Forget Far Cry 6, Far Cry VR lands at Zero Latency VR across Australia


Home VR can be a little hit and miss. While gear like the PSVR has gone a long way to making the experience more affordable for gamers the true top end systems are out of most peoples price point (and living room space). But from today it’s good news for fans of AAA gaming with Zero Latency introducing their latest title – Far Cry VR.

If you are a VR enthusiastic you might already know the pinnacle of VR gaming that is Zero Latency VR sites which are spread across Australia (the Brisbane site is currently moving locations, sorry). Globally based in Melbourne, Zero Latency is currently in 22 other countries around the world which use their own developed wearable hardware for use in in purpose built rooms + their own developed software. The result is VR experiences from puzzle solving to zombie wave shooters to team based shooters like Sol Raiders. But development between Ubisoft and Zero Latency has resulted in a new game being added to their growing library with Far Cry VR.

The game itself is an up to 8 player cooperative experience which is now available for booking at Zero Latency sites. Set on the small group of the Rook Islands (which you may remember from Far Cry 3) your mission is to do whatever it takes to get off the island but this being Far Cry you won’t exactly be building a boat.

You and your friends have been kidnapped and dropped on the island Vaas and his henchmen to hunt you for sport. Fortunately your Zero Latency rig isn’t exactly a headset and virtual screwdriver with you being able to take cover, move around the space and return fire using machine guns and crossbows from our brief look. For first timers the ZL rig is something we cannot recommend enough even if you wear glasses. The headset and backpack have excellent weight distribution and at the end it will feel more weird not to be carrying them and your blaster.

The title will offer a level of free roaming exploration but you are definitely there for a purpose and time is ticking with this title expected to take around 30 minutes to complete. You can expect a degree of walking, crouching and short sprints while in game as you will need to move to cover. The game can be completed with a single player but more is definitely recommended as it will be rather hard to complete any necessary puzzles while taking cover in a lookout.

You can checkout the full game trailer which will give you a lot of a feel for the degree of graphics fidelity but much like other Zero Latency titles we expect this will be one that you will be able to replay to hone your time and score against your friends.

Far Cry VR is available for booking at Zero Latency sites across Australia from right now for you and your squad.