LEGO Home Alone Set is a Wet Bandit’s Dream


The LEGO Ideas line has combined so much of our love for LEGO with our favourite things from pop culture. From the Friends and Seinfeld apartments to The TARDIS and Delorean LEGO Ideas set, it now just takes a good idea and a lot of upvotes for LEGO to go and make that licensing deal happen. And that is exactly what they have done with probably the most unexpected set yet – the house from Home Alone.

To give a brief recap for Home Alone – there are two types of people in the world, those who believe Die Hard is a Christmas movie and those who are wrong. But one thing we can all agree on is that Home Alone is the kids movie version of Die Hard. Switching Bruce Willis for Macaulay Culkin it is the story of a young boy maiming two robbers who are trying to loot his home after he is accidentally left home for Christmas (maybe it is the kid movie version of Saw). Home Alone saw 5 sequels with 3 of them being ‘direct to video’ and there even being a new Home Alone (Home Sweet Home Alone) coming to Disney+ in November.

The new Set from LEGO is based on the original film with the two robbers aka the Wet Bandits whose signature move is to flood the houses after they rob them trying to break into the McCallister Family home. The set features the complete two-story home where many of the death traps young Kevin McCallister used on the two thieves as well as Tree House (for zipline escapes) and the Wet Bandit van.

Coming in at 3955 pieces the set is also full of detail and references to the film, from a glowing basement furnace to a model train set with cardboard cutout in front of the windows to just little details like the Kevin figure having a screaming face for you to set in front of the bathroom mirror. You also have complete access to the full house internals with the main walls being hinged and even attic with a lifting roof.

The set is priced on par with other same sized sets such as the Stranger Things house with a price of $399.99 to go with it’s November 1st release and available on right now which is plenty of time to order it before watching the remake or having it as part of your Christmas movie watching rituals.