Movie Review – Chaos Walking


With the last year delaying so many films and the floodgates now opening there is no shortage of movies heading to cinemas this year with some of them possibly slipping your radar or even being forgotten about all together. So with the latest film with an all-star cast of Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley that wrapped filming in 2017 coming to cinemas, is Chaos Walking worth the wait?

Chaos Walking is actually the adaption of Young Adult series by American-British novelist Patrick Ness who is also responsible for the book behind another film starring a Star Wars alum A Monster Calls. The YA series beginning with The Knife of Never Letting Go. Set on an Alien world colonised by Humans a small multigenerational 64 Year trip from Earth, the planet has a small quirk that the inner thoughts of males are projected visibly like illusions above their heads whereas female thoughts are not.

This is where we join the story as Peter Parker lives in a small town on this planet entirely comprised of Men. Made up of Farmers and Hunters led by Mayor and former Bond villain – Mads Mikkelsen. That is until the crash landing of Rey as part of the second colony following the first to the planet and the first female that Spidey has ever seen in his life.

The film actually adapts large portions of the series into a single self contained film (although you can see how this may have been stretched into multiple films) with Spidey and Rey coming off some pretty big films when it was being shot in 2017. And while you can see there is some pretty interesting elements of the story left to tell that are just teased like alien species of animals and a sentient population that the colony has clearly been at war with, this has been repackaged to be a single trip to this world.

While definitely in the realm of Young Adult drama/Sci-Fi the concept and illusion abilities of men’s thoughts aka Noise being shown out loud creates some pretty clever twists and more than a few comedic moments with Young Nathan Drake being completely full of nervous energy and having no filter on his thoughts for the most part. But to be clear, this is definitely a YA style film with more than a few moments for Tom Holland stans.

So should you go and see it? As mentioned there is some clever parts here and it is good to see actors you know outside the characters you know them from to make you want to see them in more roles. While not an epic on the scale of Star Wars or the Infinity Saga Chaos Walking is a pretty interesting self contained story that is the type of film you need to wet your palate for everything that was delayed but will be coming out this year. But if you just have a Tom Holland crush then it covers that too.

Chaos Walking is in cinemas across Australia right now