This Week in Games: Mar 2 – 7


Battle Royale Wizards, Return to New York with the Division 2 and some Nintendo DS Pokemon make the jump to the Switch this week in gaming. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

On Tuesday crash down with your mage to do battle in the battle royale RPG Spellbreak. Basically, it’s Fortnite but with Wizards! Just out of it’s first Beta it’s out first on PlayStation 4 on Tuesday (for a second Beta).

Also on Tuesday, you can head back to the Division 2 Agent with the latest DLC – Warlords of New York. But wait, you say, isn’t the game set in Washington DC? Why yes, this new DLC adds a new open-world New York and campaign. You can get this DLC on Tuesday but if you have a season pass you will already be good to go when it drops.

Honourable Mention: For an honourable mention on Friday revisit a Nintendo DS Pokemon title when Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX drops for the Switch. An update to the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red and Blue Rescue Team for the Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS expect some crispy mid-2000’s era graphics.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Box:Boxing (Steam VR)
Session Seven Soundtrack (Steam)
Vilundia (Steam)
Dungeon of Fear Demo (Steam)
Mine Dungeon (Steam)
VainPlanet (Steam)
Madhouse (Steam)
Gods of Love: An Otome Visual Novel (Steam)
Fantasy Grounds – Vampire the Masquerade 5th Edition Ruleset (VTM5TH) (Steam)
Mýrdalssandur, Iceland (Steam)
Chess Sudoku (Steam)
NEXORIA Demo (Steam)
Entertainment Hero 2 (Steam)
Asylum of the Dead (Steam)
Réel Futur (Steam)
Human Universe (Steam)

The Division 2 – Warlords of New York DLC (PS4)
Amoeba Battle: Microscopic RTS Action (Steam)
Send them to the sky (Steam)
Builders of Egypt: Prologue (Steam)
T.A.R.S (Steam)
Kubble Star (Steam)
Spacewalk Defender (Steam VR)
Vigil of Glory – Part I (Steam)
Chronostation (Steam)
Savage Vessels (Steam)
Rest House 2 – The Wizard (Steam)
Ninjapple (Steam)
Two Worlds – The 3D Art Gallery (Steam VR)
来上大学吧! (Steam)
GameAssistant: The Tool For Every Gamer – Special Edition (Steam)
Dead Shits (Steam)
GameAssistant: The Tool For Every Gamer (Steam)
ISOLAND3: Dust of the Universe (Steam)
不要停下来啊! (Steam)
About how he earned a suite from T-Financial Platform in four months (Steam)
Vaporwave World (Steam)
Gods of Love Art Book (Steam)
Blood Relation Part1. (Steam)
Soul Searching Soundtrack (Steam)
Gods of Love Strategy Guide (Steam)
Hiragana POW! (Steam)
Hypergalactic Psychic Table Tennis 3000 (Steam)
Blind Spot / 盲点 Demo (Steam VR)
Groupthink (Steam)
Diesel Attack (Steam)
Perfect Harmony (Steam)

Amoeba Battle (XB1)
The Division 2 – Warlords of New York DLC (XB1)
Our Journeys 2 ~ A Collection of Visual Novels (Steam)
Pulse Forge VR (Steam VR)
Dry Visit – Virtual Underwater Visit – iMARECulture (Steam VR)
Curse of the Dead Gods (Steam)
Of Evil and Darkness (Steam)
Space Redemption (Steam)
Rocksmith® 2014 Edition – Remastered – Melissa Etheridge – “Come to My Window” (Steam)
Puddle Knights (Steam)
Steampunk Genius (Steam)
Fighting Clans (Steam VR)
Deathbloom: Chapter 2 (Steam)
XSOverlay (Steam VR)
Nocturne: Prelude (Steam)
The Curse of Zigoris Demo (Steam)
Fire escape drill (Steam VR)
Ancient charm (Steam)
2D Vtuber Cutiecats (Steam)
The Tide Intro (Steam VR)
イヌワシ ~うらぶれ探偵とお嬢様刑事の池袋事件ファイル~ (Steam)
Comrade-in-Arms (Steam)
Timeless Paradox VR (Steam VR)
King of Vikings Soundtrack (Steam)
Disruption Demo (Steam)
Weakless (Steam)
Battle for Iwo Jima (Steam)
The Fallen (Steam)
Infini (Steam)
Baron: Fur Is Gonna Fly (Steam)
Bombing Quest (Steam)

Syrup and the Ultimate Sweet (XB1)
Mystic Pillars: A Story-Based Puzzle Game (Steam)
Maelstrom – Dread Bundle (Steam)
Deep Space Banana (Steam)
Tasty Jigsaw: Happy Hour (Steam)
The Sperminator: Rescuing Tzar Vlad (Steam)
PASVAN (Steam)
King of Vikings (Steam)
Infestation: Battle Royale (Steam)
Inside The Computer (Steam)
Robotics in VR – Three Robots Pack DLC (Steam)
Moonlight Mansion (Steam)
Somny & Yawn: Dream Detectives (Steam)
Granado Espada Japan (Steam)
Puzzle – LINES AND KNOTS (Steam)
Operation Citadel (Steam)
Spacky’s Nightshift (Steam)

Baron: Fur Is Gonna Fly (XB1)
Azur Lane: Crosswave (PS4)
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX (Switch)
Arc of Alchemist (PS4)
Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV (PS4)
NagiQ (Steam)
Starters Orders Classic Horse Racing (Steam)
The Soul Stone War Demo (Steam)
Draco VR Dragon Sim (Steam VR)
The Soul Stone War (Steam)
Adventure mosaics. Forest spirits (Steam)
Living Dead (Steam)
Withstand: Survival (Steam)
Broomstick League (Steam)
Great British Railway Journeys (Steam)
东方祈华梦~Elegant Impermanence of Sakura Demo (Steam)
Champions of Thora (Steam)
SpiderClimber (Steam)
Axegend (Steam VR)
Tiny Bunny (Steam)
Pizza Master VR (Steam VR)
OSK – Soundtrack (Steam)
Cranky Cannon (Steam)
Flyingman (Steam)
Summoners Mist (Steam)
Brass Town Wrestling Demo (Steam)
Super Squash (Steam)
Frontline: Panzer Blitzkrieg! (Steam)
深海 DEEPSEA (Steam)
B.O.T.S. and the Robofriends (Steam)
Bombergrounds: Battle Royale (Steam)
Beat Champion Editor Tool (Steam)
Beat Champion (Steam VR)

60 Seconds (XB1)
Summon Masks (Steam)
Factory Rally Madness (Steam)
Smart City Plan (Steam)
Murder by Numbers (Steam)
Belote – Learn & Play (Steam)
Yes, Your Grace (Steam)
Bunny Quest (Steam)
Empty Universe (Steam)
Waves of Death (Steam)
ClipLoad (Steam)
Waves Of DEATH VR Demo (Steam VR)
Choco Pixel 3 (Steam)
Heart Star (Steam)
Coloring Game 2 – Deluxe Edition (Steam)
Mystic Escape – Diary of a Prisoner (Steam)
Waves of DEATH Demo (Steam)
Escape From Russia (Steam)
Deep Space Battle Simulator (Steam)
Sono (Steam)
We Went Back (Steam)
Asset Flip Tycoon Simulator (Steam)
愛神餐館MAX (Steam)
Rain Island (Steam)
Colorful 3D II (Steam)
TriangleWingXXXX (Steam)