What’s On: Feb 19 – 25


The Clone Wars continues on Disney+, Project Blue Book season 2 on SBS, Collector fairs in Melbourne and Sydney and Josieandthepussycatsisthebestmovieever is just a taste of what is going on. Here is your guide to everything happening this week in Geek across Australia.

1On Streaming/TV

For Disney+ subscribers this week the awesome animated series The Clone Wars comes to an end. After a 6 year break, season seven of the time between Episodes II and III wraps up with an episode dropping each week from this Friday.

Also on the small screen this week is season two of the Robert Zemeckis Alien investigation series Project Blue Book. X-File devotees may know the name of the American Airforce project that investigated Alien sightings on earth after Roswell. Season 2 starts Wednesday (tonight) on SBS.

2In Cinemas

Caught up with everything new in cinemas this week? There is no shortage of awesome retro screenings happening around the country this week. If you are in Melbourne, head to the Melbourne IMAX to check out the biggest screen session of Avatar in 3D before checking out Josie and the Pussycats or The Neverending Story at the Melbourne Rooftop Cinema.

3Stuff To Go Do

For Collectors this week looking to find that mint in box He-Man collectable ahead of the new He-Man animated announcement this week there are some big collectables events this weekend. If you are in Sydney the quarterly Penrith Collectormania is on once again OR if you are closer to Melbourne you might want to try the Vintage and Modern Toy Fair.

Love all things Japanese culture? The Melbourne annual Japanese Summer Festival is always a great event running the line of everything Japanese Culture with just a little bit Pop when it is on this Sunday.

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