Marvel Confirms Dates for (almost) the entirety of Phase 4


It might be May the 4th but overnight Marvel dropped the equivalent of stolen Death Star plans with a homage to all the Marvel movies followed by the in cinemas slate for the next 2 years. And it was a lot.

Starting off with a familiar speech by Stan Lee the first half of the drop focuses on what has just passed with Phase 3 and some familiar Phase 1 scene but its about midway when things really kick into high gear. Not only does it drop dates (and title cards) for every film for the next 2 years it also gives us some first looks including the first grab of Eternals which is heading to cinemas later this year.

We of course already know Black Widow is coming to cinemas on July 8th this year. After a full year delay due to the pandemic we have already seen a full trailer and received the news that it will be offered as premium access through Disney+ to watch at home. The success of Disney+ with Black Widow will no doubt answer the question if all the announced movies will also be offered in dual release.

Shang-Chi will of course follow Black Widow with the first trailer for that only releasing recently. With filming in Sydney already wrapped, barring any act of Thanos we expect this one in Australian Cinemas on September 2nd this year.

And now we get into the stuff we haven’t seen with the first look at the Marvel New Gods, The Eternals to appear in cinemas on November 5th, 2021 for the US and expected the day before for Australia. The grabs we saw don’t give too much about the film with a selection of shots of the already announced main cast. But if you are an Eternals fan you probably will get a lot of out the finer details.

Next up was Spider-Man: No Way Home which was the only Sony Marvel linked film in the run with Morbius (January 2022) and of course Venom 2: Electric Symbiote Boogaloo (later this year) being Marvel adjacent. No vision was shown for this but the expectation is Sony will announce a trailer soon. Or Tom Holland will just accidentally leak it during an interview. Spider-Man 3 was filming in the UK with a release date for Australia of the 26th of December but a release date of December 17th for the US might mean it is moving up for Australia.

Currently filming in the UK (but suspended right now due to COVID caseS) Doctor Strange 2 / Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is expected to directly follow the events of Wandavision with the main cast also including Wanda Maximoff who was (spoilers here, you can stop reading at any time if you aren’t caught up) reading the Darkhold in the end credits scene of the Disney+ series. Currently slated for March 25th, 2022 for the US we would expect to get it in Australia on March 24th.

Thor Love and Thunder as we know has been filming in Sydney over the last few weeks with Drax, Star Lord and Nebula famously being already spotted on set sporting some 80s hair metal like costume updates. Thor leaving with the Guardians at the end of End Game with Stormbreaker in hand with Mjolnir destroyed by Hela in Ragnarok will make it interesting for what we expect to be Lady Thor with Jane Foster from Jason Aarons epic run. Thor 4 is due for the US on May 6th, 2022 so again expect it in Australia the day before at this point.

And now a slightly unknown with the Black Panther sequel moving forward which has already had official confirmation that there will be no recasting of the main character. Wakanda Forever suggests a difference focus for the sequel which is what we actually expected from the Disney+ Wakanda series that had been announced previously but we wont know for sure until July 8th, 2022 (or July 7th).

Captain Marvel 2, currently now filming, has had a rename to The Marvels. With Ms Marvel Disney+ series have set pictures leak over the weekend and it already being confirmed that Kamal Khan will be in the Captain Marvel sequel the new title (with a Ms Marvel like S on the end) does show it will be more than just a cameo when it gets to cinemas on November 11, 2022 aka November 10th for Australia hopefully.

Almost to the end with Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania getting a date confirmation of February 17th, 2023 (for the US so Feb 16th for AU). Not much to say here except that we know that Kang the Conqueror has been cast with Lovecraft’s Jonathan Majors. Originally hoped for the next Avengers level threat we feel pretty safe saying he is not with Quantumania not getting to that coveted May/June release date.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 which is expected to be the final of the Guardian’s films will release on May 5th, 2023 which puts it 2 years from today if released on May 4th for Australia. Filming for this is expected to begin later this year as James Gunn is currently engaged on Suicide Squad for DC and some of the Guardians only just recently finishing on Love and Thunder. This one might break us.

And finally only a tease with Fantastic Four title card dropping at the end of the sequence. No date or words here but if we were to assume we would say that the Fantastic Four are intending to cap off the new Phase 4 in a spot normally reserved for Avengers films. We have 2 years to wait but with no new Avengers like projects yet announced we are expecting this one in June/July of 2023 right before the start of Phase 5.

Is that it? Well no because Loki, Hawkeye, What If, Ms Marvel, She-Hulk and Moon Knight which are all in production or completed for Disney+ exclusives. Another film – Blade was also not mentioned which leads us to believe it will be a Disney+ show also. With Quantum/Kang, Multiverses and Fantastic Four all mixed in the next phase we can only speculate that it will be more Multiverse and less Avengers for the next 2 years and then beyond that we have to wait.

You can watch the whole video below including the mini-teases for Eternals. But what are you hyped for? Is there an unannounced project or character in the mix that you think is missing? Where is the new Captain America and Bucky? What happened to the White Vision? Will Lockjaw get the redemption he deserves? Tell us in the comments down below.

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