This Week in Games: Oct 18 – 23


Zombie Survival, WWII Tactics, EDM Rhythm games and some weird shape changing sheep thing are some what is in store for your gaming week. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Starting the week hopefully has you not sick of Zombies by now as that is the main thing driving the latest title Undying. You take on the role of Aniling a Mother who is trying to find somewhere safe for her son during a Zombie apocalypse – also you have been bitten by a zombie and will turn. Expect some feels from this Survival game when it drops for Steam on Tuesday.

Not leaving isometric gameplay for a moment is War Mongrels which is also coming for Steam. Set in WWII it is a real time tactics game where you use your environments to your advantage as you navigate an occupied region of Europe. Fortunately you don’t have to go it alone as this one also offers online Co-Op when it releases this Thursday.

And lastly for the week is the Final Fantasy meets EDM adventure title of No Straight Roads: Encore Edition. Expect rhythm based 3rd person combat from a kick-ass soundtrack in a game that can be played solo or with couch based co-op. This one is another title coming to you for Steam on Thursday.

Honourable Mention: And our honourable mention this week goes to the kinetic platformer Sheepo. Sitting somewhere between Super Meat Boy and the early Commander Keen titles you are Sheepo (no you are not a sheep but you are a shape-shifting sheep-thing) you are an intergalactic species cataloguer and it’s your first day on the job. Traverse an uncharted alien world, catalogue and save all the species on it by defeating the queen and collecting the egg. Kinda like Megaman or any Metroidvania title… but with a sheep-thing. Sheepo is for Playstation on Tuesday, Switch on Wednesday and Xbox on Thursday.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Youtubers Life 2 (PS)
Christmas Slots – Casino Game (Steam)
World of Motors (Steam)
Castle Constructor (Steam)
The Misty Tale (Steam)
Starblast: Retro Wars (Steam)
Grapple Hoops (Steam)

B.A.T.S. (PS)
Crazy Gravity (PS)
Sheepo (PS)
Against the Storm (Epic Store – Early Access)
A Plague Tale: Innocence (PS5/XBSX Retail)
Youtubers Life 2 (Switch)
Dying Light: Platinum Edition (Switch)
Angry Alligator (Switch)
Duo Zombies (Switch)
Regency Solitaire (Switch)
Mr. Hopp’s Manor Escape (Steam)
Dangerous platform (Steam)
Monster Adventure (Steam)
惊险极速 (Steam)
Whitehaven (Steam)
Base Wars (Steam)
Crazy Fatties (Steam)
Sunny Beach (Steam)
Stardander Revenant (Steam)
Robot Labs: Remake (Steam)
Priest Simulator: Heavy Duty (Steam)
Farming Life (Steam)
Demolish & Build VR (Steam VR)
Always The Same Nightmare (Steam)
In Shape (Steam)
Grub Gauntlet (Steam)
Tafl Champions: Ancient Chess (Steam)
Perang Laut – Maritime Warfare (Steam)
Oh Boy More Cheese (Steam)
X Fugitive (Steam)
I Love Finding Pups (Steam)
The Tale of Fighting Nymphes (Steam)
Shape VS Shapes (Steam)
Tri-Star (Steam)
The Last One Month (Steam)
Taxi Chaos (Steam)
Tilting Tiles (Steam)
Colors! Maze (Steam)

Evertried (PS)
Sakura Nova (PS)
Toy Soldiers HD (PS)
Disciples: Liberation (PS)
Into the Pit (XB)
B.A.T.S. (XB)
Crazy Gravity (XB)
BATS: Bloodsucker Anti-Terror Squad (Switch)
Sheepo (Switch)
Spectacular Sparky (Switch)
JARS (Switch)
Crazy Gravity (Switch)
Hammer time! (Steam)
Deformity (Steam)
Escape Simulator (Steam)
War Mongrels (Steam)
Vacuum Pilot (Steam)
Inscryption (Steam)
Dead Estate (Steam)
Animal Match (Steam)
FireAirPlan (Steam)
Bunhouse (Steam)
毛蟹穴 (Steam)
Twin Mind: Power of Love Collector’s Edition (Steam)
AllBlocksWantToBeStacked (Steam)
燕赤霞 (Steam)
战地指挥官/Battleboom (Steam)
Lirica (Steam)
Up All Night (Steam)
Spectacular Sparky (Steam)
Himno – The Silent Melody (Steam)
School For The Friendless (Steam)
LTO Arcade (Steam)
Legacy of Sin the father sacrifice (Steam)

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes (PS)
Energy Cycle (XB)
Princess.Loot.Pixel.Again (XB)
Silver Chains (XB)
Sheepo (XB)
Tony and Clyde (XB)
Endocrisis (Switch)
Sakura Nova (Switch)
Howling Village: Echoes (Switch)
Evertried (Switch)
Yumeiri (Switch)
Skul: The Hero Slayer (Switch)
Cards of the Dead (Switch)
Monomals (Switch)
Murder Diaries 2 (Switch)
Color Guys (Steam)
Viro Move (Steam VR)
ELYON (Steam)
SwapOut (Steam)
Scelestum (Steam)
Under the Sea (Steam)
Rubicon : a conspiracy of silence (Steam)
FUUU…! (Steam)
Touhou Adventure (Steam)
Academy of Magic: The Great Dark Wizard’s Curse (Steam)
King Boo (Steam)
Super Kakuro (Steam)
JARS (Steam)
Connection (Steam)
Corpse Party (2021) (Steam)
Gravewood High (Steam)
They Always Run (Steam)
Steps From Above (Steam)
Nami (Steam)
Dungeon Arsenal (Steam)
Inquisitor’s Heart and Soul (Steam)
日记簿 (Steam)
Necore Tower – Redux Edition (Steam)
Eat Colors (Steam)
Howling Village: Echoes (Steam)
Growbot (Steam)
制服少女 (Steam)
Aquarium Designer (Steam)
Special Education Modules (Steam)
Anti-Jump-Man (Steam)
Miraculo Island (Steam)
Okinawa Rush (Steam)
Rise of Humanity (Steam)
No Straight Roads: Encore Edition (Steam)

Murder Diaries 2 (PS)
My Friend Peppa Pig (PS)
Echo Generation (XB)
Energy Cycle Edge (XB)
Disciples: Liberation (XB)
Evertried (XB)
Toy Soldiers HD (XB)
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba The Hinokami Chronicles (PS/XB)
Blaze and the Monster Machines: Axle City Racers (Switch)
City Stunt Driver (Switch)
Reminiscence in the Night (Switch)
Pro Flight Simulator (Switch)
Demon Hunter: Riddles of Light (Switch)
My Friend Peppa Pig (Switch)
Minigolf Adventure (Switch)
Dee’s Nuts (Steam)
Pumpkins (Steam)
Speed Mazing (Steam)
Grid Slayer (Steam)
Moons of Ardan (Steam)
SpaceBlocc (Steam)
Road Builder (Steam)
Kungen (Steam)
Spire of Sorcery (Steam)
Tukki & Champ (Steam)
Luffy: Way Back Home (Steam)
That Role Playing (Steam)
Slap The Rocks (Steam)
Hidden Office (Steam)
Rogue Planet 1: Golden Hour (Steam)
Evertried (Steam)
My Cute Succubus (Steam)
Disciples: Liberation (Steam)
PROJECT: Halloween (Steam)
Soccer Boss (Steam)
Word of Kitchen (Steam)
Sub Chase Online (Steam)
二狗子历险记 (Steam)
Dragon War (Steam)
Pieces of Beauty 2 (Steam)
Adorable Witch 2 (Steam)
Apocalyptic Adventure: Episode 1 (Steam VR)
Toilet Flushing Simulator (Steam)
Riddle Girl (Steam)
Sword and Fairy 7 (Steam)
Princess Maira: Initiation (Steam)
Hatch (Steam)
The Monster Within (Steam)
Red Triangle Super Collection (Steam)
My Friend Peppa Pig (Steam)
RAYZE (Steam)
Blackholes Stars (Steam)
Drip Drop (Steam)
Cursed Town (Steam)
Mega Monster Party – Multiplayer AirConsole (Steam)
Scrapshoot (Steam)
HEXCRAFT: Harlequin Fair (Steam)
Steel Rain – Dawn of the Machines (Steam)

Cards of the Dead (XB)
Ghoulboy (XB)
The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes (XB)
Harvest Life (XB)
Reminiscence in the Night (XB)
Mainframe Defenders (XB)
Murder Diaries 2 (XB)
My Friend Peppa Pig (XB)
Zombo Buster Rising (XB)
Circuit Breaker (Steam)
EverWorld (Steam)
Warlocks Entanglement (Steam)
Golf Solitaire Simple (Steam)
Chef’s Tail (Steam)
Valor (Steam)
Goat’s Tale (Steam)
Fisherman’s House (Steam)
Murder Diaries 2 (Steam)
Hourglass (Steam)
Logic World (Steam)
Kate: Collateral Damage (Steam)
Renai Karichaimashita: Koikari – Love For Hire (Steam)
Typeds (Steam)
Scarred Stars: Traumatic Edition (Steam)
Bouncy Cube (Steam)
Hell Invades Heaven (Steam)
Driftence (Steam)
Dot’s Home (Steam)
Bigger Bikes (Steam)
我是大侠 (Steam)
Octofight Escape (Steam)
Ecstasy Elf Shotenken -Naruru’s Sexy Adventure- (Steam)
She Will Shoot (Steam)
Battle Snakes (Steam)
Alisa (Steam)
Lifing (Steam)
Alien Dawn (Steam VR)