This Week in Games: Nov 16 – 21


It’s been a big 2 weeks in gaming so you might just need some chill games to play on the go, from Mars to Hyrule there is still a stack of gaming goodness out this week. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Start your Wednesday by getting your ass to Mars but without having to wipe your memory with Mars Horizon out for Steam, Xbox and the Switch. If you are familiar with Kerbal Space Program you will have no problems picking this up as you design and build rockets to take you from mission control to the red planet in this space agency simulator lets you start from the beginning of the space race.

Just finished binging the Queen’s Gambit and looking to up your chess game? You might be looking for Brawl Chess out on the Switch this Thursday with Xbox on Saturday. Taking a little inspiration from Battle Chess this more cartoonish version lets you see 1:1 battles between robots and fairies but with enough difficulty levels to go from learner to chess veterans.

This Friday make your return to Hyrule in a time way before the Legend of Zelda with Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. Wii-U gamers probably are familiar with with the time of the Four Champions and the King of Hyrule but for everyone else there is also a demo out for the game for your Switch on the same day.

Honourable Mention: And our honourable mention this week goes to something special for anyone who was unable to get a next gen console last week but is in a brewster’s millions style situation and needs to spend the cash fast. This Friday from EB Games you can order a complete Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade Machine. No single or twin stick here, this is a full 4 player setup in the style of the original arcade and preloaded with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade and Turtles in Time in a 60cm high reproduction cabinet.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Aurora: A Child’s Journey (Steam)
Soccerlypse (Steam)
100 hidden birds (Steam)
Flippen Run Mike (Steam)
Dark Side of War (Steam)
乱世奇谋Stratagem in troubled times (Steam)
Pocket Penguin ( ポケットペンギン): A Game Boy Style Adventure (Steam)
Honkstory 2: There was No 1 (Steam)
SETVR (Steam)
Wait! Where’s My Lunch (Steam)
S H R i M P (Steam)

Fortnite: The Last Laugh Bundle (PS/Switch/XB)
Farming Simulator 19: Premium Edition (PS/XB/PC Retail)
Forgotten Soundscape (Steam)
AlienDuel Elements (Steam)
Space Hole 2020 (Steam)
Archeologist Simulator (Steam)
Rule No. 1 (Steam)
Dorian Morris Adventure (Steam)
Castle Grimholt (Steam)
Our Life: Beginnings & Always (Steam)
Just Old (Steam)
Aurora (Steam)
Cinema Simulator (Steam)
The Last Wulin (Steam)
Be : Twin (Steam)
Untitled Space Game (Steam)
STARLITE: Defender of Justice (Steam)
Firefighting Simulator – The Squad (Steam)
Crypterion (Steam)
The Debug™ (Steam)
Corridor: Amount of Fear (Steam)
Ghostship Chronicles (Steam)
The Perplexing Orb 2 (Steam)

Five Dates (XB/Steam/Switch)
Halo MCC: Halo 4 (Game Pass PC)
Mars Horizon (XB/Steam/Switch)
Who Wants to be a Millionaire (XB)
Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate (PS/XB)
Sniper Elite 4 (Switch)
Pure Pool (Switch)
Serious Sam Collection (Switch)
ICBM (Steam)
The Haunting (Steam)
DruMidia (Steam VR)
Super Ultimatum Quiz (Steam)
Bee Simulator (Steam)
Erazer – Devise & Destroy (Steam)
Tarzan VR™ Issue #1 – “The Great Ape” (Steam VR)
Elite Commander (Steam)
Gunnhildr (Steam)
Zball V (Steam)
Dubbing Time (Steam)
Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered (Steam)
Mr. Parkour 3 (Steam)
Game Dev Company (Steam)
Spaceslingers (Steam)
Goop Loop (Steam)
ReRoad (Steam)
Book of Beasts — The Collectible Card Game CCG (Steam)
StarPrey (Steam)
The Lost Shrine – Escape Room (Steam VR)
Who is the Liar? (Steam)

The Four Kings Casino and Slots (XB)
Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin (PS)
Devil May Cry V Special Edition (PS/XB)
The Falconeer Day One Edition (XB)
Art Sqool (Switch)
Brawl Chess (Switch)
Monster Truck Championship (Switch)
Cake Bash (Switch)
Eldrador Creatures (Switch)
Karma Knight (Switch)
The Casino (Switch)
Dreamo (Switch)
Nexoria: Dungeon Rogue Heroes (Switch)
Outbreak (Switch)
Soliterix (Steam)
Battle Bugs (Steam)
Jumpman (Steam)
GALSAD – Galactic Salvage and Disposal (Steam)
Daikaiju Daikessen: Versus (Steam)
White Dandelion (Steam)
Just Take Your Left (Steam)
12 Labours of Hercules XI: Painted Adventure (Steam)
Brain Break (Steam)
Synthetic Hazard (Steam)
SMIB: Mission Cure (Steam)
Hyforge (Steam)
Diorama Builder (Steam)
Space Squadron (Steam)
Realpolitiks II (Steam)
Caapora Adventure – Ojibe’s Revenge (Steam)
Divine Stone (Steam)
Gael’s Quest (Steam)
Alice in Wonderland – a jigsaw puzzle tale (Steam)
Ancient Warriors Casino Jackpot (Steam)
Bloody Sand : The Gods Of Assyria
Raidfield 2 (Steam)
Twisted: A Dark Fairytale (Steam)
Silicon Valley Investor (Steam)
狂潮-Staggering Through The Dark (Steam)
DEUS EX MACHINA: Episode 1 (Steam VR)
Metal Banana (Steam)
Lynium (Steam)
Super Buckyball Tournament Preseason (Steam)
Poker Club (Steam)

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead (XB)
Kid Tripp (XB)
Poker Club (XB)
Star Renegades (XB)
Hyrule Warrior: Age of Calamity (Switch)
30 in 1 Game Collection Vol 1 (Switch)
Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin (Switch)
Fall Gummies (Switch)
TMNT – Retro Arcade 1UP with Riser 4 Players
Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead (Steam/Switch)
WARTILE (Switch)
Educational Games for Kids (Switch)
Azurebreak Heroes (Switch)
Ramp Car Jumping (Switch)
S.N.I.P.E.R. – Hunter Scope (Switch)
Fear in The Modern House – CH2 (Steam)
Verse Surf (Steam)
Vectro Blast (Steam)
Jewel Match Solitaire Collector’s Edition (Steam)
Knight Of The Parking Lot (Steam)
Shuttle Commander (Steam VR)
Burst Planet (Steam)
Eldrador® Creatures (Steam)
Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2021 (Steam)
Anime Artist 3: Harem (Steam)
80’s OVERDRIVE (Steam)
Dieselpunk Wars (Steam)
Azurebreak Heroes (Steam)
Puzzle Bowling (Steam)
Tukoni (Steam)
Office Simulator (Steam)
Zball VI (Steam)
Hero Puzzle (Steam)
Freelance Trucker: Insurance Fraud Edition (Steam)
Odd Adventure of Chub, Color, 23 and You (Steam)
Impostor Inside Us (Steam)
Bomberman (Steam)
Ignatius (Steam)
Dwarves & Dungeons (Steam)
Candy Bear 2 (Steam)
Ruvato: Original Complex (Steam)
Fallstreak: Requiem for my Homeland (Steam)
Pixel Puzzles 4k: Japan (Steam)
Beat Bolt City (Steam VR)
LUNA (Steam)
Charge! (Steam)
Line Simulator (Steam)
BOOM Bound (Steam)
Toast Defense (Steam)
XOB (Steam)
Pombero – The Lord of the Night (Steam)
Feeling Square? (Steam)
Hero Tower (Steam)
Savage Tower Defense (Steam)
ALLBLACK Phase 1 (Steam)
Super Cable Boy (Steam)

Brawl Chess (XB)
Cave Digger (XB)
Katamari Damacy Reroll (XB)
Micetopia (XB/Switch)
Captain Sabertooth and the Magic Diamond (Switch)
BloodRayne: Terminal Cut (Steam)
BloodRayne 2: Terminal Cut (Steam)
Melvor Idle (Steam)
К.О.Р.О.В.А.Н.Ы (Steam)
Vector Prospector (Steam)
Did You Hear That? (Steam)
jetPIN (Steam)
Syzygy (Steam)
Apotheker (Steam)
Alchemy Absorption: Melody (Steam)
Dots! (Steam)
Ascent (Steam)
Kilta (Steam)
Metal Commando (Steam)
Climb the Tower (Steam)
Sword of Destiny (Steam)
Project Summit (Steam)
Arthur’s Revenge (Steam)
The Skylia Prophecy (Steam)
Inland (Steam)
Swing Lord (Steam)
Touhou Block Fall ~ Yukari (Steam)
Eggs Catcher VR (Steam VR)
Safe Squares (Steam)
Panic Attack (Steam)
Infected Prison (Steam VR)
Dual Guns Fantasy (Steam VR)
Big Cat Rescue VR (Steam VR)
Big Mushroom RPG (Steam)
Epidemic (Steam)
The Ghost (Steam)
TWWWR (Steam)