Hawkeye drops it’s first Trailer and now you have Christmas Plans


Bro. Bro. Bro. Bro. We have a trailer for Hawkeye and it is good. With ‘What If’ passing the halfway mark and some of Australia not able to catch Shang-Chi you might be a little itchy for some Marvel action at home, well don’t worry because Disney just released the first trailer all about the World Greatest Archer and Hawkeye is in too.

Set to premiere on Disney+ on November 24th taking us straight into Christmas the next MCU series is all about Hawkeye, both of them. STRONGLY taking it’s cues from the most epic of all Hawkeye runs the Matt Fraction Hawkeye series the new trailer seems to hit all the right notes with the Tracksuit Mafia, Pizza Dog and of course Kate Bishop.

Not familiar with the Matt Fraction run of Hawkeye? Well it just so happened to be one of the greatest runs in Marvel history and we are definitely not going to spoil it for you here but you should absolutely go pick it up from your local comic book store. Seriously go.

For those of you who are the trailer seems to show off the best adaption we could hope for of the source material with Clint Barton of the MCU. Taking a break from family to deal with a small issue in New York Clint finds Kate Bishop who has taken up his mantle of Ronin that he wore during End Game. While the comic took place over 22 issues (26 if you count Hawkeye vs Deadpool by Gerry Duggan which we totally do) we are going to have to fit it all in in one 6 episode season which by our count takes you right up to just after Christmas making this the second MCU Christmas series/movie right after Iron Man 3.

You can check the full trailer out for yourself below but what you think. Are you excited for a Hawkeye series? Does this mean a future where Ryan Reynolds hands Kate Bishop a Rocket Launcher? Do we need an Alligator Loki and Lucky the Pizza Dog standalone series? Tell us in the comments down below.

Hawkeye is shooting for November 24th on Disney+ for Australia