This Week in Games: Jun 21 – 26


Sega Master System 2 classics, spiritual D&D successors, LEGO gaming and a round of golf with Mario is all on your calendar this week before you solve the biggest mystery on the high seas – where has the rum gone But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Starting your week on Tuesday is Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX. A semi-remastered edition of the original game that you got for free with a SEGA Master System 2 this new version is coming to Xboxes and Nintendo Switches on Tuesday and PlayStation on Friday.

Also coming on Tuesday is Dark Alliance the 3rd person Dungeons and Dragons action brawler. Out for PlayStation and Xbox on Tuesday with Steam coming Wednesday it is a single or multiplayer game that is the spiritual successor to Baldur’s Gate.

And one more for Tuesday on Switch but Wednesday for Steam is LEGO Builder’s Journey. Previously an Apple Arcade title this is basically a LEGO puzzle game. If low-fi beats for your puzzle solving is your thing (and you just love LEGO) this is just pretty to look at.

And rounding out the week we have one from the Nintendo Direct at E3 last week with Mario Golf Super Rush. It’s Mario Golf basically but with a few extra Nintendo’y game modes on top of the regular multiplayer or campaign modes.

Honourable Mention: And our honourable mention this week goes to the pirate life for me…. with Sea of Thieves getting the crossover it was always met to get – Pirates of the Caribbean. Coming to Sea of Thieves players in the form of a new season content this Tuesday, A Pirate’s Life does a little more than add Pirates of the Caribbean flavoured content with Captain Jack and a lot more of the characters from the Black Pearl heading into it’s waters. Sea of Thieves is free as part of Xbox Game Pass so definitely worth checking out if you have it.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Detective Story: Reporter (Steam)
Combined Arms Operations Series (Steam)
Fugitive 3D (Steam VR)
Chess Valley 2 (Steam)
Isekai Eternal (Steam)
Breath of Spirits (Steam VR)
Oceanarium (Steam)
Gray Death (Steam)
ppL: The Animated Adventures (Steam)

Dark Alliance (PS/XB)
Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX (XB/Switch)
Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – The Official Video Game (PS/XB/Switch/Steam)
Neptunia ReVerse (PS)
LEGO Builder’s Journey (Switch)
Super Magbot (Switch)
The Legends in Kylamar (Steam)
Word Escape (Steam)
Dr. Byte (Steam)
Selection Process (Steam)
Anagraphs: An Anagram Game With a Twist (Steam)
Distant dials (Steam)
SpellHunter (Steam)
Marionette lab (Steam)
Huntfeast (Steam)
Love in Belarus (Steam)
Mouse Hunter (Steam)
The Little Tank Hunter (Steam)
Antiprism (Steam VR)
Snowboarding (Steam)
Ghost of the Seas (Steam)
Fastlane Bowling (Steam)
Dire Wolf Game Room (Steam)
Lovely Kitchen (Steam)
Dungless (Steam)
Flying Corps (Steam)
猜拳为尊 (Steam)
Fate of WINDSHIFT (Steam)
Down2Die (Steam)

Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life (XB)
Bitmaster (XB/Switch)
Worms Rumble (Switch)
Ninja Buddy Epic Quest (Switch)
Endless Love (Steam)
Exodus Borealis (Steam)
Mystery of Camp Enigma 2: Point & Click Puzzle Adventure (Steam)
Deep Lake: Prologue (Steam)
Links E6 (Steam)
Super Magbot (Steam)
Stranded Sails – Prologue (Steam)
LEGO® Builder’s Journey (Steam)
Phantom Abyss (Steam)
Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance (Steam)
My Business (Steam)
Hoples (Steam)
Gopnik (Steam)
Slobbish Dragon Princess LOVE + PLUS (Steam)
Sentry:Obelisk Of Dawn (Steam VR)
The Last Yandere: Cursed Dark (Steam)
少女首領の推理領域 -黄金島の密約- (Steam)
Card Tower Defence (Steam)
KUUKIYOMI 3: Consider It More and More!! – Father to Son (Steam)
Soulfire : Weapon Master (Steam)
Army of Numbers (Steam)
Zolaris (Steam)
Crazy Foods (Steam)
Spirit Bounce (Steam)
Rail Route (Steam)
Robobo TM (Steam)
Quasar (Steam)

Legend of Mana (PS/Switch)
The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet Of Chaos (XB/Switch)
Farm for your Life (XB/Switch)
Ghostrunner (Switch)
CarX Drift: Racing Online (Switch)
Cube Blast: Match (Switch)
Super Cable Boy (Switch)
Empire of Angels IV (Switch)
Summer Paws (Switch)
Sakura Succubus 3 (Switch)
Kirakira stars idol project Nagisa (Switch)
BeeFense BeeMastered (Switch)
Cyber Hook (Switch)
Cyberwinter (Steam)
Jump/Die/Live (Steam)
VALAKAS: Immortal (Steam)
DEFLECTION (Prologue) (Steam)
Ultima World (Steam)
Offroad Truck Racing (Steam)
Street Racing: United (Steam)
Genry’s parables: Scientist Story (Steam)
Thrice in a row: A new adventure (Steam)
Quarry Simulator 2020 (Steam)
The Wind: A Story of Surrender (Steam)
Wind Wind (Steam VR)
TAISHO x ALICE epilogue (Steam)
Real Farm – Gold Edition (Steam)
Monstrous Lovers (Steam)
Mr Zig (Steam)
Cantaloper (Steam)
Sisters of Silent Liberty (Steam)
Quiet Valley 2 (Steam)
CONET|コネット (Steam)
The Lost Robot – Jigsaw Puzzle Stories (Steam)
Gravitaze: Two (Steam)

Mighty Aphid (XB)
Mario Golf Super Rush (Switch)
Alex Kidd in Miracle World DX (PS)
Tonk Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 (Switch)
Sweet Sugar Candy (Switch)
Promesa (Switch)
#1 Cross Words Bundle (Switch)
Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek (Switch)
Loopindex (Switch)
Necronomistore: Before Black Friday (Steam)
Necronomistore: Black Friday – Season One (Steam)
Rise of Humanity: Prologue (Steam)
Dress-up Pups (Steam)
Legend of Mana (Steam)
Snake Deluxe (Steam)
Kitty Chase (Steam)
Martin Goes on the Attack (Steam)
Unreal Golf (Steam)
Artemishea (Steam)
Was It Worth It? (Steam)
创世封神 (Steam)
VR Future Wars: Aircraft Carrier-UAV Confrontation (Steam VR)
Tin Tandem (Steam)
Octarina (Steam)
春と修羅|Haru to Shura (Steam)
7th Chance (Steam)
Mousey Mick (Steam)
Devileader (Steam)
BattleDead (Steam)
Higher Critters – 1v4 (Steam)
Code Correction (Steam)
Kingdom Workshop (Steam)
Roguely (Steam)
Upaon: A Snake’s Journey (Steam)
Endocrisis (Steam)
Super Squad (Steam)
Infinity Valley (Steam)
Sentenced VR (Steam VR)

Bocce (Switch)
Seek Wife (Steam)
Rumble Runners (Steam)
Sun Haven (Steam)
Gallantry (Steam)
Skyward Descent (Steam)
Ethernal War (Steam)
Zombie Apocalypse 2021 (Steam)
Candy land (Steam)
Plokoth (Steam)
Panic Mode (Steam)
Bro Falls: Ultimate Showdown (Steam)
Ghost Hunters Corp (Steam)
Rise of Mavros (Steam)
Recall (Steam)
Undead & Beyond (Steam)
Shopping Mahjong connect (Steam)
Infected City (Steam)
Baseball Adventure (Steam)
Last Message (Steam)
汉室雄风 (Steam)
Coalhero (Steam)
Inflatable doll (Steam)
Eiyu*Senki Gold – A New Conquest (Steam)
Spiral to Despair (Steam)