How to Avoid WandaVision Spoilers


It’s becoming harder and harder to enjoy your favourite shows online lately. Sure, you want to watch when you want to watch but now you have the added problem of a tirade of sites and individuals clogging up your news feeds to be first posting about the big spoiler.

While we might be in a slightly better position here in Australia seeing how new episodes drop at 6pm AEST on a Friday, but if you don’t want to or can’t watch the minute it drops that doesn’t stop your Facebook, Twitter and TikTok spoiling it thanks to less than spoiler empathic individuals. From the Mandalorian Season Two ending to the most recent Wandavision – How can you avoid these spoilers so you can experience it for yourself first?

We have some ideas….

Plan A – Watch with Friends

Sure, this isn’t so helpful in terms of setting your own schedule but with some areas of the country still being under restrictions for gatherings you can make having friends over to watch the latest episode with you a thing again.

Just before Christmas Disney+ introduced their new GroupWatch feature on all shows and movies. Using this you can create a link to share with up to 6 friends (so 7 including yourself) to sync up watching the stream via their own Disney+ subscription, which is required for everyone to make this work.

Much like other watch together streaming tools, like Netflix Party for example, this is effectively like sharing your screen but with a few improvements. While you can pause the stream and it will pause for everyone else who is watching this can also be done via the Disney+ app that will give you or anyone else on the stream the ability to pause (so maybe pick your group carefully).

Also for anyone on the GroupWatch using the app they can use emojis to react to what is happening on screen which will then appear on your main screen if you are casting from your mobile device.

While this may not help you avoid spoilers it certainly will assist you in keeping a schedule with friends to watch the latest episode.

Plan B – Muting Social Media

This is a bit more tricky depending on the platforms you use and how often you use them. With some platforms like TikTok or Facebook will only afford you limited options on content blocking we will run through what you CAN do.

Facebook offers very little in the way of being able to proactively block content. While new options were added to ‘mute’ pages and individual for up to 30 days there are not really any options for straight up proactively setting keywords or content to avoid. If you liked a Wandavision meme last week it will most probably bring up a new one this week as soon as it is available regardless if you have watched the latest episode of not. Instagram has even less options than Facebook with only a straight up mute account being your only ally here. Your best options are avoid/block/unfollow anyone who you know routinely spoils things for you, consider it good for your mental health.

TikTok is a great source of bringing up new content which makes it the absolute worst source for spoiling the latest episode. Outside of muting accounts the only keyword filtering available to you is muting keywords to not appear in your video comments through your security settings.

Twitter might have the most options for you to moderate your content. While you can still mute and block accounts of course Twitter also supports the ability to mute words on your timeline. Via your Twitter app find your Settings and Privacy > Privacy and Safety > Muted Words and you will be able to add individual words to not appear in your timeline or notifications for a set amount of time or indefinitely.

If you decide to block “Wandavision” from your Twitter for 30 days that should carry you over to the end of the season.

And the last suggestions we can make to combat spoilers is Spoiler Protection 2.0. While this does sound super fancy it is only limited to Chrome Browsers as it is a extension you can install that will let you remove any trace of a particular show spoiler showing up in any website you visit through a web browser.

And for your mobile device there are a limited number of apps that function similar to Spoiler Protection 2.0 with one of the more popular ones being Spoilers Blocker for Android that can give you limited protection across other apps on your phone. Unfortunately for iOS users, Spoiler-Shield is no longer supported and other apps are limited to only Twitter similar to using keywords.

Plan C – Go Dark and Go Outside

Much like Captain Marko Ramius going deep and quiet could be the best option. While we love having your company to tell you about cool things happening in pop culture around Australia it’s much more important that you get to enjoy it. Spoilers are bad and sometimes you just have to avoid those who would ruin things for you.

There is a lot happening this year and you can always check out our ongoing and updated Geek Event Calendar to stay current with stuff to go and do but if you are in an area where you can safety leave your house maybe it’s a good time to check out some of the places on our Geek Directory (that you can also contribute to), from Retro Arcades to Barcades to VR and Comic Shops there are a ton of newly opened places around the country that are spoiler safe spaces that would really love to see you.

Got your own way to avoid spoilers that we missed? Drop them in the comments down below!

A New Episode of WandaVision drops on Disney+ every Friday night at 6pm until February 6th