What’s On: Oct 30 – Nov 5


This week Jack Ryan and His Dark Materials drop for your streaming, Arnie is back again, ComiXpo in Melbourne and quite possibly the biggest Supanova Adelaide has ever seen are all ahead of you! Here is your guide to everything happening this week in Geek across Australia.

1On Streaming/TV

In Streaming this week if you have Amazon Prime then you probably have already binged Season One of Jack Ryan and ready for Season Two this Friday. Straight from the Tom Clancy series that brought us a Scottish-Russian Submarine Captain this new iteration is with the Office/A Quiet Place John Krasinski as the title character. Hopefully, he can free up some of his schedules for Mr Fantastic if he gets tapped for the MCU (with his wife Emily Blunt as Sue Storm of course).

If you are a Foxtel Subscriber on Tuesday the new series based on the Phillip Pullman novels – His Dark Materials. Set in the alternate world where every human have an animal companion called a Demon as the representation of their Soul (if you didn’t read the books you might have seen the Daniel Craig movie – The Golden Compass based in the same universe). James McAvoy and Lin-Manuel Miranda are just some of the talent in this direct from the BBC series.

2In Cinemas

In cinemas this week Arnie is not the only one who “will be back” with James Cameron returning to the Terminator Franchise in Terminator: Dark Fate. Seriously the timeline on the Terminator franchise could teach the X-Men a thing or two about wibbly wobbly timey whimey stuff. If you are in the mood for some metal endoskeleton popcorn fun this one is out this Thursday in cinemas across Australia. Check back later this week for our spoiler-free review!

Also in cinemas this week for Halloween is Monsterfest! No longer content being a travelling show of gore Event Cinemas have taken it National with a weekend full of special screenings and Q&A events. Check the guide for which Event Cinemas are holding this one for 4 days starting on Halloween.

3Stuff To Go Do

And in Adelaide this weekend Supanova is nearly finished it’s 2019 tour but it’s waited to the last to kick out some seriously big-name guests. Fans of Supernatural, Angel and Daredevil will be hyped but it doesn’t stop with Billy Zane and John Fricken Travolta! Don’t forget there will be all the awesomeness of Cosplay, Comic Creators, Merch and more. The biggest Adelaide Supanova ever starts this Friday.

It’s Melbourne Cup this week and that means ComiXpo is on again in Melbourne. ComiXpo 8.0 continues the ComiXpo tradition with local vendors, artists and a TON of Cosplay. Every year it gets bigger and can only continue with your help this Tuesday.

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