What’s On: Nov 6 – 12


The final Supanova for the year is undoubtably the biggest in Brisbane, Orson Welles on Foxtel, Michael Douglas does Dr Suess on Netflix and the sequel to the Shinning in cinemas. Here is your guide to Everything happening this week in Geek across Australia.

1On Streaming/TV

In streaming this week aside from watching the League of Legends final if you have Foxtel then you can watch the epic BBC 3 part series – War of the Worlds. Based on the original Martian Invasion from Orson Welles this one is guaranteed to have 100% Tom Cruise in it.

Also in streaming this week but over on Netflix Dr Suess gets the animated series treatment with Green Eggs and Ham being turned into a Planes, Trains and Automobiles like adventure series starting on Friday. Not convinced? Perhaps knowing that one of the main characters is being voiced by Michael Douglas might be enough to give you a double-take.

2In Cinemas

In Cinemas this week is the second Stephen King sequel to hit the big screen this year with the follow up to The Shinning – Doctor Sleep. All work and no movie make Jack a dull boy so check back later this week for our spoiler-free review.

3Stuff To Go Do

Remember when we said Supanova Adelaide last week was huge? Well Supanova Brisbane just dropped the mic with a floor plan so big that there are probably Bothans smuggling secret plans out of where the exhaust ports are. No really it’s that big and it starts on Friday running through the weekend with bigger guests, cosplay, merch and everything you have come to expect from BrisNova.

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