This Week in Games: Jul 26 – 31


Gun-toting Witches, Diablo style dungeon crawlers and cyberpunk worlds plus being stuck at home is not longer an excuse for not exploring the world with your Xbox is just some of the adventures you have planned for your gaming week. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

16-bit graphics, adorable fairy tale pixelated creatures and a warm machine gun as you let loose a hail of gunfire to wipe them all out. That’s you, the Trigger Witch, the answer to what if we gave Link an R-rating and a flamethrower – there is probably a plot too but there is just something about the pixelated carnage in this one that caught our eye. This one is coming to PlayStation first on Wednesday with Xbox and Nintendo Switch on Thursday.

Thursday is another day to be amazed what a solo developer can do with OMNO being release for PlayStation and Steam with it coming to Xbox gamers on Friday. This is a single player experience that has you adventuring through the most picturesque of environments including snow to surf through and deserts to wander. It is an adventure/puzzle game but it is oh so pretty in motion.

Thursday brings more Diablo style gaming with the crypt exploring Eldest Souls. Not related to the Elder Scroll series but a soulslike game combining graphics and feel from Diablo but gameplay that will appeal more to the Hades gamer. This one drops for the Nintendo Switch (the perfect platform for this) and PlayStation on Thursday with it coming to Steam on Friday.

And rounding out your gaming week is one more for the Diablo-like pile with The Ascent coming to Xbox and Steam on the same day. This is more Diablo meets Cyberpunk as an isometric action RPG but offering multiplayer coop. We saw this as part of the Xbox Showcase this year and it definitely made our to-play list.

Honourable Mention: And our honorable mention this week goes out to Microsoft Flight Simulator. Yes, we remember last year when Flight Simulator was what everyone was talking about with real time weather and map integration it scratched that itch for travel at a time when you could not. This week that same experience comes to Xbox with the PC edition coming to Xbox Series X and S consoles for that same stunning feeling of exploring the world with 4K and HDR support.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Pets No More (Switch/Steam)
Queen of Honor (Steam)
Synthwave Burnout (Steam)
In Space No One Can Hear You Clean (Steam)
Moon Defence (Steam)
The Grass (Steam)
Destroy All The Cubes (Steam)
Neon: Eternal (Steam)

Neo: The World Ends with You (PS/Switch)
The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles (PS/Switch)
Night Book (PS/Switch)
Dariusburst Another Chronicle EX+ (Switch)
Drive-By Cop (Steam VR)
White Eyes (Steam)
Pipe Dreamin’ VR: The Big Easy (Steam VR)
Game of Love (Steam)
Cavern Commandos (Steam)
Puzzles with cats (Steam)
Lucky day (Steam)
My Living Things (Steam)
Monster Academy (Steam)
Intravenous (Steam)
Parking Slide (Steam)
Escape from the Office (Steam)
Kitsune Killer (Steam)
Dungless 2 (Steam)
Cat Attack (Steam)
CS Horizon (Steam)
Light Pursuer (Steam)
Orbit-X (Steam)
G-MODEアーカイブス28 セパスチャンネル (Steam)
RhythmSlinger (Steam VR)
Present Danger (Steam)
Sakura Forest Girls 2 (Steam)
Vermillion (Steam VR)
Destruction Time! (Steam)
Gun Game (Steam)
Big Fish (Steam)
Wardwell House VR (Steam VR)
Killer Gin Bros (Steam)
Emotion (Steam)
Blackhaven (Steam)
God of Riffs (Steam VR)
Night Book (Steam)
JumpingFrog (Steam)

Microsoft Flight Simulator (XB)
Trigger Witch (PS)
The Forgotten City (PS)
Blightbound (XB)
Clone Drone in the Danger Zone (XB/Switch)
Night Book (XB)
Splitgate (XB)
Unbound: Worlds Apart (Switch)
Ayo the Clown (Switch)
Fairy Sister (Steam)
Z Mutants (Steam)
Soccer Cup Solitaire (Steam)
Nightingale (Steam)
MIA (Steam)
Space Intervention (Steam)
Need for sharp (Steam)
Stolen Eggs (Steam)
Golden Boy (Steam)
Art of Fury (Steam)
ScrewUp (Steam)
VR Paper Airplane Hunting (Steam VR)
PowerSlave (DOS Classic Edition) (Steam)
Deadlokk (Steam)
DMN7 (Steam VR)
Cupid’s Palace (Steam)
Unnatural Disaster (Steam)
Meteor Storm (Steam)
Hodl Simulator (Steam)
Wishlair (Steam)
Lost Kittens: Maze Garden (Steam)

Eldest Souls (PS/Switch)
OMNO (PS/Steam)
Paint the Town Red (PS/Switch)
Colorful Colore (XB)
The Forgotten City (XB)
Trigger Witch (XB/Switch)
Blaster Master Zero 3 (Switch/Steam)
Christmas Tina (Switch)
The Long Gate (Switch)
Piczle PUZZLE&WATCH Collection (Switch)
OS Omega (Switch)
Kosmonavtes: Escape Reality (Switch)
SkyDrift Infinity (Switch)
B.ARK (Switch/Steam)
One More Dungeon 2 (Steam)
Temple with traps (Steam)
Assignment 42 (Steam)
Unbound: Worlds Apart (Steam)
Porter in the Castle (Steam)
Vacancy Unlimited (Steam)
至尊传奇英雄版 (Steam)
Fuga: Melodies of Steel (Steam)
Ironfell (Steam)
Abomi Nation (Steam)
Alpaca Stacka (Steam)
Idle Monster Frontier (Steam)
Kinduo (Steam)
The Cyclist: Tactics (Steam)
Escape from Naraka (Steam)

Yonder: The Chronicles Enhanced Edition (PS)
Fuga: Melodies of Steel (XB)
Get Packed (XB)
Paint the Town Red (XB)
The Ascent (XB/Steam)
Blaster Master Zero 3 (XB)
Skydrift Infinity (XB/Steam)
Flowlines Vs. (XB)
Alone With You (Switch)
Super Squidlit (Switch)
Dungeon of Crawl (Switch)
Banners of Ruin (Switch)
Horror Tales: The Wine (Switch)
Papa’s Quiz (Switch)
Cuccchi (Switch)
Xenogunner (Switch)
10 Second Ninja X (Switch)
Alfonzo’s Arctic Adventure (Switch)
Apple Slash (Switch)
The Vagabond Emperor (Steam)
Симулятор Прыгания по Гаражам (Steam)
Nothing To Remember (Steam)
Eldest Souls (Steam)
Pingers (Steam)
On Scene – The Horror Stories of Fred & Karen (Steam)
Nemithia – Tale of the Legendary Saviors (Steam)
Crimson Glaive Sigma (Steam)
Jewel Match Origins – Palais Imperial Collector’s Edition (Steam)
El Mucho (Steam)
The Witch Doctor (Steam)
Vampire: The Masquerade — Out for Blood (Steam)
CUBE-e (Steam)
Alien Destroyer (Steam)
Funny Truck (Steam)
Virus ON (Steam)
Funny Truck (Steam)
Zombieland VR: Headshot Fever (Steam VR)
Pedro’s Adventures in Spanish [Learn Spanish] (Steam)
开天屠龙 (Steam)
斗三国 (Steam)
藏梦:序曲 (Steam)
Symbiotic Love – Yuri Visual Novel (Steam)
Snooker Loopy Pro (Steam)
Leaf Me Alone (Steam)
Beat Souls (Steam)
OshiRabu: Waifus Over Husbandos ~Love・or・die~ (Steam)
Alzheimer’s: Memories (Steam)
GoBlaster (Steam)
CLT (Steam)
Matchsticks – Coffee Break Club (Steam)
アトペス (Steam)
Mini Madness (Steam)
TurBot (Steam)
Vomitoreum (Steam)
Dash Dash Delivery (Steam)
Forsaken (Steam)
Operation Insanity (Steam VR)
New Slippery Samurai (Steam)
Chimes (Steam)
Golf For Fun (Steam)
晚上nano好 (Steam)
– R E F L E C T E D – (Steam)
LoBlocks (Steam)
AutoChess of Gensokyo (Steam)
No Longer Home (Steam)
Profectus (Steam)

Apple Slash (XB)
Horror Tales: The Wine (XB/Steam)
Inbento (XB)
Easy Flight Simulator (Switch)
RE:Jump Boy (Steam)
Splash King’s Tournament (Steam)
Eat The Wounded (Steam)
Sovereign Tea (Steam)
TeleNovela (Steam)
Destroy The Shogun (Steam)
Wilma’s Dreams (Steam)
EPEJSODION Lodge (Steam)
Luminyte (Steam)
Color by Number – Medieval Portrait (Steam)
Stranded B (Steam)
The Mysteries of Ranko Togawa: Murder on the Marine Express (Steam)
Dungeon Break TD (Steam)
Furry Feet (Steam)
Cuccchi (Steam)
Heart Fragment (Steam)
Draft of Darkness (Steam)
Project:Special Forces (Steam)
Conundrum (Steam)
Find the cubs (Steam)
Divided Kingdoms (Steam)
Gachimuchi Life Simulator (Steam)
Synth Run (Steam)
Zone Of War (Steam)
Deep Excavation (Steam)
Shell Out Showdown (Steam)
Roll a Ball With Your Friends (Steam)
GATE (Steam)
kana!kana? (Steam)
Pure maiden captures uncle (Steam)
Metal Faith (Steam)
三千大世界(Three Thousand Worlds ) (Steam)
Police Sentri (Steam)
A Clever Label (Steam VR)
Valley General Hospital: NiVR (Steam VR)
Moonshot – The Great Espionage (Steam)
Smithy Wars (Steam)
Adventures of Human Being (Steam)
For Evelyn (Steam)
Donutis Simulator (Steam)
Little Black Holes (Steam)
Nightron Wars (Steam)
Time Tails (Steam)
乡间 (Steam)
Crimson Colosseum (Steam)
An Odd Tale (Steam)