E3 2021: Square Enix Recap


Following the lengthy Xbox presentation in the early hours of a Monday morning for E3 2021 we also got the Square Enix press conference. While not quite as long as the Microsoft one (that may be the longest for this year excluding ones with pre and post shows) the Square Enix one was much shorter coming in at only 45 minutes.

Presented as an online format that Square Enix already use had we guessed the first game to be shown correctly we truly expect the TVA would have taken us away for diverging from the sacred timeline because first up was Guardians of the Galaxy.

Definitely borrowing heavily from the engine running Marvels Avengers also by Square Enix, from the gameplay this one is more like an action story based title setting it apart from the Telltale games adaptions (but still keeping the decision based story narrative) with you play as Star Lord among the MCU Guardians lineup.

We won’t have to wait long to play it either with an October 26th release date with a deep dive also showing off how the game was developed in conjunction with Marvel. But the addition of tunes as a powerup is definitely something we are all for.

Following Guardians we got a couple of titles that are going the remastered route with Final Fantasy 1-6 as Pixel editions for Steam and Mobile and Legends of Mana which is also getting a remaster for Switch, PS4 and Steam.

Marvels Avengers was of course shown during the showcase with the already announced Black Panther expansion. Marvel Avengers is intended to be a multi-year DLC driven title with Spider-Man already announced as a PlayStation exclusive it looks like Wakanda will be coming before Spidey for anyone who already owns the game. The new expansion adds new locations to the game much like the Hawkeye expansion added the future wastelands

Next was Square Enix’s mobile game plans with Hitman, NieR and multiple Final Fantasy Games all heading to mobile devices in quick succession.

Back to non-mobile games was Square Enix newest major title – Babylon’s Fall. A team based hack and slash with a mixture of swordplay and magic with you as defender of the realm. The trailer and a developer interview was also shown with a longer interview available on the Square Enix YouTube channel (which we have put instead below).

And almost at the end we got Life is Strange getting a remastered collection treatment and the next chapter past that with Life is Strange: True Colors.

And lastly we are back with more Final Fantasy by Team Ninja through Strangers of Paradeise: Final Fantasy Origin. Heading to all major platforms in 2022 a trial version of the game so far will be available on PS5 until June 24th.

And that is it! Much like Nintendo, Square Enix has been putting out announcements more regularly so outside of a few surprises this time around we shouldn’t need to wait until next E3 for more on any of the games shown today.

There are still a few E3 press conferences to go which you can watch live or if you prefer come back here for our recaps.