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Look, we have to admit that movies based on board games have not exactly turned out for the best with films like Battleship, while video game adaptations have taken a while to get from Bob Hoskins’ Super Mario Bros to Ryan Reynolds’ Detective Pikachu. So with the Ubisoft made new film Werewolves Within being a video game based on a table top game just recently releasing in cinemas are we on the verge of a new genre to adapt?

 For anyone not familiar Werewolves Within is a 2016 Ubisoft game which follows the vein of social deception social like Secret Hitler where each player is given a secret and it is up to the others to determine what that is. The most popular version of this in the last year has been by far Among Us which follows the same idea but being based roughly on John Carpenters The Thing where you are in a research facility but one person is an imposter and killing the others. The point here is, this is a genre with a lot of previous mileage.

In the new film adaption we see a new town Park Ranger (Finn) coming to the town of Bevertfield. The small town is in a pretty remote location so it only takes a small snowstorm and a power outage to effectively cut off the town from the outside world. Not exactly stuck there alone as Finn being new to town stays in the Bed and Breakfast Lodge and when the power goes out he finds himself in shared company of the town mechanics, reclusive millionaires, a gas pipeline lobbyist, an out of state environmentalist and the new town Mailman (Mailperson).

Side point here, if the Postal Service worker Cecily looks familiar it could be because you recognise her television work OR from when she was announced as being cast in the MCU as Squirrel Girl before Disney+ came along and cancelled most of the Marvel TV universe.

Back to the film basically with the power out and tensions running high as the lodge owners husband is found dead it isn’t long before everyone is pointing fingers at everyone else. Basically imagine Clue but without Tim Curry and the killer might actually be a werewolf. Clue is a good comparison as while promoted as a horror comedy it’s probably less of a horror film than Army of Darkness is.

So should you go see it? This is tricky because of the current situation but if you are able to go to the cinemas safety and looking for something to watch this is a fun popcorn flick. Only being released in selected cinemas across the country does mean there is also limited opportunities to go see it so no one could fault you if you were going to wait to see this one when it hits streaming (which no doubt will not be long). While a gaming company between this, Mythic Quest and an upcoming The Division movie Ubisoft is definitely on their way to being an actual film studio with some wins under their belt.

Werewolves Within is in selected cinemas across Australia right now

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