grew.

This is a solid Disney film and in terms of a musically it is actually 2nd Disney animated film that has been composed by Lin-Manuel Miranda with the first being Moana. Being set in South America all the sounds do have a distinctly latin style to them to match the rest of the film. While mostly revolving around the family there is still quite a few set pieces thanks to the magical house that moves and responds to the family which is of course animated with the level of intense detail you would come to expect from Disney/Pixar.

Also the film is not short on runtime. Coming in at a little over 1h 42min AND also including a short film at the start when you see it in cinemas featuring a baby squirrel, this is a decently length film that does not leave you with a feeling of it being too long or dragging things out. Suitable for Disney lovers to child friendly viewing to date night this ticks a lot of boxes.

So should you go see it? Well if you can safely then yes. A nice mixture of music and animation make this a movie that just flows and if you were hesitant due to it being about a single family, can we introduce you to another little Disney film – Meet the Robinsons.

Enchanto is in cinemas around Australia right now!

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