This Week in Games: Oct 4 – 9


Put on your samus suit, strap on your mortar backpack, pilot your exploratory ship, form up your squad and make sure you put batteries in your flashlight. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Starting our the week early with something old but for your something new is Alan Wake Remastered. The defining Xbox game is making it’s jump to PlayStation with a next gen update for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S for your gaming on Monday.

Jumping ahead to the big title for the week with Far Cry 6. Scaling up from a mountain cult to an island nation dictator you plan to start a revolution and overthrow the government. You can Viva La Revolution on PlayStaiton on Wednesday and Xbox on Thursday.

If you feel you aren’t getting enough multiplayer and zombies in your diet this week then Back 4 Blood is releasing for PlayStation and Xbox gamers on Friday. Considered the spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead through being developed by the original game creators after their split from Valve this offers 8 player PVP or 4 player Coop in mission based campaigns which have an AI Director behind the scenes to adapt gameplay just when you think you are Woody Harrelson in the first Zombieland.

And lastly for the week is something to get in touch with your OG Nintendo roots with Metroid Dread for the Switch. Completely following the gameplay and 2D style of the original games Dread was originally a Nintendo DS game that was cancelled in the mid-2000s (due to technical limitations at the time) but you can play it this Friday on your Switch.

Honourable Mention: And our honourable mention this week goes to a game we saw during a recent PlayStation Showcase – Jett: The Far Shore. Feeling like somewhere between Wipeout and No Mans Sky, JETT has you piloting a small craft on an ocean planet, exploring and avoiding native creatures. This one is for explorers not fighter pilots, but it drops on Monday.

And one last honourable mention this week is the Nintendo Switch OLED Model. The 3rd new Nintendo Switch model this one has practically all the same specs and capabilities as the current models but boasts an OLED screen. If you are a fan of bright screens and don’t already have a Switch this might be a model to check out (or maybe grab the last version for cheap).

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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JETT: The Far Shore (PS)
Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania (PS)
Hell Let Loose
Alan Wake Remastered (PS)
NORR part II: Will Walker (Steam)
Flyland Wars: 0 Ball Game [Trainer] (Steam)
Flyland Wars: 1 Mountain Climb (Steam)
Dungescape! (Steam)
Flyland Wars: 3 Model Trains (Steam)
Flyland Wars: 2 Not Yours Mine (Steam)
The Warrior of Wisdom (Steam)
Roar of Revenge (Steam)
Polybius Invaders (Steam)

Alan Wake Remastered (XB)
In Sound Mind Deluxe Edition (PS/XB)
Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania (Switch)
BPM: Bullets Per Minute (PS/XB)
Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan (PS/Switch/Steam)
Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl (PS/Switch)
Agatha Christie – Hercule Poirot: The First Cases (Switch)
雨音スイッチ -AmaneSwitch- (Switch)
RiMS Racing (Switch)
Wings Of WW2 (Steam)
The Last Will (Steam)
Mission 1985 (Steam)
Cards Matching Memory Game (Steam)
Martin and the Magic Staff (Steam)
KILLER (Steam)
Gobby McGobblenutz Presents – The Questionably Quirky Quiz Show (Steam)
The Judgement of Q (Steam)
Arthurian Legends (Steam)
NRG (Steam)
The Cruise (Steam)
Detective Gman (Steam)
Yolka (Steam)
Journey On (Steam)
Tiger Trio’s Tasty Travels (Steam)
Galaxy’s Edge (Steam)
Join Rush Attack (Steam)
Balcony (Steam)
Succubus (Steam)

Far Cry 6 (PS)
Hell Let Loose (XB)
Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl (XB)
Rainbow Billy: The Curse of the Leviathan (XB)
Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania (XB/Steam)
Hotel Magnate (Steam)
Spirit Overflow (Steam)
Chezzle (Steam)
CyberWhiskey: Guy’s Room (Steam)
Puzzle Art: Cats (Steam)
Netherspace (Steam)
Mist Legacy (Steam)
Spacecraft speed (Steam)
Super Gunfight (Steam)
Moon Defense (Steam)
Defect Process (Steam)
Heartseeker (Steam)
Room 13 (Steam)
Escape From The Void (Steam VR)
SCP: Doki Doki Anomaly (Steam)
Haunted Shores (Steam)
The Adventures of Emoji 4 : Fly High Mouse (Steam)
Short Hop Laser (Steam)
Cato, the cat (Steam)
Perfectly Balanced (Steam)
Capital Island (Steam)
Mosaic Hearts Prototype (Steam)

Lego Marvel Super Heroes (Switch)
Far Cry 6 (XB)
Ember: Console Edition (XB)
Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire (Switch)
Creepy Tale 2 (Switch)
Prehistoric Life Puzzles (Switch)
PandaBall (Switch)
No Longer Home (Switch)
Jack Axe (Switch/Steam)
Drum Box (Switch)
Sophia’s World (Switch)
Panmorphia (Switch)
Balloon Pop – Learning Letters, Numbers, Colors, Game for Kids (Switch)
The Lightbringer (Switch)
Business Tour Deluxe (Switch)
The Marauder Chronicles: Curse Over Valdria (Switch)
Lotus Bloom (Switch)
InfiniteCorp: Cyberpunk Card Game (Switch)
Gang Beasts (Switch)
Plague Doctor- Contagion: 430 BCE-2020 AD (Steam)
Kenopsia (Steam)
Andalia (Steam)
Hidden Lands (Steam)
Lawnmower Game: Battle (Steam)
Lightout (Steam)
Hidden Caves (Steam)
Lack of Water (Steam)
Monster Dice (Steam)
Bear’s Restaurant (Steam)
Extinction (Steam)
Slow living with Princess (Steam)
TatuBall (Steam)
Age of Darkness: Final Stand (Steam)
Mi Scusi (Steam)
Zen World (Steam)
Kill The Dragon (Steam)
2300 A.C (Steam)
Jumping Pirates (Steam)
Blade of Darkness (Steam)
The Majesti (Steam)
Cooking Companions (Steam)

Back 4 Blood (PS/XB)
Metroid Dread (Switch)
Nintendo Switch OLED Model
Knockout Home Fitness (Switch)
Fantasy Freidns Under the Sea (Switch)
Road 96 (Switch)
No Longer Home (XB)
Lord of the Click II (Switch)
Tetris® Effect: Connected (Switch)
Enigmatis 3: The Shadow of Karkhala (Switch)
Bouncy Bullets 2 (Switch)
AAA Clock (Switch)
Rocket Jump (Steam)
Ship Graveyard Simulator: Prologue (Steam)
Aqua Boy (Steam)
The Lightbringer (Steam)
Desert Magic Adventures (Steam)
ASTRA (Steam)
Legendary Tales: Stolen Life (Steam)
Nightwalker 2 (Steam)
Eclipse (Steam)
The Last Campfire (Steam)
Whisper Trip – Chapter 1 (Steam)
My name is Velcro (Steam)
История бомжа 2: полицейский беспредел (Steam)
Violent Agent (Steam)
Cosmic Cat (Steam)
What’s Your Gender? (Steam)
Devil Tears (Steam)
Hell Blasters (Steam)
魔物娘捕获大陆 (Steam)
Cat Jumper (Steam)
Infinite Lagrange (Steam)
Old Coin Pusher Friends (Steam)
Everlife (Steam)
Last Genesis (Steam)
Swordcery: Prologue (Steam)
Castle Cardians (Steam)
100 Pumpkins (Steam)
投资模拟器:打工篇 (Steam)
Dash Realm (Steam)
Inno World (Steam)
Leaf Tree (Steam)
Fear in The Modern House – CH3 (Steam)
Decks & Daggers (Steam)
Peace, Death! 2 (Steam)
In The Valley of Death -Prologue- (Steam)

Bouncy Bullets 2 (XB)
Lord of the Click II (XB)
RainCity (XB)
ATOM RPG Supporter Edition (XB)
Medieval Tower Defense (Switch)
Toroom (Switch)
Сollision Hero (Steam)
Night Reverie (Steam)
Kusari Kingdom (Steam)
Conundrum (Steam)
Deep Space Gardening (Steam)
Schizm: Mysterious Journey (Steam)
Street Racing: United (Steam)
Puzzle Cafe VR (Steam VR)
Deep Despair 2 (Steam)
Don’t run out of Soda (Steam)
ITRP _ Gas Prison (Steam)
Nosos (Steam)
Mandeshire (Steam)
指示厨 (Steam)
N1L (No1Lives) (Steam)
100 hidden birds 2 (Steam)
Halloween Trouble 3: Collector’s Edition (Steam)
Zombie Hazard (Steam)
Galaxy’s Extreme (Steam)
契约唤灵师 (Steam)
Inventory Manager (Steam)
舔狗模拟器 (Steam)
封神榜 伏魔三太子(重制版) (Steam)
Your Sword Is So Big (Steam)
because King of Beasts. (Steam)
Succubus With Guns (Steam)
Manufactoria 2022 (Steam)
RC Rush (Steam VR)
Hunted (Steam)
Shelter Manager (Steam)