Disney drop a tease first look at their first real retractable Lightsaber


There was no better day to reveal the long rumoured Lightsaber that Disney have been working on than May the 4th. The rumoured fully retractable glowing holy grail for anyone remotely into Star Wars has been teased for the last few months after word being spread that it had been shown off behind closed doors (well without video evidence at least). But today, it became real.

Still only a tease with absolutely no details to know about the device outside of, it exists, today we got our first video of the thing in action and 13 seconds is not nearly long enough. Long rumoured. With patent diagrams showing up online over the last few months the design of the lightsaber gave us some hints but still did not prepare us for how it frickin cool this looks when it actually works.

The already registered patent by Disney showed a fully contained handle with what seems to be a retractable line of LED rope that is able to eject from the handle. Similar to the types of LEDs that have been popular over the last few months online (especially TikTok) with neopixel lightsabers. Unlike the fixed blades with a protective sheath however we expect this one to be a little more fragile and definitely more for show than duelling (at this point).

Again, there is absolutely no word on price, availability, how many limbs you need to be cut off in the maintenance levels of cloud city to obtain one of these things but without question this will be at the top of everyone’s want list. And unfortunately for the moment it seems that we will be at arm’s length with the lightsaber being first announced as part of the Disney Parks YouTube channel and blog as part of the new Galactic Star Cruiser experience in the US. But still, it doesn’t stop you from having your mind blown.