Not-E3 2020: Xbox Games Showcase


It’s been a weird year. In another timeline it’s currently San Diego Comic Con but here we are getting another part of an extended E3 with Microsoft showing off their Xbox Games Showcase overnight. Sony having already shown their wares with a PS5 reveal a few weeks ago it was time for Xbox to show you what they got with their new console also on the horizon.

Kicking off at 2am AEST (with an hour long pre-show before showing games like Hello Neighbour 2 and Dragon Quest XI) the Xbox Games Showcase didn’t waste any time and got straight to the biscuits.

Starting of course with Halo, we get a taste of the start of Halo Infinite, starting with the trailer the Game Showcase drops straight into the start of the game with a sizeable section of gameplay without commentary showing a more open world approach to Halo plus a pretty cool grapple for traversal.

Jumping from 343 Studios straight to a short announcement for the next chapter of the Zombie Survival title – State of Decay 3.

Following State of Decay we got a reminder that all games shown at the Game Showcase will be playable on the new Xbox series X accompanied with some raytraced racing in the new Forza Motorsport

From F1 to more fairy tale the trailer for Everwild – Eternal was shown confirming the titles release for the new Xbox. We can’t wait to see some gameplay for this one.

Returning to something more familiar with Life is Strange developer giving us a trailer for Tell Me Why as their new episodic title out from the end of August.

Next was not a new title but confirmation for Ori and the Will of the Wisps to be optimised for the next gen console as a recurring theme for this press conference.

If you are finished The Outer Worlds you will be looking forward to the Peril of Gorgon to bring you more content.

Also from the Outer Worlds developer is Grounded. A sort of multiplayer of Honey I Shrunk the Kids with Fortnight building aspects coming out next week.

And to bring a hat trick from the same development studio is Avowed, an expansive RPG that might help wean you off of your Skyrim addiction.

More of an interactive title is the interactive drama As Dusk Falls. Giving a teaser to the story we see a family, a bank robbery and an interesting art style.

Keeping the barrage of trailers and developer intros is Ninja Theory who had already announced their Hellblade title at the game awards before changing gears entirely with Jack Black and Tim Schafer appearing. Showing a trailer for Psychonauts 2 game with Jack Black doing his best Yellow Submarine interpretation.

Giving us a small break Bungie announced Destiny 2 for Gamepass in addition to the next expansion, Beyond Light.

And with that we are into the home stretch and an confirmation that all titles from here on out will be launch titles for the new Xbox Series X starting with STALKER 2

Next gave a great looking cinematic trailer for Warhammer 40,000 Dark Tide, sorry no gameplay but we will be looking out when it comes closer to release.

Tetris Connected is getting a Multiplayer mode as announced for Xbox.

And The Gunk is the gaming cosplay you are going to see everywhere in 2021 (but to be fair it is a pretty sweet robot arm shown off in the cinematics and gameplay).

Back to some must play is The Medium which features 2 simultaneous gaming worlds being rendered as you jump between the real world and the version of Hell we saw in Keanu’s John Constantine. This actually looks really good for any horror fans.

And then one of the few Japanese games was shown inside the main Game event – SEGA’s Phantasy Star Online 2

Next up was CrossfireX, which is already out in beta form, which looks pretty amazing on the new Series X as if Crysis and COD had a baby with a mix of cinematic and gameplay shown.

And then before we end there was a quick confirmation that a number of existing ongoing online franchises will be getting a free update for the new console without charge such as Sea of Thieves.

And the final game announce and finishing off big is the title you wanted to be announced but thought would never be, Fable for Xbox Series X.

If you have a spare hour you can watch the full Xbox Showcase if you want to get those quick developer bites in but otherwise it looks like we can expect one more of these events later this year which might be more focused on a new console launch date.