This Week in Games: Jun 7 – 12


It’s the week going into what would be E3 but there are still a few titles we know of coming out this week with no doubt a lot more surprises on the way. What games are guaranteed? Raccoons and Lombaxes, Game Makers and Animal Rescues come to mind. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Beginning your week with a little noire for your PC is Backbone, the dystopian adventure where you are a raccoon private eye. More the rocket side than the adorable trash panda sort set in an alternative version of Vancouver. Uncover clues, solve puzzles, all that detective stuff is what this holds for you on Tuesday via Steam.

Fast forwarding to Friday is the big title for this week (that we know of) with Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart for the PlayStation 5. This is a pretty big one and the reason a lot of people were holding out for PlayStation 5’s with Ratchet and Clank pretty much defining a lot of what to expect in the PS3 and PS4 era, so we are looking to them again. Picking up roughly from the back of the Future Saga it wont matter if you have played all the titles, just ran through the PS4 remake or are complete new – if you are a fan of weird guns that fire disco balls and make enemies dance this is the platformer for you.

Can’t find games that deliver what you want? Maybe you have stretched Super Mario Maker to it’s limits? The next stage of your game building career is here with Game Builder Garage for the Nintendo Switch. Using a drop and drag interface (that scratch builders may be familiar with) Game Builder lets you do just that with Nintendo assets and Switch compatibility. Think of it as the Nintendo version of Little Big Planet or Dreams. It is also dropping on Friday.

Honourable Mention: And our honourable mention this week goes to a chill game by the name of Alboa: A Wildlife Adventure. The premise is simple, you are on an island adventuring around discovering and taking pictures of animals but also occasionally saving one. Why does this rate an honourable mention this week? Because it comes from the same studio as behind Monument Valley. It will be dropping for your Xbox and Switch this Thursday.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Hot Summer (Steam)
ChicScape (Steam)
Universe For Sale – Prologue (Steam)
Need For Conquest (Steam)
Spellthief Erinn (Steam)
Black Mansion (Steam)

Chivalry II (XB/PS)
Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood (PS/XB)
Descenders (XB)
Red Ball Escape (Switch)
Willy Morgan and the Curse of Bone Town (Switch)
Bring Hone Home (Switch)
Build Em’ Faster (Steam)
Blade Assault (Steam)
Open World Foreva (Steam)
Antonball Deluxe Lite (Steam)
Best Day Ever (Steam)
Hunger in Paradise (Steam)
Scraftion (Steam)
Blue Rabbit (Steam)
Jigsaw Puzzle VR (Steam VR)
Mad Mustache (Steam)
Dangerous Planet (Steam)
Last Boss -9×9 Action Battle- (Steam)
Would you like to run an idol café? (Steam)
The Indestructible Moxy Boxy (Steam)
Universe Generator: The Golden Sword (Steam)
Slime Labs (Steam)
Backbone (Steam)
GeometryBricks (Steam)
Fuzz Dungeon (Steam)

Genshin Impact (Epic Store)
The Pirate King (Steam)
Freddy Frog (Steam)
Automatrons (Steam)
DEMIGOD™ NFT Gallery (Steam)
Car Mechanic Simulator VR (Steam VR)
Outpost Engineer (Steam)
Clessidra (Steam)
Snake Man’s Adventure (Steam)
Fast Food Mania 3D (Steam)
Big Bang West (Steam)
Infinite Brick Breaker (Steam)
Remains (Steam)
Deepest Sword (Steam)
Tybot Invasion: The Typing Runner (Steam)
Farmer’s Life (Steam)
The Corruption Within (Steam)
Hell Architect: Prologue (Steam)
Quickly, Quackley! (Steam)

Final Fantasy VIII Remake Intergrade (PS)
Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection (PS)
Alba: A Wildlife Adventure (XB/Switch)
Green Hell (XB)
Later Daters (XB)
Paradox Error (XB)
Ninja GAIDEN: Master Collection (Switch)
Piczle Cells (Switch)
Kirakira stars idol project Ai (Switch)
Haunted Dawn: The Zombie Apocalypse (Switch)
Life of Fly 2 (Switch)
ANIMUS: Revenant (Switch)
Pix Jungle Adventure (Switch)
Sable’s Grimoire (Switch)
Chicory: A Colorful Tale (Steam)
Axiom Alternative II (Steam)
VR Plant Journey (Steam)
vi.dange (Steam)
Destinies (Steam)
Orc Scrolls (Steam)
Beat Boy (Steam)
No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle (Steam)
No More Heroes (Steam)
Broken Robot (Steam)
Super Gobang (Steam)
[NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection] NINJA GAIDEN Σ (Steam)
[NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection] NINJA GAIDEN Σ2 (Steam)
[NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection] NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor’s Edge (Steam)
Herman Electro (Steam)
Spare Parts: Episode 2 (Steam)
审判者 高清重制全章节版 (Steam)
Mercenaries Blaze (Steam)
StarScraper (Steam)
Totally Normal Journey: The Interactive Musical (Steam)
Red Algorithm (Steam)
Class of ’09 (Steam)
Eruption爆发 (Steam)
One Hand Clapping (Steam)
A Rogue Escape (Steam VR)
Chicory: A Colorful Tale (Steam)

Spirit Lucky’s Big Adventure (Switch)
Guilty Gear – Strive (PS)
Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart (PS)
Game Builder Garage (Switch)
Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection (XB)
Wave Break (Switch)
Super Soccer America vs Europe (Switch)
Sun Wukong vs Robot (Switch)
Inexistence Rebirth (Switch)
League of Champions Soccer (Switch)
Warlike (Steam)
Forgotten Hill First Steps (Steam)
RECONNECT – The Heart of Darkness (Steam)
Women’s Quiz (Steam)
Open Country (Steam)
Z Arena (Steam)
Husky’s Adventures (Steam)
Unicorn and Sweets 2 (Steam)
POG 3 (Steam)
Exotic Cars VI (Steam)
Livestream: Escape from Hotel Izanami (Steam)
Space Warfare (Steam)
The Drained Goddess (Steam)
Life of Fly 2 (Steam)
Blood Drop (Steam)
Expert on Domestication (Steam)
Play a ball (Steam)
Soaring Machinariae (Steam)
记得我 (Steam)
Slime’s Revenge (Steam)
E.X.P.L.O.R.™: A New World (Steam)
Antstream Arcade (Steam)
Kinkoi: Golden Loveriche (Steam)
Dance with me (Steam VR)
Fractal Block World (Steam)
Jgsw (Steam)
Cat Slide Tiles (Steam)
Wave Break (Steam)
Countryballs: Modern Ballfare (Steam)

Farm Frenzy: Refreshed (XB)
Let’s Cook Together (XB)
Life of Fly 2 (XB)
The Solitaire Conspiracy (Switch)
Zombie Raid (Switch)
Struggle For Talyria (Steam)
Mochi Jump (Steam)
Race Project (Steam)
Wax Museum – Seek and Find – Mystery Hidden Object Adventure (Steam)
Parkalien: a ludo in the space (Steam)
Super Soccer Blast: America vs Europe (Steam)
Dice Knight: Mystery of the Moirai (Steam)
Life In Planet (Steam)
Untitled Marble Game (Steam)
Anime Sunset Ride (Steam)
魔法迷域 (Steam)
VR Another World (Steam VR)
Trap Adventure (Steam)
Japanese Puzzle (Steam)
Neko Beach (Steam)
Valley of No Roads (Steam)
Topper Carrier (Steam)
HopHeaders (Steam)
Space puzzle (Steam)
青之镇物语 (Steam)
流光記憶之灰 Grayscale Memories (Steam)
你的女朋友 (Steam)
末代侠客 (Steam)
Ballistic Machines (Steam)
Mad Wild Fairy Tale (Steam)
The Chatters Show (Steam)