This Week in Games: Dec 2 – 7


Save the Universe, Explore the Universe, Fight across the Universe, Dungeon some Dragons and have a small case of the feels in your gaming week this week. But before we get to the full list, here are your highlights:

Get a dose of the feels as you relive someone’s Life story in the emotional Arise: A Simple Story out on PlayStation 4 on Tuesday with Xbox One edition the following day. We are getting Journey flashbacks with this one and if that is your cup of tea then you might want to pick this one up.

If you are a fan of Dragons and/or Dungeons you might be familiar with a little game called Neverwinter Nights and if you own a Switch then this is your week with the Enhanced Edition of the game making it’s way to the Nintendo portable. Also out for Xbox One on the same day this update sees the original game get a bit of a facelift as you pick your class and adventure this Wednesday.

On Wednesday for Xbox One owners who need some of that 4K graphics to get them through will be pleased to know that Halo: Reach remaster is coming out this Wednesday. It’s the same game you remember just much better looking with 4K UHD and HDR support.

You emerge from cryosleep to the icy surface of a forgotten planet where immortal’s sleep in the souls like dungeon crawler – Immortal Planet. We kinda dig the cartoonish style art of this Diablo’esque game as you upgrade your character as you explore and fight intense multi-stage boss battles. This one you can get on Saturday for your XBox One.

Honourable Mention: And our honourable mention this week will help you get your Rockets on for the latest expansion to the AWESOME rocket building simulator Kerbal Space Program with Breaking Ground. Deploy for missions on distant planets with new robotic parts. You need the base game for this expansion but if you don’t already have it then – You’re Welcome. Pick this up on Friday for your XBox One.

And a second honourable mention this week is a quick shoutout for Trover Saves the Universe jumping to XBox One. The PSVR exclusive from the Rick and Morty creator might not have VR as an option for the Xbox but that probably won’t stop you from grabbing this out when it drops on Tuesday.

If you bought any of these on the release day, tell us how it went! Also, as always did we miss anything? Something you are looking forward to more than anything else? Tell us in the comments

Full List

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Fort Boyard (XB1/PS4/Switch)
Syberia Trilogy (Switch)
Toki (Switch)
Gear Club Unlimited 2 Porsche Edition (Switch)
Beat Beauty (Steam VR)
Empty Sharp (Steam)
Swinger-Man (Steam VR)
Lost Empire 2977 (Steam)
Tactics: Age of Affliction (Steam)
Holo Views (Steam)
XO (Steam)
云游志 The Clouds Travel Notes (Steam)

Arise: A Simple Story (PS4)
Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition (Switch/XB1/PS4)
Life is Strange 2 (PS4/XB1)
Sub Terra Draconis (Steam)
A Pirate’s Pleasure (Steam)
Glyph (Steam VR)
KUMO The Little Robot (Steam)
Trapped in Fear (Steam)
New York Mysteries: The Outbreak (Steam)
Fairytale Mosaics Beauty and Beast (Steam)
Dawnfall (Steam)
Sunflower (Steam)
Jazz Age (Steam)
Qi Qiang (Steam)
Endless Tower (Steam)
Danger City (Steam)
Paint Warfare (Steam)
烽火大秦 (Steam)
Tools Up! (Steam)
RollerPlay (Steam VR)
MANIC (Steam)
EarthNight (Steam)
Halo: The Master Chief Collection (Steam)
Valakas Story (Steam)

Arise: A Simple Story (XB1)
Halo: Reach (XB1)
Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition (XB1)
Life is Strange 2: Episode 5 (XB1)
Tools Up! (XB1)
Trover Saves the Universe (XB1)
Simulacra (XB1)
Spaceman (Steam)
Arzt Simulator (Steam)
Tower Climb (Steam)
Pirates on Deck VR (Steam VR)
Heroland (Steam)
Easter Egg (Steam)
Nancy Drew®: Midnight in Salem (Steam)
Gamedev simulator (Steam)
Heroes Of Avranche (Steam)
Cosmo story (Steam)
Press Forward OOOOONNNNN (Steam)
ToGather:Island (Steam)

Star Ocean: First Departure R (PS4)
Everreach: Project Eden (XB1)
Big Pharma (XB1)
Seek Hearts (XB1)
Dead by Daylight – Nightmare Edition (XB1/PS4)
Darksiders Genesis (PC Retail)
Everreach: Project Eden (Steam)
Day of Dragons (Steam)
Door in the Woods (Steam)
Fear of Dark (Steam)
Paunch (Steam)
Volleyball Fever Flat (Steam)
strike mole (Steam)
Remuage – MeltySensation (Steam VR)
Dream Detective (Steam)
Majula Frontier: The Offense (Steam)
Ray Versus (Steam)
Hermes: War of the Gods (Steam)
Draconic Echoes: The Ardent War (Steam)
Drone Combat (Steam)
Gang District (Steam)
Best in the West (Steam)
Seek Girl Ⅲ (Steam)
Neighbourhood Loot (Steam)
Darksiders Genesis (Steam)
Boiling Steel (Steam VR)
Mist Hunter (Steam)
Counter Terrorist Agency (Steam)

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey (PS4)
Don’t Die, Minerva! (XB1/Steam)
My Friend Pedro (XB1)
Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground (XB1)
Jumanji: The Video Game (PS4/XB1/Switch)
Galaxian Quarter Size Arcade Cabinet
Gang Beasts (PS4/XB1)
Assassin’s Creed: Rebel Edition (Switch)
Ice Age: Scrat’s Nutty Adventure (PS4/Switch)
Strategic Command: World War I (Steam)
MouseWars Party (Steam)
6souls (Steam)
Viper Attack (Steam)
Red Dead Redemption 2 (Steam)
Retimed (Steam)
Mosaic (Steam)
Interrogation: You will be deceived (Steam)
Fox-Trot Over Run (Steam)
The incredible friends (Steam)
Monophobia (Steam)
游离大陆 Uniland (Steam)
Cryptofall: Investor simulator (Steam)
Oppaidius Tropical Cruise! (Steam)
Cage of the Succubi (Steam)
Ransomware Dating Sim (Steam)
AstronTycoon2: Ritual (Steam)
Floaty Fighters (Steam)
Natsu no Iro no Nostalgia (Steam)
Playmobil: The Movie VR Adventures (Steam VR)

Wandersong (XB1)
Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey (XB1)
Immortal Planet (XB1)
Demon’s Tilt (XB1)
Freediving Hunter: Spearfishing the World (XB1)
Memody: Sindrel Song (Steam)
Two Worlds II HD – Shattered Embrace (Steam)
MMA President (Steam)
NARWHAR Project Hornwhale (Steam)
Suite 776 (Steam)
The Battles of Spwak 3 (Steam)
33 Rounds (Steam)
Exitium (Steam)
Concept Destruction (Steam)
Galactic Tanks (Steam VR)
Vladimir Putin Style (Steam)
Inferna (Steam)
Snowballs (Steam)
Classic Snake Adventures (Steam)
Star girls (Steam)
Ski Jumping Pro VR (Steam VR)
Little Dungeon Stories (Steam)
Binky show (Steam)
Nostos (Steam VR)