DC Fandome 2020 Recap


With SDCC being called off this year and opting for the online [email protected] DC Comics took the opportunity to have their own 24 Hour DC Fandome Event.

The event took the form of a series of online streams with the main 8 hour stream set in the Hall of Heroes covering the major announcements for Film, TV and Gaming. The event which is still going on right now also has a number of spin off panels that you can only catch today and tomorrow (thanks to our time difference and the event starting in the very early hours).

Don’t have 8 hours to spare or maybe caught this too late? Don’t worry we got your recap right here for all the major announcements.


  • It went without saying that Wonder Woman had a heavy presence during the online event with the entire cast appearing to talk about the film and even later again to play a quick game of the RPG Werewolf. With the movie having already been delayed due to world events the group did not come empty handed with a new WW84 trailer with a date for Australia of October 1
  • In the worst kept secret in comic movies is the official announcement of The Rock as Black Adam with the new Black Adam/Shazam Spin-Off being announced with a concept art filled trailer and Dwayne Johnson voiceover
  • Also in Shazam news was the announcement of the Shazam sequel title – Shazam: Fury of the Gods. No date was given but this is expected to be a 2022 release
  • Aquaman 2 was confirmed again with James Wan returning
  • The upcoming Flash movie also had a brief panel after the news leaked on Friday that Batfleck will be returning along with Michael Keaton for the new Flash movie to be Flashpoint with time travel themes. Expect this to change the main DCEU. We did get a little concept art too with Ezra Miller’s Flash in a new suit that is more current comic inspired next to Keaton’s Batman
  • More in movie than TV although heading to HBO Max (and probably Foxtel for Australia) is the trailer for the Snyder Cut of Justice League. For those who don’t know Zack Snyder originally shot 90% of the film but due to a family tragedy stepped down with Joss Whedon stepping in that gave us the CGI-Mustache Superman. The trailer definitely shows more of Snyder’s cinematography and a little more backstory for Cyborg and Flash
  • James Gunn’s Suicide Squad panel gave us our first look at the new film with what we would call more a BTS featurette than a trailer with the film but definitely giving a feel for what we can look forward to and how different it will be from the first film on top of James Gunn talking about a lot of love for the Suicide Squad in the comics

    The big item from the Suicide Squad panel was the announcement of every character being played by the long announced cast. From John Cena to Nathan Fillion we got a rapid succession of the B-List and even C-Lister DC villians with a few to look forward to, even if we feel that Peter Capaldi should be playing the Clock King

  • Closing out the DC Fandome event was the trailer a lot have been waiting for – The Batman. More than a teaser with some pretty deep looks into the film which is currently paused for shooting to continue to finish the film. The big takeaway from this panel and announcement was that The Batman will take place in it’s own universe separate to the likes of the Aquaman/Wonder Woman DCEU which will open it up to be further developed on it’s own but not as an Elseworlds film that DC are open to developing more of when good projects present themselves


  • Comics were represented at the event but it was without question the lesser with a lot of comic news already represented as part of SDCC (or you can check our [email protected] recap). During the 8 hour event however we got Neil Gaiman and G. Willow Wilson spoke about the history of Sandman tracing it through comics, audiobooks and up to current
  • Also in comics and perhaps a major announcement in itself you may miss is the return of the Milestone Comics Imprint (home of Static Shock and Icon & Rocket) with a new digital Static Shock series in 2021 along with remasters of a lot of the older Milestone series such as Icon & Rocket. A Milestone Zero sampler will be released for free on September 12th so keep an eye on your digital comic distribution platforms for that


  • Just as a throwaway Neil Gaiman was asked about the Sandman Netflix series and where that is currently due to COVID-19 and he did reveal that it is still going ahead with casting starting shortly with an extra bit of info that the main story of the Netflix series will be set in the present day
  • With COVID-19 cutting the current season of the Flash short we got a brief trailer for next season that no doubt heavily included scenes shot for episodes originally intended for the current season but will now be part of Season

  • Titans TV was confirmed for another season with Red Hood and Barbara Gordon teased


  • AAA Gaming was definitely in the house for the first announcement with the next game in the Arkham series coming from WB Montreal studios. The studio who took the reigns for Arkham Knight which saw *spoiler sorry* death of Batman continues in Gotham City with Batgirl, Robin, Red Hood and Robin with a big reveal of a major new-52 Bat-villian group at the end of the trailer.

    With a lot of gameplay that reminded us of the Arkham Knight (Batgirl having a Motorbike that seemed to drive around the city like the Batmobile) the big takeaways are the Single or Two-Player Coop that will let you play as any of the 4 main characters

    The game is set for release in 2021.

  • Not the only game being announced during the Fandome with Rocksteady Games who were responsible for the first 2 games in the Arkham series have returned to DC for their new title – Suicide Squad.

    Also in the same vein as Gotham Knights with multiplayer being key to gameplay Suicide Squad supports single and multiplayer mode with the player being able to choose from Harley Quinn, Deadshot, King Shark and Captain Boomerang. While it is not entirely clear if it is also set in the same Arkham universe we will no doubt find out before the games release in 2022 as with the game being set in Metropolis with the squad’s mission to kill the Justice League.

There you have it! As mentioned the DC Fandome event is still live and currently playing on encore with the main Hall of Heroes panels playing back to back, but you can check the schedule for any of the smaller panels that you might want to catch before it’s all over tomorrow.