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Well, he’s at it again. That Kevin Smith is dusting off the old trenchcoat to team up with his hereo-life partner Jay for the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. So what’s it like? Should you go see it? Is it as uncomfortable as the backseat of a Volkswagen or does it continue the high bar set of this Shakespearian Odyssey?

For those who don’t know Jay and Silent Bob is the original Stan Lee cameo of the View Askew universe where Kevin Smith’s films have been set. A shared cinematic universe from the 90s the films stretched from Clerks to Mallrats to Chasing Amy to Dogma – before on to a Jay and Silent Bob solo film (and a Clerks sequel).

It was from these films we learnt a number of important life lessons, like that God looks like Alanis Morsette but in the background were the weed dealing pairing & occasional philosophers of the vocal Jay and the silent Silent Bob (played by Smith). First appearing in Kevin Smiths debut movie (shot in Black and White) Clerks as weed dealers out front of the QuickStop the pair jumped from film to film being comic relief in Mallrats, then inspiration for comic characters in Chasing Amy and then guardians in Dogma.

The final film in the View Askew was intended to be Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back in 2001 which saw the pair journeying to Hollywood to stop a film being made of their likeness (see Chasing Amy) before “God” closed the book on the View Askew Universe (before a Clerk’s sequel 5 years later).

The latest film sees Hollywood again revisiting the Jay and Silent Bob franchise by taking their comic likeness (Bluntman and Chronic) for a reboot with Val Kilmer and Supergirl/Melissa Benoist. This leads to a Rise of Skywalker Bespin level tour of the View Askew Universe of characters which that has included some fairly full cast of now big-name stars like Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

So should you go see it? Well, that depends on how big of a Kevin Smith fan you are. If you regularly quote Mallrats or cite Dogma as one of your favourite movies then absolutely yes. While there is no Mark Hamill cameo this time there are enough literal nods to the camera that as well versed as you are you will get. On the other hand, if you have never seen Chasing Amy or even looked at Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back you may not be interested in this particular flavour of chocolate covered pretzels.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot is in cinemas around Australia right now but in pretty limited sessions (so you might need to hunt or wait for it to be available to rent online)

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