This Week in Games: Mar 16 – 21


BFGs, Demons and Bunnies are all waiting for you in your self isolationist gaming week this week, Carmen Sandiego is also around here somewhere but you have to find her. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

This week in gaming starts on Friday with the newest addition to the Doom franchise under Bethesda coming out – Doom Eternal. What do you need to know? Not a lot it’s Doom you know what it’s about, shooting demons. You can pick it up on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and expect the Switch later this year.

Not content with the new Doom? You can always get back to your roots with the remastered sequel to Doom II all the way from 1997 with Doom 64. Out on the Xbox store on Friday along with the Steam edition and even the Switch and PlayStation 4, if you love your gibbing pixelated Friday is your day.

Not interested in BFGs and Demon hoards? Maybe in these hard times of self-isolation, you need some social interaction with Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Out exclusively with the Nintendo Switch (of course), this is the feel-good social simulator you have been waiting to come to Switch and you can get it this Friday.

Honourable Mention: And our honourable mention this week goes to another game from the Doom 64 era – Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego. Out for Steam on Tuesday this game will take you back to the fun times of Edutainment gaming. Sure it’s for ages 8-12 but that’s perfect for your inner child.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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SECTOR 40: The Soviet Legacy (Steam)
Oasis Defense (Steam)
Slay The Bigies (Steam)
Chronicle: Unit Eight (Steam)
DragonScales 6: Love and Redemption (Steam)
WoMen in Science (Steam)

Remnant: From the Ashes (PS4)
Toxastra (Steam)
Full Animal Party (Steam)
Draco VR Dragon Sim (Steam VR)
Perpetual Dream (Steam)
Weed Farmer Simulator (Steam)
Super Bit Blaster XL (Steam)
Encore Classic Card Games (Steam)
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (Steam)
Democratic Socialism Simulator (Steam)
BLOCK Multiplayer: RPG (Steam)
幻想小镇危机 (Steam)
AI*Shoujo/AI*少女 (Steam)
Epiphyllum in Love (Steam)
Apocalypse, Wow! (Steam)
Pillars of Dust (Steam)
Beardy McStrongarm (Steam)
Industrial Petting (Steam VR)
Heroines of Swords & Spells (Steam)
Green: An Orc’s Life (Steam)
Bone Marrow (Steam)

Overpass (XB1)
Phantasy Star Online 2 (XB1)
La-Mulana (XB1)
La-Mulana 2 (XB1)
R.B.I. Baseball 20 (XB1)
MLB The Show 20 (PS4)
BLIND QUEST – The Enchanted Castle (Steam)
Zombie Mutant DNA (Steam)
VE GSIM Tower Crane Simulator (Steam VR)
Super DEE (Steam)
Golf Extreme (Steam)
Fill all (Steam)
R.B.I. Baseball 20 (Steam)
Horse Racing Rally (Steam)
Battle Ram (Steam)
Black blood (Steam)
Profitania (Steam)

Explosive Jake (XB1)
Red Death (XB1)
Thunder Paw (XB1)
Guns of Bullshit (Steam)
Berry mayhem (Steam)
Dunk Lords (Steam)
Deadly Night – No Escape (Steam VR)
Lumberjack (Steam)
Dwarf Shop (Steam)
Silent World (Steam)
TT Isle of Man Ride on the Edge 2 (Steam)
Terra Incognito – Antarctica 1911 (Steam)

DOOM Eternal (PC Retail/PS4/XB1)
Animal Crossing New Horizons (Switch)
TT Isle of Man 2 (XB1)
A Plunge into Darkness (Steam)
Chronicle of Daneya (Steam)
Legend of Keepers: Career of a Dungeon Master (Steam)
100 Doors Games – Escape from School (Steam)
Escape First 3 (Steam VR) (Steam)
Panzer Corps 2 (Steam)
猎魔战纪 (Steam)
The Maze VR (Steam VR)
Pyro the Exterminator (Steam)
Tiny Bunny (Steam)
AZ: Oath of Brotherhood Prologue 1 (Steam)
Submarine Adventure (Steam)
LAST CHICK – 最後のひよこ (Steam)
Overrun (Steam)
Solar Warden (Steam)
Party Arena: Board Game Battler (Steam)
The Pale City (Steam)
Topang (Steam)
Magical Charming! Chronicles of Zero (Steam)
末日临晓 (Steam)
Scrolor (Steam)
Bridge Crawler (Steam)
Return to Sender (Steam)
Beyond This Side (Steam)
Night Road (Steam)
Evil Heart Fever (Steam)
DOOM Eternal (Steam)
Heroes Swipe Right (Steam)
Haustoria (Steam)
DOOM 64 (Steam)

The Secret Order: Shadow Breach (XB1)
Doom Eternal (XB1)
Doom 64 (XB1)
Out of the Park Baseball 21 (Steam)
Stolen Rage (Steam)
Plastris (Steam)
Stocksynd House (Steam VR)
Samozbor ID:HEAVEN (Steam)
Polary (Steam)
Graviter (Steam)
Without A Voice (Steam)
Shoot Them 2 (Steam)
Secret House | 秘密房间 | 秘密の部屋 (Steam)
Rabbit Simulator (Steam)
Alien Frontline (Steam)
YATB:You Are The Best – Egypt Chapter (Steam)
Core Defense: Prelude (Steam)
Chickduck & Catduck (Steam)
KobberParty – Castle Explorer (Steam)
Metallic Metronome (Steam)