This Week in Games: Feb 22 – 27


Fight in Tight Spaces, Solve Mysteries, Vanquish Ghosts and Goblins in your underwear and Warzone hits Season Two is some of the gaming you have to do this week. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Starting the week with something big is the Season Two for the immensely popular Call of Duty Warzone. Timed with the update for Black Ops Cold War to add new maps, modes and most importantly weapons to the online shooter through the Season Two Battle Pass. This will be available for all eligible players on Thursday but PlayStation 4/5 owners will also be receiving some exclusive map content.

Take a little John Wix Hex and a little that scene in Captain America Winter Soldier where cap fights in an elevator and you get Fights in Tight Spaces. Releasing on Thursday for Steam this is a turn based combat simulator (which clearly takes a little inspiration from Superhot) has you planning out your moves as you are put in tight spaces and overwhelming odds.

And finishing off the week on Steam is the mystery puzzler Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery. It’s not often we see an Android or iOS game jump to Steam and other platforms but there is something about this styling that is satisfying to watch. Even if you don’t want to grab it on Steam on Friday you can always look it up on iOS or Android to take with you.


Honourable Mention: And our honourable mention this week goes to the Capcom reboot? reissue? for your Nintendo Switch – Ghost ‘N’ Goblins Resurrection. Revist the Knight who doesn’t wear anything under his armour, Arthur and his lance throwing ways for one of the original side scrolling platformers. Upscaled from it’s 8 bit arcade roots for the Nintendo Switch this update includes some new weapons to master. Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins Resurrection releases on the Nintendo Switch on Thursday.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Blobert (Steam)
Kosmonavtes: Academy Escape (Steam)
The Chaos Gene (Steam)
The Legend of Karl (Steam)
Realm Engine | Virtual Tabletop (Steam)
Oscillate (Steam)

Xbox Wireless Controller Pulse Red
Busters Quest (PS)
Rogue Heroes: Ruin of Tasos (Switch)
Persona 5 Strikers (Switch)
Taxi Chaos (Switch)
Johnny Bonasera (Switch)
Rocha´s Golem (Steam)
Watermelon Blocks (Steam)
Grappling Ball (Steam)
TOGUM (Steam)
HyperShot (Steam)
Soul Machine (Steam)
AnShi (Steam)
Escape Machine City: Airborne (Steam)
Z.O.M.B.I.E. (Steam)
Viking Story (Steam)
Nyako Restaurant (Steam)
轮回修仙决 (Steam)
Football Betting 足彩上岸记 (Steam)
Rings Of Dragon (Steam)
大头侏罗纪 (Steam)
QUICAL (Steam)
Incremental Epic Hero (Steam)
Dadish (Steam)
Escape The Ordinary: Tales of Romina Manor (Steam)
Metric Racer (Steam)

Active Neurons 3 – Wonders of the World (PS)
Curse of the Dead Gods (PS/XB/Switch)
Heavy Metal Machines (XB)
Killer Queen Black (XB)
Taxi Chaos (XB)
Retrace: Memories of Death (PS/Switch)
Push The Box 3D (Steam)
Black Baby (Steam)
Of Mice and Moggies (Steam)
Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos (Steam)
SAW HELL (Steam)
JEI VR (Steam VR)
Destroy It (Steam)
Snowboard (Steam)
Cybernetica: Final (Steam)
Domino killer (Steam)
Story of a tiny earth, the symbolic ages (Steam)
PewPew! (Steam)
Live Labyrinth (Steam)
权谋韬略 (Steam)
武侠传奇 (Steam)
Lycanthorn II – Rain of Beasts (Steam)
Bard Harder! (Steam)

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War / Call of Duty Warzone Season Two (PS/XB/PC)
Fallen Legion Revenants (PS)
Aery – A Journey Beyond Time (PS)
Turok (PS)
Yupiterguard (PSVR)
Active Neurons 3 – Wonders of the World (XB/Switch)
Horned Knight (XB)
Retrace: Memories of Death (XB)
Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Heart of the Forest (XB)
Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins Resurrection (Switch)
Steam Prison (Switch)
Under Leaves (Switch)
Legal Dungeon (Switch)
DOTORI (Switch)
Iota (Switch)
Castle Kong (Switch)
Clocker (Switch)
A Wake Inn (Steam VR)
Gun Duel (Steam)
Jetscout: Boot Camp (Steam)
The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki II KAI -The Erebonian Civil War- (Steam)
Fights in Tight Spaces (Steam)
Old School RuneScape (Steam)
Typed82 (Steam)
Build Em’ Faster (Steam)
Tested on Humans: Escape Room (Steam)
Cold Breath (Steam)
LightWave (Steam)
Jurassic Attack (Steam)
Gondola’s Adventure (Steam)
Black Cat (Steam)
Dangerous sea area (Steam)
Conspiracy Girls (Steam)
Farm Dungeons (Steam)
江湖余生 (Steam)
Doomsday Hero (Steam)
Finding Brenda – Episode 1 (Steam)
Sea of Blood (Steam)
Pixel Game Maker Series Remote Bomber (Steam)
Arcaxer (Steam VR)
Room to Grow (Steam)
Twin Stick Heroes (Steam)
Beyond The Waterfalls (Steam)
A Knight Never Yields (Steam)
Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 5 (Steam)
Collisus (Steam)
PaperCraft (Steam)
Vivian’s Kurse (Steam)
Naau: The Lost Eye (Steam VR)
The Lost Cube (Steam)

Thunderflash (PS)
Aery – A Journey Beyond Time (XB/Switch/Steam)
Linn: Path of Orchards (PS)
Spooky Chase (XB)
Tinker Racers (XB)
Bravely Default II (Switch)
Hellpoint (Switch)
Horned Knight (Switch)
Forward To The Sky (Switch)
Fallen Legion Revenants (Switch)
Lawnmower Game Racing (Switch)
Code: Realize “Wintertide Miracles” (Switch)
Demon’s Rise – Lords of Chaos (Switch)
Demon Hunter: Revelation (Switch)
The Lost Cube (Switch)
Codebreaker Puzzle 1000! ENG & JAN (Switch)
Blastful (Switch)
Monster Truck XT Airport Derby (Switch)
Voidigo (Steam)
Gaggle Brains! (Steam)
TAL: Arctic 4 (Steam)
Wigmund. The Return of the Hidden Knights (Steam)
The Chronicles of Hercules: The 12 Labours (Steam)
Jump/Die/Live (Steam)
Tiny Traffic (Steam)
The Architect: Paris (Steam)
Princess Daphne and the Orcs (Steam)
The Magnets (Steam)
Hadean Tactics (Steam)
New Witch in Town (Steam)
100 hidden snails 2 (Steam)
Portals World (Steam)
Boss of this gym (Steam)
Minesweeper Match (Steam)
Alone In a Dream (Steam)
Fantasy Adventure (Steam)
Waifu’s Spooky Space Station (Steam)
All-In-One Sports VR (Steam VR)
Counter Fight ICHIRAN (Steam VR)
~府城少女~ 以妳為名的府城情書 (Steam)
Dadish 2 (Steam)
Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery (Steam)
Plasma Attack (Steam)
Airstrife: Assault of the Aviators (Steam)
Re: LieF ~ Shin’ainaru Anata e~ (Steam)
The Golden Cross (Steam)
Warehouse Tycoon (Steam)
GunSoul Girl (Steam)
Hot Brass (Steam)
Playground VR (Steam VR)

Akuto: Showdown (XB)
Beyond Enemy Lines – Remastered Edition (XB)
Demon Hunter 3: Revelation (XB)
Dungeons & Bombs (XB/Switch)
Katana Kata (XB/Switch)
RetroMania Wrestling (XB)
The Lost Cube (XB)
Thunderflash (XB)
Baobabs Mausoleum Grindhouse Edition (Switch)
Dat Gaem (Switch)
Lotus Bloom (Steam)
Hero Among Us (Steam)
Horror Squad (Steam)
Retro Wars (Steam)
Horned Knight (Steam)
Animal Drop Safari (Steam)
NKCell (Steam VR)
Bunker Down (Steam)
STAY (Steam)
Oona the Druid’s Path (Steam)
Koi Farm (Steam)
Hack Grid (Steam)
North Modding Company: Bergsbruk (Steam)
Hyperventila (Steam)
KeepUp Survival (Steam)
Orb Overload (Steam)
The Lost Planet Zenox (Steam)
Romeo Must Live (Steam)
Мафия Онлайн: Дикий Запад (Steam)
Dr. oil (Steam)
Pandemic by Prisms (Steam VR)
Mirrored Pawns (Steam)
MyHouseMyRules (Steam)
Project Entertainment System (Steam)
Exist (Steam)
蘑菇的冒险 MoGu’s Adventure (Steam)
The Last Place (Steam)
Flipol (Steam)
The Lost Valley (Steam)
My Dear Frankenstein (Steam)
HANI (Steam)
The Caregiver | 終焉介護 (Steam)
EXOTIUM – Episode 9 (Steam)
SpaceNET (Steam)
Ascii the Brave Cat (Steam)
Minicraft Shooter (Steam)
Soulace (Steam VR)