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Look none of us expected the year to go the way it has, but on all things 2020 bingo we definitely did not expect to finish it off with Mel Gibson playing Santa who has a contract put out on him after one kid receives coal for Christmas. If that has your attention then let’s talk about Fatman.

Elephant in the room first, Riggs has not exactly been at the top of the call sheet for big screen movies for the last few years after some questionable statements made and caught on camera a few years back. While this may be a disappointment to hardcode Passions of the Christ fans the net result has been some Nick Cage level fantastic cult films that might otherwise had a more direct to video level of release like The Beaver or the upcoming Groundhog Day’esque Boss Level.

 So what is the Fatman? Just go with us here and trust us we are not making this up it is a real movie. Fatman puts Mel Gibson in the coat of Santa Claus in the modern age, subsidized by the government and operating in a classified location near the Alaskan/Canadian border. Providing a boom to the economy every year Santa still delivers handmade gifts every year but with the world getting a little harsher he also delivers more than a little coal too. With the presents to coal ratio dwindling Santa’s subsidies has also been dropping which forces him to reluctantly accept a tender from the US Military. MEANWHILE one coal recipient is less than thrilled with this years Christmas takes out a contract on Santa’s head.

While there is a lot of ways this could go this is not a Buddy Elf/Jingle All the Way level of Christmas movie it is most certainly set in the real world… just a world where Santa has been around for over a century, is super strong, knows everyone by name and remembers everything about them on sight and occasionally takes a gunshot while delivering presents. This film definitely has a little bit of grit to it putting it somewhere between Fargo and Miracle on 34th Street.

Adding to the grittiness is definitely a well chosen Hitman with Walter Goggins of Justified fame as he murders his way across the postal service tracking down the Fatman after getting a contract. Not really an all out action film but rather building up to the showdown at the end this definitely has the most headshots for any Christmas movie we have seen (although Die Hard is still king here).

So should you go see it? Look it’s not easy for everyone to get to the movies this year but also Christmas has really just snuck up with not a lot of warning. If you are in the mood for an outing and enjoying the aircon than Fatman is possibly the most 2020 of Christmas movies ever created. Not really strongly in a set genre if you are a fan of Coen style films then this is a great film to start the holiday season with.

Fatman is in cinemas across Australia right now

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