What’s On: Nov 27 – Dec 3


There isn’t that many sleeps until Ninjamas (Santa is a Ninja. Fact. Don’t @ us) so you better squeeze all you can from the last few weeks of this decade and we are here to help you with everything there is to do this weekend across Australia in your Week in Geek.

1On Streaming/TV

On Tuesday say goodbye as Mr Robot draws to its final season. Haven’t been watching? Then definitely don’t jump on here it’s about the journey not the destination that makes this Hacker drama so great. If you have Foxtel (or can Hack it) you can watch this one on Tuesday.

2In Cinemas

In Cinemas this week you can take a break from Disney+ to go see some Disney with Frozen 2 in Cinemas across Australia. Look, you know and we know that Frozen was just Bobby Drake if he was a Disney Princess. Now they have acquired Fox they can drop the charade and finally give us what we want – A Dazzler standalone movie.

3Stuff To Go Do

And finally as we enter the home stretch for 2019 you aren’t over with your Con season yet. If you are in Melbourne (or you can get there) this weekend is Indigenous ComicCon! The brainchild of ICC Director/cosplayer Cienan Muir this event first debuted and 2016 and returns this year as the premiere event for Indigenous Creatives within Australia.

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