This Week in Games: Oct 25 – 30


A sentient tree and a talking trash panda, extreme sports MMO, cyberpunk pixel style point and click, kingdom builders and everything from your N64 and SEGA Genesis days are in just some of the titles you have to play this week. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Join the Guardians of the Fricken Galaxy this Tuesday with the latest Marvel title from Square Enix. Playing as Peter Quinn with the modern Guardians team of Rocket, Groot, Drax and Gamora this is a single player action team-up where you play alongside the Guardians. It is coming for PlayStation and Xbox first on Tuesday and there is even a ‘Cloud Version’ making it possible to play on the Nintendo Switch too.

Riders Republic goes from open beta to full release this week coming out for PlayStation this Wednesday and Xbox on Wednesday. What is Riders Republic? It is a massive multiplayer extreme sport simulator., not sure what it means when al lthose words are put together? It’s like ‘The Steep’ but more extreme and with a lot of other players.


Also midweek is the Sierra like Cyberpunk matchup of VirtuaVerse. Out first for the Playstation on Wednesday, then the Switch on Thursday before Xbox on Friday, set in the near future VirtuaVerse is cyberpunk Sierra/Lucasarts style point and click adventure playing as one of the few outsiders who can ‘switch off’ the 24×7 VR overlay of the world.

This Friday conquer the globe or atleast a corner of it with Age of Empires IV coming to Game Pass for PC in addition to release on Steam. For the uninitiated Age of Empires is like Command and Conquer but with less video cut scenes and a lot more historical references.



Honourable Mention: And our honourable mention this week goes to not so much a game but a service with Nintendo 64 and SEGA Genesis coming to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack subscribers. This latest addition to the exclusive Nintendo Switch service adds a ton of N64 and Genesis era titles for you to revisit directly on your Switch.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Xuan Yuan 7 (PS)
The Riftbreaker (PS)
Nintendo 64 – Nintendo Switch Online (Switch)
SEGA Genesis – Nintendo Switch Online (Switch)
Zombo Buster Rising (Switch)
Fireboy & Watergirl: Fairy Tales (Steam)
Undead Menace (Steam)
Bullet Grinder (Steam)
Cyber Runner 2048 (Steam)
Happy Summer Quest (Steam)
HaremKingdom (Steam)
CAGE-FACE | Case 2: The Sewer (Steam)
Secrets of Magic 5: Back to School (Steam)
FishWitch Halloween (Steam)
Top Gang (Steam)

Street Outlaws 2: Winner Takes All (Switch)
Iron Harvest Complete Edition (PS/XB)
Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (PS/XB)
Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: Cloud Version (Switch)
Star Wars: Jedi Knight Collection (PS)
The Dark Picture Anthology Triple Pack (PS)
Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Edition (PS/XB)
Star Wars Racer & Commando Combo (PS)
NASCAR 21: Ignition (PS)
Nowhere Girl (PS)
Lucid Cycle (PS)
Wind Peaks (PS)
Shadow Corridor (Switch)
Hermitage: Strange Case Files (Switch)
L.O.L. Surprise! Movie Night (Switch)
Please Duology (Steam)
Getting Destroy The Asteroids Over It With Unfair Hurdles (Steam)
Cursed Weekend (Steam)
Wednesday Basketball (Steam)
Cyndefense 2 (Steam)
Juro Janosik (Steam)
Trick or Treat (Steam)
RussianPunk 2007 (Steam)
The Smurfs – Mission Vileaf (Steam)
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer (Steam)
Call of Senpai: Waifu Warfare (Steam)
方块地牢 (Steam)
仙绣剑缘录 (Steam)
WavePlayer (Steam)
Creepy Mahjong (Steam)
P.U.R.G.A.T.O.R.Y (Steam)
Adventures Of Two Foxes (Steam)
Break Robots VR (Steam VR)
NoRoY (Steam)
Bomj Simulator (Steam)
Campground Owner (Steam)
Flashlight (Steam)
Marmoset (Steam)
Defend the Rook (Steam)
Touhou Multi Scroll Shooting 2 (Steam)
Ríos de Lluvia (Steam)
Forgive Me Father (Steam)
Moonglow Bay (Steam)
Kathy Rain: Director’s Cut (Steam)

Moonglow Bay (XB)
NASCAR 21: Ignition (XB)
Amazing Breaker (XB)
VirtuaVerse (PS)
Röki (PS)
Riders Republic (PS)
My Universe – Puppies & Kittens (PS)
Black Widow: Recharged (PS)
Bassmaster® Fishing 2022 (PS)
Princess.Loot.Pixel.Again (Switch)
Lucid Cycle (Switch)
Franchise Hockey Manager 8 (Steam)
Remy Raccoon and the Lost Temple – Halloween Hijinks (Volume 1) (Steam)
A Frustrating Platformer (Steam)
East Trapper (Steam)
Holiday Cheer 3 (Steam)
Captain Jackson (Steam)
PolyBoost (Steam)
Hero of the day (Steam)
ARK-ADE (Steam VR)
Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy (Steam)
White Flower (Steam)
Jewel Match Twilight 3 Collector’s Edition (Steam)
Grotto (Steam)
Voxel Farm Island (Steam)
Help Me (Steam)
Sniper Game (Steam)
WordKiller (Steam)
三千世界 (Steam)
그랑 엠파이어 : 아마네 (Steam)
Insomnious (Steam)
Eden: New Dawn Free Edition (Steam)
Castle Mascot (Steam)

Riders Republic (XB)
Disciples: Liberation (PS/XB)
Dadlish (XB)
Dadlish 2 (XB)
Death Park 2 (XB)
Flowers by Powgi (XB)
Lucid Cycle (XB)
United Assault (XB)
SHINRAI – Broken Beyond Despair (PS)
Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars (PS/Switch)
DUSK (Switch)
Abarenbo Tengu & Zombie Nation (Switch)
FATAL FRAME: Maiden of Black Water (Switch)
hexceed (Switch)
Dragon Hills (Switch)
DISTRAINT Collection (Switch)
Gas Guzzlers Extreme (Switch)
Cape’s Escape Game 4th Room (Switch)
King Leo (Switch)
VirtuaVerse (Switch)
Jigsaw Finale (Switch)
Black Widow: Recharged (Switch)
Brain Meltdown – Into Despair (Switch)
Happy Game (Switch)
Undernauts: Labyrinth of Yomi (Switch/Steam)
Okinawa Rush (Switch)
Zumba Aqua (Switch)
Jigsaw Fun: Amazing Animals (Switch)
The Sokoban (Switch)
Midnight Scenes: The Nanny (Steam)
Astral Masters (Steam)
Once More (Steam)
Bomb Sweeper – Mine Finder (Steam)
Baking Bustle: Ashley’s Dream (Steam)
Kings and Pigs Prequel (Steam)
Going the Distance (Steam)
Industriality (Steam)
Mystery Coin (Steam)
迷·局-新京医院 (Steam)
Master Forge (Steam)
Super Robot Wars 30 (Steam)
Gliont Lights (Steam)
FATAL FRAME / PROJECT ZERO: Maiden of Black Water (Steam)
SnowRocket (Steam)
My Universe – Puppies & Kittens (Steam)
Subway Midnight (Steam)
YOLKED (Steam)
George (Steam)
Campfire Tales (Steam)
King’s Lair (Steam)
ENOH (Steam)
Devil Inside Us: Roots of Evil (Steam)
Saint Kotar (Steam)
Plan B from Outer Space: A Bavarian Odyssey (Steam)
Steel Crew (Steam VR)

Mario Party Superstars (Switch)
Street Outlaws 2: Winner Takes All (PS/XB)
Age of Empires IV (Xbox Game Pass for PC/PC Retail/Steam)
Backbone (XB)
Bassmaster Fishing 2022 (XB/Steam)
Black Widow: Recharged (XB)
Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water (XB)
Milli & Greg (XB)
VirtuaVerse (XB)
Mario Party™ Superstars (Switch)
Cotton 100% (Switch)
Ghosts and Apples (Switch)
HOLY COW! Milking Simulator (Switch)
SHINRAI – Broken Beyond Despair (Switch)
Panorama Cotton (Switch)
Dollhouse (Switch)
Halloween Snowball Bubble (Switch)
Horror & Adventure Pinball (Switch)
Marimoth (Steam)
Happy Game (Steam)
Vampire: The Masquerade — Parliament of Knives (Steam)
Shoot The Zombirds VR (Steam VR)
Sunshine Manor (Steam)
Printersim (Steam)
RoboVanRush (Steam)
Cat Fish Island (Steam)
Night and Day (Steam)
NASCAR 21: Ignition (Steam)
MetaPhysical (Steam)
Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars (Steam)
Safari Cannon (Steam)
Hunkenstein (Steam)
Afterworld King (Steam)
Samurai Crawler (Steam)
Sudden Darkness (Steam)
Decoherence (Steam)
Wings of Justice (Steam)
盖世豪侠 (Steam)
Zombie frenzy (Steam)
Fossilfuel VR: Raptor Isolation (Steam VR)
Honey Villa (Steam)
冰橘布丁 (Steam)
Dreamer: Puzzle (Steam)
Gachi Bird (Steam)
MeiQi 2022 (Steam)
Star Witch (Steam VR)
Witches Vs. Demons (Steam)
Live Or Die (Steam)
FLOW (Steam)
Terrain Defender (Steam)
Finding Home (Steam)
Hellbreath (Steam)
Sweet Hero (Steam)
Herency (Steam)
Laptop Tycoon (Steam)

Danger Scavenger (XB)
Light Fairytale Episode 2 (XB)
PJ Masks: Heroes of the Night (XB)
Demons Hunter (Steam)
Sacrifice of The Spirit (Steam)
Haunted Hell House (Steam)
Skautfold: Knight’s End (Steam)
CubeLines (Steam)
Model Railway Easily 2 (Steam)
Cybermere (Steam)
GO with the FLOW (Steam)
Sokoramp (Steam)
Louder Than Words ~The Story of a Field Trip~ (Steam)
Our Hero! Two (Steam)
Abyss (Steam)
Corpse Mansion (Steam)
Gefragt Gejagt – Das Spiel (Steam)
Summoner’s Mess (Steam)
Climb up the down (Steam)
Dipod: The Foot Legacy (Steam)
Greed Is Bad (Steam)
Return Alive (Steam)
The story of archer (Steam)
Survive the Night (Steam)
Coin Rush (Steam)
The Pied Piper of Gamelin (Steam)
Witty witch (Steam)
Super Dream Dasher (Steam)
Atomic Cards (Steam)
The House (Steam)
Dreamlands: Cotton Candy Hunt (Steam)
Unveiled (Steam)
大小串串烧 (Steam)
小宝当皇帝 (Steam)
VR Puppet Game (Steam VR)
Cornmaze Craze (Steam)
Car Tuning Simulator (Steam)
Miner Gun Builder (Steam)
Banzai Escape 2: Subterranean (Steam)
Maybe Immortal (Steam)
中国战疫 (Steam)
The Undead (Steam)
Ghost Case (Steam)
HeWantsToLive (Steam)
Monads II (Steam)
Odenavirus: Zombie Invasion (Steam)
Adventurer Liz and the Erotic Dungeon (Steam)
Dynamic Dungeons Editor (Steam)
Mirror Layers (Steam)
Encore Illusions (Steam)
Basketball (Steam)
Dessert Tank: The Saga of Hansel and Gretel Prologue (Steam)
1/2 Red Riding Hood (Steam)
Gedel Escape (Steam)