This Week in Games: Apr 20 – 25


Channel your inner 80’s Schwarzenegger, avenge your pixelated family and two of the greatest titles from the PS3 era remastered for PS4 free this week for your stay at home gaming. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Armed with your father’s revolver and following your family ghost cat you take on the role of Itta in the new twin-stick shooter out on Steam this Thursday. Fight through 18 bosses in a beautiful pixelated world with weird cryptic inhabitants.

Also on Thursday for Steam is the VR title making the jump from PSVR – Pixel Ripped 1995. The game within a game as you play as a 9 year old sneaking bouts of 16-bit and 32-bit titles gaming in school or after your mum told you to go to bed. This one is out this week for your nostalgic vibes.

Get to da choppa on Friday with the FPS – Predator: Hunting Grounds. Play as either part of a highly trained paramilitary force working together to get to exfil or as The Predator hunting them down one by one. Pick this up on PlayStation 4 first this week.

And lastly for Friday is – XCOM. XCOM: Chimera Squad is set 5 years after XCOM 2, XCOM is one of the original turn based strategy originally out for MS-DOS (yes, pre-windows era gaming). If you are a long term XCOM player you might have already pre-ordered this one on Steam.

Honourable Mention: And our honourable mention this week goes to PlayStation 4 owners who can pick-up 2 great titles as part of the PlayStation Stay At Home initiative. Until the 6th of May if you have a PS4 you can get the Uncharted Collection (Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception remastered for PS4) AND our other PS3 favourite remastered – Journey. If you missed these on PS3 then these are definitely worth your time.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Mosquitoes and zombies (Steam)
80S escape (Steam)
MoghVR (Steam)
Loop-Loop DX (Steam)
I’mitation The Eight Suicide Note (Steam)
GLADOM – 2D PVP Free & Skill Based (Steam)
Cast VR (Steam VR)
Tank Game (Steam)
The Narrator is a DICK : Longer, Harder, and Uncut (Steam)
Warp Factor (Steam)
Maneuver Warfare (Steam)
Virus Kombat (Steam)
Xecute (Steam)

QUARANTINE Girls (Steam)
Swoosh (Steam)
SBX 5K (Steam)
Kingdom vs Zombies (Steam)
Blaze Revolutions (Steam)
Dieselpunk Wars Prologue (Steam)
Square Fast (Steam)
Oh Frog (Steam)
Car Dealer (Steam)
Deep Despair Remastered (Steam)
Turret (Steam)
Cryptofall: Investor simulator (Steam)
Apprentice Knight-Iona (Steam)
PuzzleKid (Steam)
八般武艺 MAVR3D (Steam)
异界大陆 (Steam)
Start! Heart Thief | 出发吧!偷心盗贼 | 出撃! ルビー | 出擊!偷心盜賊 (Steam)
Lucid Dream (Steam)
Glare fall (Steam)
Dangerous Plane (Steam)
Dragon Marked For Death (Steam)
Hexplore (Steam)
Coughing Simulator 2020 (Steam)
Minimalist Space War (Steam)
The Odd Neon Void (Steam)
The Flower Collectors (Steam)
The Core Message (Steam)
Swords of Gurrah (Steam VR)
Disobedient Sheep (Steam)
Summit of the Wolf (Steam)
Obey Me (Steam)

Obey Me (XB1)
Gato Roboto (XB1)
Chessmates (Steam)
Bring You Home (Steam)
Help Will Come Tomorrow (Steam)
Be Coronavirus (Steam)
Attack: Helicopter Simulator 2020 (Steam)
Dissection (Steam)
Intergalactic Fishing (Steam)
The Shattering (Steam)
Beats Of Fury (Steam)
Tunnel Vision (Steam)
Survival Denied (Steam VR)
Will: The Beginning (Steam)
Cross Soul (Steam)
Jazz Lightning : Castle Dungeons (Steam)
Revel Rousers (Steam)
Memory Player (Steam)
Kane’s Shadow (Steam)
Damn Dolls (Steam)
Color Crush (Steam)
Ohayou! Beginner’s Japanese (Steam)

Brutal Rage (XB1)
Guard Duty (XB1)
Help Will Come Tomorrow (XB1)
MotoGP 20 (PS4)
ALY Girls (Steam)
Juiced! (Steam)
The Last Day of Adolf (Steam)
Orqa FPV.SkyDive (Steam)
12 Labours of Hercules X: Greed for Speed (Steam)
Krakout challenge (Steam)
Advanced creator of labyrinths (Steam)
Advancity (Steam)
Tune the Tone (Steam)
Birth ME Code (Steam)
ITTA (Steam)
SoundSelf: A Technodelic (Steam VR)
Shapik: The Moon Quest (Steam)
Spoon Simulator 2020 (Steam)
HookShotVR (Steam VR)
Xenociders (Steam VR)
Yumeutsutsu Re:After (Steam)
Pixel Ripped 1995 (Steam VR)
Atlantica Global (Steam)
112 Operator (Steam)
Filament (Steam)

Predator: Hunting Grounds (PS4)
Trials of Mana (PS4/Switch/Steam)
MotoGP 20 (XB1)
Touhou Mechanical Scrollery | 幻想討幻経 (Steam)
MotoGP™20 (Steam)
Cloudpunk (Steam)
Slinger VR (Steam VR)
A Summer’s End – Hong Kong 1986 (Steam)
Mask of the Plague Doctor (Steam)
Timpu’s treasure (Steam)
King of Spies (Steam)
expel (Steam)
Coronavirus Attack (Steam)
恆夜世界的魔法少女 (Steam)
OS Omega (Steam)
Wanko of Marriage ~Welcome to The Dog’s Tail!~ (Steam)
XCOM®: Chimera Squad (Steam)
Saint Lary’s Hospital – Ay Corona! (Steam)
Ultimate Chess (Steam)
六阶谜题 six-step mystery (Steam)
Nira (Steam)
Cosmotic Blast (Steam VR)
Mini Healer (Steam)
EleMetals: Death Metal Death Match! (Steam)
Desktop Kanojo (Steam)
Mushroom Cats 2 (Steam)
Beautiful Feet Cabin (Steam)
The Ball Adventure (Steam)
Anime RPG Puzzles (Steam)
Lost Circus VR – The Prologue (Steam VR)

Deliver Us The Moon (XB1)
Archaica: The Path of Light (XB1)
Georifter (XB1)
Sunless Sea: Zubmariner Edition (XB1)
War Theatre (XB1)
Quest Hunter (XB1)
Quern – Undying Thoughts (XB1)
Escape to Sidious (Steam)
Project J (Steam)
Defend the village from goblins (Steam)
Spacefighter Rukia (Steam)
Aladdin – Hidden Objects Game (Steam)
Sexy Heroine! Part 2 (Steam)
Sweet Story Bad Girl (Steam)
Wacky Golf Land (Steam VR)
Rary (Steam)
War of the Wasteland (Steam)
One True Cuddle (Steam)
她3 : 复乐园之曦 Her3 : The Light of Paradise Regained (Steam)
Kawaii Girl (Steam)
Red Town (Steam)
Unformed 破妄 (Steam)
Forbidden Pleasure (Steam VR)
Chronac (Steam)
The Broston Saga (Steam)