Sideshow Collectables Announces Baby Yoday Pre-Order


Look we know you clicked on this because it said Baby Yoda and we don’t blame you. Baby Yoda is everything and while Etsy crocheted Baby Yodas might have filled some of the void in your heart waiting for the Mandalorian Season Two we too yearn for some official merch too – and like an IG-11 unit beating up Storm Troopers Sideshow Replicas has come to the rescue.

If you aren’t familiar with Sideshow Collectables they are the home of officially licensed super realistic statues, props and more (we do love their Baby Groot life-sized figured) including some Star Wars licensed products so it seemed natural that The Child would be next on their to-do list.

From today you can pre-order this super realistic 1:1 replica of Baby Yoda to take with you everywhere. Modelled on the actual Baby Yoda (who is clearly not just a prop on a TV show but real) you can pick up this one for yourself which even includes a shiny metal ball/shifter knob from Mando’s ship.

Baby is not without a price tag, coming in at $599 with a pre-order through Pop Cultcha and expected to arrive around October this year which is when we are hoping for more Mandalorian too. If a bit rich for your blood or a little too far away there are still Funko Pops and Hasbro Plush toys due out closer to May.

Regardless you clearly need this Baby Yoda in your life to share your Chicken Nuggies and Choccie Milk so it’s not too early to start dropping hints for what you want for Christmas this year but you may not want to delay on the preorders because Sideshow does have a habit of doing limited runs.

The Mandalorian is currently playing on Disney+ for Australia but Baby Yoda is running in our hearts no matter where we are