This Week in Games: Oct 11 – 16


More Zombies in case you missed the first release, party games with you and 10,000 friends plus a title that you might have missed the first time around is some of your gaming choices for this week. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Starting out with your gaming week is one of the games from last week but now available outside of exclusive access with Back 4 Blood now for PlayStation, Xbox and Steam as well. If you missed seeing this last week for Xbox it is the 4 player spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead. Attempt missions with a AI Director tuning gameplay difficult to yuor play style.

If Zombies arent for you then first on PlayStation on Wednesday is Jackbox Party Pack 8! IF you aren’t familiar Jackbox are sorta the gold standard when it comes to short play online party games with up to 10 players and even support for 10,000 audience members. Oh yeah, and it is out for the Switch on Thursday and Xbox on Friday, leave no gamer behind.


Honourable Mention: And our honourable mention this week goes to… Disco Elysium: The Final Cut. Not exactly a week full of new releases for your gaming picks this week but we did want to give a shout to Disco Elysium getting a re-release on Xbox and the Nintendo Switch for Australia given how much trouble it had initially getting a classifications.


If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Back 4 Blood (PS)
Hoop the Loop (Steam VR)
Seditionis Crutarch Royale (Steam)
Evolution: Moon Warfare (Steam)
Matching Cats (Steam)
Killer Worm 2 (Steam)
Gladiator of sparta (Steam)
Settlement Survival (Steam)
Crazy Invader ShootEm Down (Steam)

Back 4 Blood (XB)
Agatha Christie – Hercule Poirot: The First Cases (Switch)
Ori The Collection (Switch)
Catty & Batty: The Spirit Guide (PS)
Immortus Temporus (PS)
Monster Crown (Switch)
Soundodger 2 (Steam)
Mira’s Workshop (Steam)
The Ghost Cage (Steam)
Book of Travels (Steam)
Eternium (Steam)
Forest adventure (Steam)
Niiikotopia: Sky Fall (Steam)
Ghost Tokyo (Steam)
Wingsuit Dream (Steam)
Monkey King Simulator — Chapter Huaguo Mountain (Steam)
The Last One Month (Steam)
Codename: TIARAS (Steam)
Conquest! (Steam)
Edgar’s Room (Steam)
Dungeon Color (Steam)
Ooze Redux (Steam)

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut (Switch/XB)
Godstrike (PS)
Henchman Story (PS)
Rescue HQ (PS)
The Jackbox Party Pack 8 (PS)
Immortus Temporus (Switch)
Lumione (Switch/Steam)
Starlight Alliance (Switch)
Critadel (Switch)
Catty & Batty: The Spirit Guide (Switch)
Back again (Steam)
Blood Red Fists (Steam)
Bubble POP IT ASMR (Steam)
Occult Crime Police (Steam)
Grim Nights 2 (Steam)
Punk Wars: Prologue (Steam)
The Graffiti Creator (Steam)
Poppy Playtime (Steam)
Back 4 Blood (Steam)
Raccoon Arrival (Steam)
Legendary Mahjong 2 (Steam)
Changes (Steam)
Ultimate Racing 2D 2 (Steam)
No Tyrant (Steam)
Zleepy (Steam)
Starry Moon Island 2 (Steam)
tERRORbane: an INTRODUCTION, mostly (Steam)
封神榜 伏魔三太子(重制版) (Steam)
The Fortress of Varnolis (Steam)
Toolnich Village (Steam)
thEiAoLoGy (Steam VR)
25 Layers of Pain (Steam)
Savior of Light (Steam)
Alien Dawn (Steam VR)
The Northern Gate (Steam)
King of the Universe (Steam)
Junkyard Simulator (Steam)

Catty & Batty: The Spirit Guide (XB)
Immortus Temporus (XB)
The Riftbreaker (PS)
Red Ronin (PS/Switch)
Crysis 3 Remastered (PS)
Gleylancer (PS)
Aeon Must Die! (Switch)
Subnautica + Subnautica: Below Zero (Switch)
Waifu Discovered 2: Medieval Fantasy (Switch)
Hextones (Switch)
A Little Golf Journey (Switch/Steam)
The Sundew (Switch)
Fight of Animals: Arena (Switch)
Bonito Days (Switch)
Zumania – Magic Casual Puzzle (Switch)
Nira (Switch)
The Jackbox Party Pack 8 (Switch)
Ruin Raiders (Switch)
Mon Amour (Switch/Steam)
Aliens Drive Me Crazy (Switch)
Inspector Waffles (Switch)
Henchman Story (Switch/Steam)
Evil Tonight (Switch)
Tears of Avia (Switch)
GB Rober (Steam)
Increlution (Steam)
Draft Day Sports: Pro Football 2022 (Steam)
Starlight Alliance (Steam)
QUIZxRPG (Steam)
Nadir: Slay the Six (Steam)
Cat Jumper (Steam)
League Of Enthusiastic Losers (Steam)
Songs of Armageddopolis (Steam)
Old Stories: Fireheart (Steam)
Death in the Family (Steam)
Critadel (Steam)
Heliopedia (Steam)
Dead Tunnel (Steam)
Animals Fight (Steam)
We are Blacksmith (Steam)
Can You Escape (Steam)
If You Go Down In The Woods Today (Steam)
Girl Agent (Steam)
Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality (Steam)
ElecHead (Steam)
Into the Loop (Steam)
Spirit and Katana (Steam)
Deep Rune (Steam)
Sphere – Flying Cities (Steam)
Growing Up (Steam)

Crysis Remastered Trilogy (PS/XB)
Ultimate Chicken Horse A-Neigh-Versary Edition (Switch)
Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town (PS)
Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality (XB)
Godstrike (XB)
Henchman Story (XB)
Jackbox Party Pack 8 (XB)
Murder House (XB)
Ring of Pain (XB)
The Riftbreaker (XB)
Vzerthos: The Heir of Thunder (XB)
Inspector Waffles (PS)
Crysis 2 Remastered (PS)
Gleylancer (Switch)
Ancient Stories: Gods of Egypt (Switch)
Puzzle 9 (Switch)
Wild & Horror Pinball (Switch)
The Good Life (Switch)
Dire Vengeance (Steam)
Eye of the Temple (Steam VR)
Now Boarding (Steam)
Amazing Superhero Squad (Steam)
Second to Nun (Steam)
Chasing Static (Steam)
Cards of the Dead – Prologue (Steam)
The Hidden Room (Steam)
Time’s Up in Tiny Town (Steam)
Despot’s Game: Dystopian Army Builder (Steam)
Aeon Must Die! (Steam)
Get Together: A Coop Adventure (Steam)
satryn deluxe (Steam)
SAVED (Steam)
Laruaville 10 Match 3 Puzzle (Steam)
Assembly (Steam)
Silicon City (Steam)
The Alien Cube (Steam)
Stolen Realm (Steam)
My Cute Succubus (Steam)
Blade and Ham (Steam)
Connect the Dots (Steam)
Rain Puzzle (Steam)
Shadow Killer (Steam)
Alien Accident (Steam)
super egg 2020 (Steam)
异星夺宝 (Steam)
Gravity Runner (Steam)
Sakura Hime (Steam)
Occult (Steam)
TimeLock VR 2 (Steam VR)
Bounty Below (Steam)
Pathological Tires (Steam)
Roxy Raccoon (Steam)
The Good Life (Steam)
Succubus Runa and the Erotic Dungeon (Steam)
Ark Mobius: Censored Edition (Steam)
Mad Streets (Steam)
Consolation: Board Meeting – Jam Edition (Steam)
Digital Janitors (Steam)
Tales of the Black Death (Steam)
The Crow King (Steam)
IRMÃO Grande & Brasileiro 2 (Steam)
Bloody Everybody (Steam)

Ancient Stories: Gods of Egypt (XB)
Demon Slayer – Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Hinokami Chronicles (PS/XB/Steam)
Gleylancer (XB)
NHL 22 (XB)
The Good Life (XB)
Extreme Race (Switch)
Plague Doctor: Contagion 430 BCE–2020 AD (Steam)
SpacePOM (Steam)
Red Button (Steam)
All To Race (Steam)
The End of Dyeus (Steam)
Klomanager – Regurgitated (Steam)
Battle Tops (Steam)
Sandfall (Steam)
Astero Inc. (Steam)
Echo of Ayllu (Steam)
Sailwind (Steam)
Blocks Must Fall! (Steam)
DARK MAGIC 2 (Steam)
Cursed Dungeon (Steam)
KSTG (Steam)
Poly Memory: Furries (Steam)
Pilie Pals (Steam)
M2K (Steam)
Bear Adventures (Steam)
Wreckdigger (Steam)
Typomancer in the Feather’s Way (Steam)
INVERT (Steam)
N1L (No1Lives) (Steam)
Love Duction! The Guide for Galactic Lovers (Steam)
100 hidden dogs (Steam)
Funny Card (Steam)
Dracula Is Coming (Steam)
Crazy Truck (Steam)
重生之绝地-突突突(Rebirth-Land of Zombies) (Steam)
Emi & The Super Boba (Steam)
Crazy Ludo (Steam)
Bigger Trucks (Steam)
PixGirls (Steam)
EQ – Countries (Steam)