This Week in Games: Sep 27 – Oct 2


FPS in a time loop, 3D scanned Chernobyl, Ted Lasso simulator and there are no strings on your gaming this week. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Start the week channeling with something you might be after post binging too much Ted Lasso – FIFA 22 (just kidding there is no such thing as too much Ted Lasso). Coming out for PlayStation and Steam first on Monday with Xbox on Friday, FIFA 22 is exactly what you know it to be, Football (Soccer) from EA.

Jumping to Tuesday is the absolutely mesmerising A Juggler’s Tale. You take control of a marionette puppet in a marionette puppet world. Everyone, every character, every animal is moved with strings that connect to something seemingly out of frame and it looks fricken adorable. An adventure/puzzle style game you embark on this cinematic quest on Tuesday on pretty much every platform (Xbox, PlayStation and Switch) with the Steam release the next day.

And also on Wednesday is the Xbox release for Chernobylite which has already made it’s release onto other platforms. Chernobylite is a first person stealth/sci-fi/horror RPG set in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Why do we want to throw it into the mix? Because if you think the landscape looks deeply detailed it is because it has been 3D scanned from the actual Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

Honourable Mention: And our honourable mention this week goes to… well we are not sure what it goes to. Well we know what game it is but it’s a little hard to describe. Lemnis Gate is a turn based multiplayer first person shooter that takes place inside a timeloop. How do time loops work with multiplayer? You might have to look for yourself to work that one out when it releases on PlayStation first on Tuesday followed by Xbox and Steam on Wednesday. Assuming that time still flows normally.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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FIFA 22 (PS)
Imoto (Steam)
Hidden Object Hunt Classic (Steam)
Angels vs Demons (Steam)
Puzzle Art: Dogs (Steam)
RP7 Demo (Steam)
Halloween Puzzle (Steam)
Tiger Trio’s Tasty Travels (Steam)
Space Yandere (Steam)
Peachleaf Pirates (Steam)
FukTopia 3 (Steam)
Detective AI (Steam)

KeyWe (PS)
Crysis Remastered (Switch)
Ghostrunner (PS/XB)
In Sound Mind (PS)
AWAY: The Survival Series (PS)
Lemnis Gate (PS)
Steel Assault (Switch)
ConnecTank™ (Switch)
Warp Frontier (Switch)
Knockout Home Fitness (Switch)
Antonball Deluxe (Switch)
UnMetal (Switch/Steam)
Fantasy Friends: Under the Sea (Switch)
Dandy Ace (Switch)
How To Bathe Your Cat (Steam)
Solo Royale (Steam)
Momentum (Steam)
Lucky Tlhalerwa’s Cybernetic Titan (Steam)
Crom: Journey of Conquest (Steam)
Memories Of Loneliness (Steam)
sword story (Steam)
Endless Soul Light Solitaire (Steam)
Agatha Christie – Hercule Poirot: The First Cases (Steam)
Go Home, Mr. Fisk! (Steam)
Rainbow Laser Disco Dungeon (Steam)
Zippo (Steam)
高射炮 flak (Steam VR)
Would you like to run an idol café? 2 (Steam)
Dance like a butterfly, Shot like a Bee! (Steam)
Farmers’ Market (Steam)
Retro Three Kingdoms (Steam)
Unicorns on Unicycles (Steam)
Quasar (Steam)
Rectitude (Steam)
A Tale for Anna (Steam)
Concordia: Digital Edition (Steam)
am i the baddie? (Steam)

Insurgency: Sandstorm (XB/PS)
Alchemic Cutie (XB)
Chernobylite (XB)
ConnecTank (XB/Steam)
Harvest Moon: One World (XB)
In Sound Mind (XB)
Lemnis Gate (XB/Steam)
Obsurity (XB)
Shiro (XB)
UnMetal (XB)
DroneRidge (Switch)
Centipede: Recharged (Switch/Steam)
Meteoroids 3D (Switch)
Math Classroom Challenge (Switch)
A Juggler’s Tale (PS/XB/Switch)
Close Quarters Supremacy The Legis (Steam)
RX Racing 2021 Pro (Steam)
Funny puzzle (Steam)
Mystery Swords (Steam)
Procedural Soccer (Steam)
SGS Afrika Korps: Tunisia (Steam)
Flappy Person (Steam VR)
Spinner Invaders (Steam)
Luffy: Way Back Home (Steam)
Yoli (Steam)
Unarmed Area (Steam)
Storage Chase (Steam)
Searching for objects in the forest (Steam)
Sola (Steam)
My Dream Girl (Steam)
Soulstopia -PHI- (Steam)
Mind Space (Steam)
Kungfu Football Captain (Steam)
Fantastic Troop (Steam)
Starry Moon Island (Steam)
Impulse (Steam)
Tower Tactics: Liberation (Steam)
戒灵传说 (Steam)
Warp Frontier (Steam)
Behind Closed Doors: A Developer’s Tale (Steam)
FiberTales: DummyKart (Steam)
Maritime Calling (Steam)
Pretty Girls Breakout! (Steam)
Bridge of Dawn (Steam)
Golf For Fun in Ice (Steam)
Never End, Neverland! (Steam)
Horror Maze (Steam)
Big Cat from Hell (Steam)
Pieces of Beauty (Steam)
Eyes of the Night (Steam)
Dap (Steam)
Guardians of Hyelore (Steam)

Hot Wheels Unleashed (PS/XB/Switch)
Darksiders III (Switch)
Asdivine Saga (PS/Switch)
Melty Blood: Type Lumina (PS/Switch/Steam)
Xuan Yuan Sword 7 (PS)
Bonfire Peaks (PS/Switch/Steam)
Centipede: Recharged (XB)
Creepy Tale (XB)
Insurgency: Sandstorm (XB)
Skeletal Avenger (XB)
THE Card Battle: Eternal Destiny (Switch)
Road Racing: Highway Car Chase (Switch)
COTTOn 2 – Saturn Tribute (Switch)
BARRICADEZ ReVisited (Switch)
Astria Ascending (Switch)
Mini Car Racing 2 (Switch)
Mary Skelter Finale (Switch)
Ronister Adventure (Switch)
Prepare the First RPG Vilage ~ The Adventures of Nyanzour&Kumakichi: Escape Game Series~ (Switch)
Ludo XXL (Switch)
Aeon Drive (Switch)
Gearshifters (Switch)
Space Revenge (Switch)
ExZeus: The Complete Collection (Switch)
COTTOn Boomerang – Saturn Tribute (Switch)
Guardian Force – Saturn Tribute (Switch)
Death’s Gambit: Afterlife (Switch)
Escape Ninja (Steam)
Caves Of Mars (Steam)
A Juggler’s Tale (Steam)
DunDun VR (Steam VR)
String Rush (Steam)
Ballin’ (Steam)
Without Pain (Steam)
LineVox 2: Forward to the Past (Steam)
Treffen (Steam)
Pixel Force 像素特攻队 (Steam)
BrickOut (Steam)
Higher (Steam)
Fei (Steam)
Dinogotchi (Steam)
Once Upon a Time in the Colony (Steam)
英雄黄昏 (Steam)
Hero or Foe (Steam)
eFootball™ 2022 (Steam)
Puff Town (Steam)
Color Your World (Steam)
Operation Thunder (Steam)
Colours and Symbols (Steam)
夜詛~YASO~ (Steam)
Junkyard Fury (Steam)
Rebirth:Beware of Mr.Wang (Steam)
4 Witch Seasons & Convenant (Steam)
Mage Time (Steam)
Little Hats (Steam)
History of Football World Cup (Steam)
Wife Quest (Steam)
末日竟在我身边2 – Zombies Everywhere 2 (Steam)

Phoenix Point (PS/XB)
FIFA 22 (XB/Steam)
Streets of Rage 4 Anniversary Edition (Switch)
Life is Strange Remastered Collection (PS)
Astria Ascending (PS/PS)
Aeon Drive (PS/XB)
The Eternal Cylinder (PS)
AlphaLink (XB)
Asdivine Saga (XB)
ExZues: The Complete Collection (XB)
Immortal Legacy: The Jade Cipher Console Edition (XB)
Melty Blood: Type Lumina (XB)
The Eternal Cylinder (XB)
Unsighted (XB)
Xuan Yuan Sword 7 (XB)
SGC – Short Games Collection #1 (Switch)
Blaze and the Monster Machines: Axle City Racers (Switch)
Colsword (Switch)
TRAIN CREW Prologue (Steam)
Astria Ascending (Steam)
Oval Racer Series – Stoxkarts (Steam)
Doom Work (Steam)
Ruin (Steam)
ShootOut(SystemD) (Steam)
Fated Blade (Steam)
Calluna (Steam)
Memory Booster (Steam)
Typer Hero (Steam)
Mageo (Steam)
Alisa (Steam)
My Dear Frankenstein -English Edition- (Steam)
Mistral (Steam)
Hobo Cat Adventures (Steam)
Alisa (Steam)
Hobo Cat Adventures (Steam)
TRIOS – lofi beats / numbers to chill to (Steam)
Poly Puzzle: Furries 2 (Steam)
The Last Friend (Steam)
Aeon Drive (Steam)
Lords and Villeins (Steam)
Toy Soldiers: HD (Steam)
Toree 2 (Steam)
Gewevo : Interstellar (Steam)
Curving Over It with Evgeny Podoynikov (Steam)
The Hunt (Steam)
Flaskoman (Steam)
Outergalactic Aliens Pinball (Steam)
Toadomination (Steam)
Smashing time (Steam VR)
异端。 (Steam)
Yacht Dice 快艇骰子 (Steam)
英雄道國際服 (Steam)
Coronation (Steam)
Cosmic Cube (Steam)
City Air Battle (Steam)
Planet Hotpot (Steam VR)
Below The Ocean (Steam)
吾王的荣耀 Honor of Knight King (Steam)
西游记2021 (Steam)
Scientific Shutdown (Steam)
LUNAR LICH/月球巫妖 (Steam)
Dreams Of The Elements (Steam)
Midnight Blues (Steam)
巴哈姆特2-龍之新娘 (Steam)
Realms VR (Steam VR)
Minimal Crypt (Steam)
Gutting Goblins! (Steam)
Gearshifters (Steam)
Rescue Troopers (Steam)
Space Merchant (Steam)
Night Stalkers (Steam)
Little Red Rocket Ship (Steam)
13 WOOD ST (Steam)
Jeebo & Jerbo vs. Life (Steam)
Monster Wilds (Steam)
Les aventures de Fierot (Steam)
My Inner Darkness Is A Hot Anime Girl! (Steam)
Arvita (Steam)
Solar Warden (Steam)
Dear Agony Aunt (Steam)
Gra & Vity (Steam)
Dark Light (Steam)
Box Survivors World (Steam)
Balcony (Steam)

Space Revenge (XB)
Takorita Meets Fries (XB)
Izanami (Steam)
Welcome Back (Steam)
The Hero of Bangaona (Steam)
Língua (Steam)
Sneezeman: Return To Planet Sneeze (Steam)
The Lands of Eldyn (Steam)
Magical Girls Second Magic (Steam)
Lost and found – What if I come and find it (Steam)
Bad Dream: Stories (Steam)
Bloody Layne (Steam)
RAILROADS Online! (Steam)
Intergalactic Pawn Shop (Steam)
80’s Night (Steam)
Balls Mania! (Steam)
The Twins’ Experiment (Steam)
The Summit High School: Prologue Episode (Steam)
One Pixel TWB (Steam)
Monkey Mansion (Steam)
Marcella Moon: Curse of the Black Cat (Steam)
Cologne 3D (Steam VR)
UFO Checkers (Steam)
Fishing Frenzy (Steam)
Gold Miner (Steam)
彗星(Comet) (Steam)
Variables 2 (Steam)
Dice Girl/色子少女 (Steam)
ProtectSeaWar (Steam) (Steam)
VLORP (Steam)
3DHzc (Steam VR)
Metempsychosis (Steam)
回到2001买房子 (Steam)
Train 113 (Steam)
Rebel! Pure love fighters! (Steam)
Oh, Dungeon Master (Steam)
Star Fighter (Steam)
Serene Asylum (Steam)