What’s On: Nov 20 – 26


Nakatomi Tower inside the Brisbane Powerhouse, Keanu-A-Thon hits another week, Indie Games Nights and Local Comic Book Shop Day are all on your schedule this week. There is no time to waste, let’s get down to the biscuits – here is your guide to everything happening this week in Geek across Australia.

1In Cinemas

If you aren’t content with James Bond and Captain America’s latest film in cinemas written by The Last Jedi Director this week, Knives Out, there is still a ton of other things to check out.

Looking for something across the country? Then you want the final film of this run of In The House finishes up this Monday with the best Star Trek film (no not the one with the whales) – Wrath of Khan. It’s playing at all supporting Event Cinemas nationwide so check out the one nearest you for deets.

Our favourite screening this week is, of course, the continuation of Keanu-a-Thon! A multi-week marathon of all things Keanu Reeves. Pop Quiz Hot Shot, what movie is playing this week? Check it out at the Ritz in Sydney OR if you are in Melbourne you can also get into Keanu-a-Thon with this week’s film, The Matrix.

2Stuff To Go Do

Yipee-Ki-Yay Matinee Lovers! It’s nearly Christmas time so it’s nearly time for the best Christmas movie of all time but from Thursday at the Brisbane Powerhouse and for the next 2 weeks you can see it now in play form. Yes – Die Hard: The Movie, The Play! It’s only playing in Brisbane right now but clearly that is worth travelling for.

While you are in Brisbane and if you are looking to check out the latest from the Indie Game circuit maybe stop by Netherworld for their Indie Game Dev Night this Thursday. The session shows off some great independent developers and lets you get hands-on for some playtesting of their game.

And finally, this week remember that Saturday is Local Comic Shop Day. What does this mean? Much like Free Comic Book Day there are books that you are only going to be able to pick up this weekend so check out your local comic book store for more details about how you can support them.


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