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Take a little John Wick, mix in some Leon the Professional and then add a healthy serving of Amy Pond and what do you get? Probably the best violent milkshake you are going to have all year and that is exactly what the new film starring Karen Gillan brings to the diner table as it hits Australian cinemas today.

Ok we have to say upfront it’s going to be hard not to make some John Wick comparisons with this one so if that isn’t your type of film you probably want to jump out of the car right here because you might have this one confused with an episode of Cupcake Wars. But if you are going to hang around don’t worry, you are going to enjoy this.

Gunpowder Milkshake is the latest action film from our favourite Doctor Who companion Nebula who this time takes on the role of a professional Hitman… Hitwoman…Hitperson? Someone who kills people for money. Falling into the family business after her mother (Cersei Lannister) left she came up working for the firm on their business. Being very good at her job meant she was afforded a little leeway when it came to doing things her own way but she finds herself out of rope when she signs up for a simple retrieval job that ends up being mixed up with a kidnapping.

That is the short of it but what we have left out is that this is more like if Amy Pond wasn’t visited by the Doctor but instead adopted by John Wick. Working for a large shadowy organisation that instead of having The Continental as an asset replaced it with 50’s diners and libraries full of hollowed out books.

Basically what we are saying is if John Wick was Batman then Ruby Roundhouse would be Nightwing – basically everything cool about Batman but much more fun to be. The result is a fairly brutal action romp with escalating violence which goes from a small bowling alley brawl to exploding someone’s head with a ceramic tooth. But all definitely done in a fun way and without having to have anyone kill anyone’s dog as motivation. Gunpowder Milkshake is all about the action but still definitely carrying a level of bloodlust about it, this is not a marvel movie but it is still a lot of fun.

So should you go see it? Yes. Or to put it another way as we have already made the obvious John Wick comparison – if you could imagine a spot that is halfway between a John Wick movie and a Marvel movie Gunpowder Milkshake would be the result. Kinetic action, creative murder weapons and just everything pushing ahead for the entire runtime makes this a film about the most entertaining violent hitman (person) you will root for this year.

Gunpowder Milkshake hits cinemas across Australia from today

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