What’s Not on This Week – COVID-19 Update


In case you have been living in a cave for the last 3 months there is a lot going on in the world (just google COVID-19 or Coronavirus). While there is a lot of information that is REALLY important you should know about that is not why you are here. So let’s cover what this means for Pop Culture.


With the advice from the Australian Government asking for non-essential gatherings over 500 people to not go ahead we have seen a number of Cons planned for the next 2 months already cancelled. Over the weekend we saw the Superhero Parade on the Gold Coast cancelled with the Madman Anime Festival also planned for Brisbane, and the Marvel Live Touring across Australia in the next 2 months advising the same.

Several other cons planned for the rest of March and April have already cancelled and we expect that to be the norm.

We are unsure of the status of SDCC (and it’s announcements) as there will no doubt impact to the preparations for that given that even Disneyland is closing its doors for the 3rd time in history.


While the Government advice has stated that movies are not impacted a number of studios are already pulling films planned for release in the next two months to later in the year.

Mulan, A Quiet Place 2, No Time to Die (Bond 25), The New Mutants and Antlers have all already been pushed with only the Pixar Onwards remaining next week with Black Widow still primed for the end of April.

There will be likely a flow-on effect however with a number of films under production seeing delays and others being delayed from starting. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is currently on hold shooting in Australia due to the director being under quarantine as infected. Unlike the 2007 writers strike, all elements of production can potentially stop, how shooting recovers from this will shape what next years film slate will look like.


Much of gaming is not expected to be delayed with the self-imposed quarantines and digital distribution making most of the games targeted for release in the next 2 months able to go ahead. The big news in the gaming space is that E3 for 2020 has been cancelled. We expect a lot of announcements to come from individual studios but the likes of Microsoft (who may have announced more about the next Xbox) and PlayStation will probably have their own events later this year.


Much like Movies a lot of production have stopped in the wake of the virus. Almost all Disney+ shows as part of Marvel Phase 4 have paused for the foreseeable future which includes Falcon & the Winter Soldier, Wandavision and Loki. The Arrowverse Flash TV series has also gone into holding.

Some shows that have already wrapped up production like the final season of Agents of SHIELD and the Mandalorian Season 2 are ok but with many other shows following suit in pausing we are expecting that not all shows will be returning on schedule in September/October.

Merch & Tabletop

There will be additional delays as we already know that some Baby Yoda merch will be delayed due to production issues stemming from the virus. This may carry over to other manufacturing such as new tabletop gaming releases.


So what can you do? Be safe. Follow the advice from the government website. Wash your hands. CLEAN YOUR PHONE! We will continue to cover what we can in our weekly What’s On and you can check our events calendar for more but your health and the health of others is the most important thing right now.

And most important. Be Excellent to Each other.